Does anybody have an extra Igenex blood test kit?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by alex2kdl, Oct 13, 2010.

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    last time when I ordered a kit from Igenex, I received it after 3 weeks. I now have an appointment scheduled with my doctor (who's 600km away from me) on October 26. I sent an email to Igenex to order the kit but I don't think I'll receive it before the end of the month.

    My doctor wants to retest me after two months of treatment but he said that I have to bring my own test kit. I really don't want to travel 600km for nothing.

    Does anyone have an extra kit that you could send to me by Fedex/priority mail? I can provide you with my fedex account # or I could send you money over paypal!

    Thank you so much!!

    PS I live in Canada and I think that's why it takes so long for me to get a kit.
    PS2 I asked Igenex if they could fedex me a kit using my fedex account and they said no! :-(
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    You might want to try posting this on the Medical Questions board on