Does any one else with fibro get upper respitory infections easy

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    I am just recoveing from a bout with bronchitis again, this is the first one this year. I have noticed that I seem to be prone to getting infections in my lungs , bronchi and get a cough that makes me feel like i am coughing up my lungs. I finaly wnet intot he doctor as I had lost my voice and had such a sore throat , headache, ear ache and my lungs hurt to breathe. I ralttled when teh docotor listened to my lungs so I was given a z-pak and I am on day 5 and just starting to feel like I may live again. Thanksfully I don't get this as often as i used to. now it is down two once or twice a year.

    Can fibro cause your immune system to be weakened? It seems likeI get bronchitis oooooften in the winter and early spring.? I still have a cough that is lung jaring and feellls like i am coughing up my lungs andI have noticed that when i walk a distance while being sick my heart races and i feel like i can't get a breathe in. What can i do about that? I don't know if it is muy fibro that is causeing this symptom or not. I have maaaaaaany unansers questions about fibro and how it affec ts my body.
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    I am sorry you deal with these infections repeatidly.

    Have you been diagnosed with CFS, as well as Fibro? There are many published findings in CFS that show lowered immune function and dysregulation. As well, CFS and FMS are often diagnosed together, or are interchanged diagnosis.

    I hope you feel better and get answers soon.

  3. Mikie

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    I have read that respiratory infections seem to be common in people with our illnesses. I am prone to bronchitis and I have asthma. Since moving from Denver to SW FL, my respiratory problems have decreased. The hot, humid air seems better for me than the dry, polluted air in CO. That said, however, when I do get bronchitis down here, it sets up housekeeping and doesn't want to go. I've been diagnosed with COPD and have a nebulizer but don't have to use it very often. I also have a rescue inhaler and I get right on it if I feel an asthma attack coming on. Asthma is usually from an encounter with something I'm allergic to.

    Sending up a prayer that you feel better.

    Love, Mikie
  4. rosemarie

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    I too have asthma and use my inhaler when I need it. I still live in Utah with the dry air to breathe. Does not look like there will be any changes to that this year. still stuck in Utah.

    This year has been one of the strangest in teh reconrd books. We had three times that amount of snow than we usually get. INfact we had at least two ski resorts still open on the foruth of July. There was alot of flooding, more rain this spring and summer and now that fall is on the way we are still getting more rain.

    I am feeling a bit better today, not coughng up my lungs as much. Maybe in a month or so this cough will go away. But I am not counting on it. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  5. Jittle

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    My pain specialist said "we" are more likely to get infections because of a weakened immune system. I am constantly sick latley. I have sinus infection: one after the other. Right now I am on Levaquin. I never took such a strong antibotic, and it is still not clearing up whatever is wrong with me this time around. All the vitimans and everything I take and I still cannot stay healthy enough. I only have one day left of the meds and dont know what is going to happen. The levaquin costs me $200 for 5 pills. The scary part is that I was already on an antibotic from the dentist and I still got sick.
  6. Mikie

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    These ABX contain Fluoride to which I'm allergic. There are different types of fluoride and some I can tolerate and some I can't. One dose of Cipro almost put me in the ER.

    In addition, Cipro seems to be involved in torn tendons, a serious problem usually requiring surgery with a long recovery period.

    All meds have side effects but this class of ABX seems to have some nasty ones.

    BTW, if one cannot tolerate fluoride, be sure to tell the anesthetist prior to surgery. It is used as a delivery system to breach the blood/brain barrier to make anesthesia more effective and faster acting. For me, it's a faster acting trip to the last rites.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rosemarie

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    If there is an unusal reaction, strange side effect, of some thing that no one has ever heard of it, I will be the one that will get the strange abnormal reaction to the medicatoin. I have always been this way.

    I am on e who can't take pennicillian due to alleriges , every one in my family has a penn allergy so we don't use it.

    I saw my promary care md last weeek because I was coughing up green mucus and coughing so hard that it is hard to eat and keep every thing down. HE put me on a Z-pak for a week. So far I am feeling better, my last pill was on Monday and today I am still coughing up greenish mucus { sorry for the gross factor} I feel like I am going to cough my lungs up each time I cough. I now feel like my body aches, headaches. I am getting a severe pain in my left wrist, the one I shattered over 7 yrs ago and broke the raddius as well. NOw it has a titiuiam plate adn 6 screws in it to keep it in place. NOw after 7 yrs one of the screws is loose and causing me a lot of pain. I feel like I am falling apart. I don't know if that has any thing to do with how I feel now.

    I have spendt the last 7 days coughing so hard that muy chest hurts , just breathing hurts my lungs.I wonder how long this is going to take to feel better. I am so sick of feeling sick. IF I don't feel better by tomorrrow I will call hte docotor again, I don't know how long it takes for me to feel better. I am so tired of all the teh illness's i have been going thru this past month. Thanks for all your support and concernl ~HUGS~

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