Does Anybody Play a Musical Instrument to Relax?

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    On another thread, there has been some discussion of the therapeutic benefits of music. Most of the messages (maybe all except mine) focused on listening to music performed by others.

    I have a different question, as the title of this post indicates: Does anybody else on this board play a musical instrument (or create music on a computer) to relax?

    I've seen messages from at least one person (maybe more) who was a professional musician before FM, but I'm not talking about being a professional or even about playing in front of other people. I'm just wondering whether anybody else finds the process/experience of playing a musical instrument to be therapeutic.

    I find that playing my MIDI arranger keyboard (which has a much lighter touch than an acoustical piano) and/or working on a song in my MIDI software makes me feel better, even though I'm not very good at playing live. (MIDI software allows me to fix my mistakes before recording my music. That's a real boon when your hands don't move the way you want them to move!) However, because of my fibro symptoms, my MS symptoms or both, this sometimes becomes difficult.

    For example, I'm currently dealing with rotator cuff tendinitis in my right arm. This is the arm I use for controlling my computer mouse, which I use to edit my original compositions. I have a feeling that over-use of the mouse might be contributing to the tendinitis problem, but doing music makes me feel so much better about my life that it seems to be worth the pain.

    Still, if anybody else also plays or composes music as a way of relaxing or at least getting away from fibro concerns, I'd be interested in whether you've had to make any changes or use any special equipment to accommodate your symptoms. If so, what changes did you make and/or what special equipment did you find helpful?

    --Laura R.M.
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    yes I am a pianist.. I have been a church Pianist for about 40 yrs.. I have an electric keyboard but it has the full 88 keys.and it has a light touch.

    I can get lost in my music when I'm having a bad for any reason.. my daughter who has Lupus along with Fibro and Menieres uses this as her MAIN relaxation.

    I can record my own playing on the piano itself and then play it back and listen to myself.. MANY MANY nights I have listend for hours when I couldn't sleep.

    there is something very soothing about Music !!!! especially when its something you have created yourself

    Good luck to you and many blessings

    Sandy in the Desert
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    I have a jimbe drum. I started a drumming group and we have a instructor who is teaching us african drumming tunes. I absolutely love it. When I get into a rythmn and play it over and over, it is like meditation.

    I have read research that drumming actually does boost the immune system. You can look it up on the net. Good study.

    The last time we were drumming our instructor taught us a tune that is specifically for healing. We played it for a long time, and one woman who had a headache before that said it was completely gone by the time we stopped. My back hurt like heck and when we were done it hurt much less.............apparently certain tunes or vibrations affect certain parts of the body and can provide clearing.

    In younger years I used to play the piano and the organ. Wish I still did. I can still remember how much I loved it then. I would play for hours and get lost in it.

    My husband is a musician and it is his primary therapy. glad to hear you find comfort in your music!

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