Does anyone care?

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    Does anyone really care about people they don't know? I have tried talking to the women's shelters but I get no where. I just left an abusive marriage, have two cats, am living off of credit cards, in a brand new city and state, have no family or friends, have no job (or much skills), and no place to live (currently in a very cheap motel). Obviously, I am very depressed - clinically, I'd say. I can't seem to get myself up and don't know what to do anyway. The shelters don't give a crap because I have cats and won't even give me help with any info of any sort. Am so alone...don't think I can handle this situation. Does anyone care?
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    I may not be able to bail you out of your situation but you've got ears on this board. Maybe you could contact the animal shelter in your area and get a number for a rescue that might be able to keep your cats for you until you get on your feet better. Is there another town close by that you could contact to see if you'd get better care there?
    Good luck and am so sorry you are going through such a terrible time!
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    Chrysalis is a place that helps, counsels women who have been in abusive relationships whether it has been by a spouse, a partner, or even parents. They might be able to get you counseling and give you ideas to help you with your pets. Don't give up and keep looking for help. Unfortunately, the economy has cut into a lot of budgets for many places that offer help. Check with United Way and all those places. Good luck.
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    Another place to try may be the local churches. I'd go look into the large ones.
    Also the salvation Army,Untied Way and county social services. This is a very hard time for you but you will make it through . You were strong enough to leave an abusive situation ,your strong enough to make it through this . Pull out the good old yellow phone book and look through the government pages. If your willing to work and I believe you are someone will lead a hand . Keep on calling and reaching out for help.
    My first marriage was abusive . He left me with two daughters ages 3 and 4 ,no job and no money or cards. I was a bit more fortunate that the courts force me to get a job (even thought I'm legally blind). I worked retail for years min. pay 17 to 26 hrs a week . I won't lie to you I cried a lot . We shopped at thrift stores and ate a lot of top ramen. Lived in very bad places .
    Now after after 15 years I'm married again, kids are grown ,however one is a runaway and we are still poor. But the point is we made it through the storm.
    You made the first step .You left the bum. The next steps just take a bit longer.
    And you have skills . You can type,communicate,assertive,drive(?),math(?)
    use a phone (possible receptionist?). There's a lot of jobs that are entry
    level the don't require much skill . Also go to the local unemployment office.Even if you have never held a job they can train you to do something.
    Don't let depression rob you of your life.
    It's time for a brand new life . Live your dream . What was it that you have always wanted to do ? Make that happen.

    Take care of you. And remember that WE do care!

    God bless,

    "When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us."
    Alexander Graham Bell
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    I care. I don't really know you, but it sounds like you are a strong woman. What kind of strength does it take to leave an abusive marriage? I would say pretty strong! I think you have more than half the battle already won. (If this life is supposed to be a battle.) They say God only gives us what we can handle. Whoever they are? Not that I know you or truly know your situation... I would say you are making it. You are a strong woman, tell yourself and believe in this. Everytime I have been alone in my life it has always been the time that I have 'found' me. That has always been my strongest point after getting past the alone part. Trust and believe in yourself, God does. You are a child of God. You are strong and you have the ability to accomplish what you set your mind to.

    You said you have no friends, but remember your cats are your friends. They may not be able to talk back in our words, but they hear what your saying and I know from experience with animals they do talk back. We just have to open our hearts to what they are saying.
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    finding the kind of people that will help you out is not going to be easy. I assume any family or friends are out of the question? Definitely visit some churches and ask their advice. They may be able to provide you with housing and food, etc.

    I would probably go to a Catholic church first because that's all I'm familiar with in regards to programs to help those in need. I'm sure other faiths have them.

    there are people like us all over the place. I can try to help you if you're in North. California?
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    Yes you did the first step of helping yourself By getting out of a abusive relationship . and Daylight just said the thoughts that was on my mind when I read your story . You are strong willed and I care about you and don't know you I wish you the best of luck and I do know from exsperience that if you have a stable place to live like a solid address you can sign up for public housing and public assistance so try and find a efficency its cheaper than a motel but first try some of the churches and they will help you and move you toward the direction and help you are looking for. Good Luck!! and God Bless You:)
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    Hi there, I really commend and applaud you for having so much strength for leaving an abusive relationship AND moving to a new city. I think that takes so much courage, strength and determination. You deserve to have two sweet cats on your side. I'm glad you are on this board, and we are here to help you. I'm not sure if the others that posted mentioned Goodwill? They help people that need work get job training. You might try them. My thoughts and prayers are with you that several good people will come into your life, for continued courage and strength, and for good health and happiness. Sending you lots of hugs.

    Love, Erika
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    It sounds like you have come a long way-don't stop now. You have more strength than you even know. I'll pray that you stay strong and that someone will lend you a helping hand. Thanks for being an inspiration.
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    I think people here have given you some wise advice and I don't really have much to add other then I too was in an abusive relationship when I was younger and when I left I had a baby and no car as he had totalled it when he was drunk one night and he bought me another one but kept it. In my case a freind helped me until I got back on my feet. I still have scars from that relationship mentally and physical. But I did get back on my feet and I did move on and I did meet a wonderful caring man that I have been with 19+ years. First you need to get your self esteme back as they trample on that. Then you need to get a job of some sort if you can work as it will give you back some of your self esteme. But remember there is happiness out there you just have to be open to finding it. Whether it is in finding new freinds or getting a job you like or just having that big burden of abuse lifted off your shoulders. Think of this as the beginning of a new life. There are alot of people out there with financial burdens right now due to the economy. But hope is on the horizon and that is what you need to hold to hope. You need to know that now that you made this decision that your life can be better and that there are good people out there you just need to be persistant in searching and open all of your options to finding them. Don't give up as things can be different as I am walking proof of that as others are. Good luck and keep trying and you will get through this. Take a walk and when you do smile at someone and see how many smile back. It will make you feel better and it will make the person you smiled at feel better. Take care. Bobby