Does anybody have problems walking ..this is very frustrating

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. rickj44

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    I get told its Fibromyalgia that is causing my legs to feel very heavy and weak. I can walk but only a short distance..If i walk to much , i feel it, for many days later..I need to sit as much as possible, and i find sitting on a heating pad helps lower the feeling in my calf muscles.

    I have not found any medication to stop the feeling.. I take Oxycontin and it dont even touch it.
    It so hard to sit still and let this illness take over my mobility..Each year that goes by in walk less and less. Its been 12 years , so gradual, and darn right cruel.
    I would rather have MS, and then i would know exactly why i can't walk.
    But>> to this day after seeing over 20 Drs, and many tests. 6 MRI's nerve conduction test, all come back good. The nerves are fine..
    'I even had a Biopsy of Calf muscle taken ,looking for disease and nothing.. You even wish they would find something..( sad to think we do ) so we can say there , i told you so.

    It really is eating away at me, wondering what is really going on with the calf muscles of both my legs.
    What is that feeling and why is it there, and why in this world there isnt a DR out there that can tell you.
    It got to be a lack of or too much off a chemical.. Yes i had the lactic acid test and it turn out good also.

    This is really eating me up inside..Doctors say don't worry about it and live your life.. Ya but you know if it was them, they would be devastated.

    Healthy people alway try to make it sound, that its not that bad.. then they get a cold and start whining for days.

    My legs is just one part of my problems.. as you know having Fibro there is so much more, it effect the whole body and muscles.

    Having a bad week.
  2. well I don't know if its the same thing but I also have trouble walking . AND I have to have a grocery cart in stores or I feel unsteady? Don't know what it is.and Jaminhealth is right MSM is wonderful, problem is it irritates the heck out of MY bladder but gave me almost instant energy and feeling good. good luck.
  3. texasrose204

    texasrose204 New Member

    have trouble walking too. Some days it is impossible for my legs to work. Even my good days seem to take so much effort to make them work. I have balance problems also. I walk so much slower than i used to. It is hard even to lift my feet at times. That heavy weak feeling is always there. There are times i seem to get stuck in place and can't get them to work, or i may have a leg start to shake. It is a job alot of energy used to walk to kitchen etc and back.I would love to go for a walk, and love it when dr. recommend exercise yeah right! Anyway just wanted to share my walking problems! Take care!
  4. rickj44

    rickj44 Member

    I have did everything, Acupuncture..Naturopathic dr which , was a waste of money.Telling me i had high levels of Mercury, and after paying him, lots of money for whatever it was he was giving me.I find out years later,and having the test done the right way, using hair samples, my levels are good.. also vitamin levels are good.
    I did take Magnesium and it made my legs feel worse.So rest all day to get 10 mins of walking in. I do have a scooter. which i hate to use..Its been in storage all winter.

  5. WendyC

    WendyC New Member

    Better lately, more of an early symptom. Try B complex, from fatigued to fantastic, magnesium with calcium and vit D. Have your B12 checked. Also Amino acids, D ribose, acetylcarnitine, alpha lipoic acid. I eat raw cao cao and goji berries, Acai too. see my posts under my name wendyc. I work and have something of a life you can too. Good luck

  6. Empower

    Empower New Member

    that was the first symptom of my FMS - heavy legs and stiffness, difficulty walking

    Right now, that is the least of my problems
  7. Empower

    Empower New Member

    I too have to walk with a cart at stores for balance

    Today I had to pop into Nordstroms - no carts there!!!!

    I feel like I am 100 years old
  8. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    I have a problem with heaviness and weakness in my limbs as well - it's probably one of the worst symptoms for me.

    I hope that I can just keep on walking and I pray for a miracle for all of us.

  9. SolSerenade

    SolSerenade New Member

    sorry you're having problems, Rick ... I went through the same thing, progressively losing ability to walk, and lower-leg "mysterious" pain and 'heaviness?

    what is MSM by the way?

    I thought I'd add that the one thing that I noticed that seemed to "lighten" my lower legs is (now i'm forgetting which i tried first) Cymbalta and Gabapentin.

    It *seemed* like they changed the way my legs felt - and my walking *has* improved, but really i cannot say for sure that it is due to those two drugs .... it did seem though that my lower legs "felt lighter" after starting them.

    wish you the best.
  10. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I am sorry you have to go through this.. my Prayers are with you ...

    I am also having more and more problems walking ,, the thought of doing the bulk grocery shopping scares me to no end.,. I'll be in tears by the time I hit the check out.. my Husband does the Grocery shopping now.. I just can't be on my legs that long.. I have tried the carts.. LOL I run into things and people .. not safe at all . I have to laugh .. or I;ll cry on this one.
    My Feet hurt with every move or step... they crack and pop... my legs hurt.... burn and throb with pain ... now the past couple of weeks.. my upper arms.. hurt all the time.. they burn and are doing the same thing my legs do.. I can't even hold the phone in one hand . I have to switch . as one arm will realy hurt and get so weak . I just can't..
    I too have been looking at using a cane ....not sure yet .
    Fibro is so very hard.. and the CFS . makes me want to cry most days.. I don;t think a day goes by without me being in tears at some point.. my body just wont do what I want it to anymore..
    I too feel at least 30 or 40 yrs older than I am ... I'm 45 but feel about 80
    I work Full Time still .. and don't know how much longer I can... It does me in for the day .. I work a split shift from home... 4 hrs at a time.. cake job .. but I strugle so much with it.. and the stress from job.. as I do Resolutions . and deal with all the Pissed of cusotmers... does not help with the CFS ... I don;t know what to do .
    I am scared , Tired , and in pain every day ..

    I pray " I can do all things through Christ Who strenghtens me " ( Phil 4:13 )

    just know you are not alone... I know it helps me .. everytime I think of posting . someone else has posted the same issue .. I know I am not alone in this..

    Soft Huggles... and prayers for a better day . :) . thanks for posting .. and letting me give my 2 cents
    Don't Give up !
  11. loto

    loto Member

    i'm so sorry you're having these problems. I have FM now, and only sometimes have this feeling of my legs being heavy (last weekend it happened). You have had mri's of your spine? 3 years ago today I had a microdiskectomy at L-5 S-1 for a terribly herniated disc there. I went through a year of suffering and finally agreed to the surgery only after I had trouble walking like you do now. My doctor was so thrilled by how much it helped me, because i was told going in that it wasn't a guaranteed fix. Anyway, just wondering if your discs are all okay. Mine was so herniated that it had my sciatic nerve smashed so bad that that's what caused my legs to not work right. and, if it's been a while, maybe you could get more mri's??
    hope you find some answers,
  12. this is an older thread, but as I said above I also have difficulty walking. Does anyone one else have any ideas why we have this problem? It scares me and hinders my life. My rheum. dr. says it is fibro, when I had to do pt for my knee and the therapist said its my weak core muscles. she showed me a couple exercises but they don't seem to help. I also have difficulty getting out of a chair, I feel like 100 , REALLY!

    rick has anything helped or did you ever find the reason for this problem?

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