Does anybody have an idea why.............

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  1. IacheIache

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    My hands are so HOT.
    I sometimes wake up that way, but usually gets worse as the day progresses.
    They feel hot to the touch, even my mom grabs my hands and can feel how hot they are.
    Yesterday, the hottness felt like it was going up my arms.
    Also they are very stiff, and tight.
    Very painful
    I think its starting in my feet too.
    Does anybody have this as a symptom of their Fibromyalgia??
    I used to always try heat, but lately I have tried Ice. it is very hard for me to tolerate cold though.
    Is this typical of Carpel Tunnell??
    My Dr. did mention that at one time, and they do sometimes wake me up throbbing at nite.
    I would appreciate any suggestions in helping the hand pain.
    Thaks ALot-
  2. jadibeler

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    I don't know if this is the same thing my daughter was just describing to me. She has FM, too. She didn't mention heat, just pain from her shoulders to her hands. She did say that it wakes her up at night and that she just wanted to pull her fingers off. This is a new symptom for her.

    I hope others can give you more insight.

  3. bitter-sweet

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    I don't have hot hands, but they swell and are painful at times. Maybe someone else can help too.
  4. PatPalmer

    PatPalmer New Member

    I`m not sure of the actual cause, but sounds like inflammation - I wondered if you have Pure Sea Salt and Raw Garlic in your diet.

    I`m sure these will help you with this problem.

    1/4 tsp Sea Salt and at least a clove of garlic daily.

    Love Pat.
  5. elaine_p

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    the only thing I've heard about CT is numbness. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will let you/us know!

    and bumping
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