Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TAM, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. TAM

    TAM New Member


    I seem to always have bruises on me all the time lately.
    And i don't run into a table or anything that could cause the bruising.

    Today i counted 20 bruises on my legs (18 small 2 large).
    And two small ones on my foot.

    So if anyone else bruises like this or has any suggestios it would be greatly apperciated, thanks.


  2. adirondackhoney

    adirondackhoney New Member

    om my meds how much bruising etc
  3. fabricaholic

    fabricaholic New Member

    you might be taking to much anti inflamitories sometimes an excess amount will cause your blood to be thi and will cuse bruising. I know that happens to me sometimes.

  4. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    There is never a day that I don't find a new bruise and I couldn't tell you how i got them to save my life. I also notice that they take a lot longer to heal then they use to.....SueF
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I've been doing that for a few years now. If I bang my
    hand I'll see one immediately. Looks like a big red
    blotch. Sometimes it will bleed if I hit it hard enough
    or scrape it on something.

    My problem may be to my liver disfunction due to a genet-
    blood disorder. My father bruised easily and lived to be
    87. I think it most often is the result of aging. Thin
    skin etc. If I can make it as long as my Dad, I'll toler-
    ate the small anoyance!!

    Nightie Nite!!
  6. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    Hi Tam,

    Yes, I bruise easily. Anything I run into or bang, becomes a bruise. I also itch alot in different places and it turns into a nasty bruise, almost like someone punched me!

    Have no idea why, just happens!!!

    You are not alone with this one!!

  7. Cakeart

    Cakeart New Member

    I'm always covered in bruises, which looks lovely next to my lily white skin, as I can not tan and I live in a place where we see temps well over a 100 usually from May until the mid of October. Although this year we didn't see those temps until June, God is good.

    Anyhow, I don't take any antiinflamatory meds at all because of severe stomach pain, so it might be just another fibromyalgia symptom that has failed to register on the medical radar screen. imo
  8. TAM

    TAM New Member


    Thanks I guess thats quit a few of us with bruises huh!!

    Thanks to everyone that answered this I really appreciate it! Take Care Tammy!
  9. singingirl

    singingirl New Member

    I also am always covered in bruises, and I get an incredible deep itch usually on my legs, that I scratch so hard and so much that I have huge awful looking bruises.
    Thank God I hardly ever wear shorts, it would look like my husband beats me lol. I still have a discoloration where a bad bruise was when we played paint ball 3 months ago.
  10. Cakedec

    Cakedec New Member

    My mother had a lot of dark bruising around her hands and ankles. Her mother had it, also. I was looking up some medical info and found pictures of what scurvy looks like. The pictures looked just like my mother's bruises. I told her about it and she started taking more vitamin c, ascorbic acid, and the bruises went away! I find if I am bruising easily and up my vitamin c, it stops. If it bothers your stomach, you can take the buffered, or ester C.

  11. TAM

    TAM New Member

    Hi Singingirl and Cakedec,

    Thanks for your info. I am also like you singingirl & dleaning and i itch alot when i scratch my itch it also leaves big bruises, you do look as if you were beat up!

    And i will try vit c cakedec, Thanks GUYS. TAMMY

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  12. Malen

    Malen New Member

    Have you had your blood iron levels checked? Anemia (even mild) can lead to easier and longer bruising.
  13. TAM

    TAM New Member


  14. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I start bruising w/in half a week w/out 50 mgs of EXTRA zinc. I also take a multi, but its not enough, and I take about 3 grams of buffered vit. C a day, but that alone doesn't do it either. I had to take 100 mgs of extra zinc for many years, or else, but I get by on 50 mgs this last year for some reason. Maybe I'm finally absorbing better.

    This info on zinc and bruising isn't common knowledge, but the info is out there if you dig enough. Extra zinc for bruising was also recommended by my env. doc. She recommended I take even more, but I get by best on what I take.

  15. TAM

    TAM New Member

    Hi Jeanne,

    Thank you i will for sure add zinc to the list and try it, it makes since that zinc would work but the thought of that never entered my mind.

    I have a 3o'clock appiontment today so i'll stop at the drugstore while i'm out and i will get vit c and zinc. MANY THANKS, TAKE CARE, TAMMY.
  16. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    Easy bruising has been linked to wheat. I cut out all gluten in my diet and I don't get all those bruises anymore.
  17. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    I do! I'm always getting bruises on my arms and legs that i never remember getting. I guess its because when i'm tired i run into things, and then forget.
  18. hockeymom2

    hockeymom2 New Member

    I bruise very easily, sometimes I remember the slightest bump that causes it and sometimes I look at the bruise and think "how can I not remember getting that bruise?" I assume it is from all the anti inflamatories, as I also bleed so easy and so much for the slightest thing.
  19. iggyangel

    iggyangel New Member

    I bruise just when my dog jumps on me! I bruise If I scratch my skin even.
    My doctor says that he has seen this in FM patients.
    I could use some help w/this also
  20. irishprincess

    irishprincess New Member

    if y'all are on coumadin or an aspirin regimand that's where your unexpained bruising is comming from.

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