Does Anybody Else Have Rotator Cuff Tendinitis?

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    I have been getting OT for rotator-cuff tenditis in my right arm for a couple of months now. The stretching exercises really seem to help, but they also have me doing a little strength training with my right arm. It's very mild--just using a rubber band for resistance. But my upper arm seems to be sore a lot of the time now, even after doing the stretches. In fact, almost everything seems to leave me with some kind of dull ache. But I have a pretty constant achiness in my upper arm, along with occasional shooting pains from my shoulder down to below my armpit, sometimes straight down and sometimes at an angle, going inward toward the middle of my chest. (The shooting pains are only once in a while, but the throbbing achiness seems to be there more and more of the time.)

    The exercises my OT has me doing definitely seem to be improving my range of motion, and the ultra-sound may be helping some, too. But while I think I *do* need to strengthen my arm muscles, I'm wondering whether this kind of exercise might be kicking up some FM problems and increasing my FM-related referred pain.

    I was just wondering whether anybody else has dealt with this particular combination of symptoms and might have some insight to share.


    --Laura R.M.

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    It used to hurt so bad around my shoulder I could not breathe, and could not lift my arm up at all. One quick cortisone shot was all I needed for it in previous flares, but then a year ago I got a bone spur at C-6 and C-7 radiating down the arm, and at that point Phys. Therapy was needed. As long as I do my PT exercises at home, I am OK now. I still have shooting pains sometimes, and having chest pains on the left side that shoot down your arm is scary since it could be the heart and I would not know. I always assume it is the rotator cuff, the spinal spur, or just costo chondritis due to my Fibro.
    Sorry I don't have any insight other than Phys. Therapy. You can tell by my answer to your other (TMJ) question that I am a big fan of PT!