Does anyone else dread Grocery Shopping?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lendy5, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Hi everyone - usually I tag my hubby and kids along with me to go grocery shopping and they have been begging me to stay so I figured today I would try this myself. I know if I asked they would but I want to surprise them.

    The worst part for me is pushing the heavy cart and loading into the car, then unloading again at home.

    My question is do you shop for a few days or for the whole month? What tips could you share to help make this easier on me ;)

  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Shopping for grocery's is such a pain! I go once a month and get it over with! Lol ,,,,,Buy in bulk and when i get it Home i just wheel it in the house in one of those wheeled (Clean) Garbage cans that have wheels on it with a tilt down handle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Bought it for 9.99 at walmart (rubber maid),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It works great! but then i just put the fridge stuff away and leave the rest for when i can get to it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Try to Park as close to the store as possible so the walk (Wheeling the cart) won't be to far),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I Get 5# bag of apples and 10# potatoes Etc......Hope this helps! usualy the whole evening is shot after that physicaly!,,,,,,,,,But i Have to do it this way Do to living alone,,,,Sis,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Our lifes have to be full of stratagies with these DD's
  3. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Thanks mamapepp, sisland and lindy,

    I agree that I am going to go just before hubby gets home and this way he and the kids can help unload the car. Got the list ready which is a big help.

    Walmart is where I usually shop and they installed these wheels for the customer to get their own bags off and put in the cart. Trust me they don't mind telling you either ;)
    I hate this but walmart is alot cheaper than our other local stores.

    I wish we had a costco here but I don't think we have one anywhere in NC. I don't like buying our meats at walmart but sometimes I do. Harris teeter is my first choice but they are high in price. I am going to look into buying in bulk and hopefully I can handle this one month at the time.

    Thanks for your advise, it's nice knowing that we are not alone in our struggles.

  4. pw7575

    pw7575 New Member

    I HATE grocery shopping. Just what I want to do is spend all my energy for the day at the grocery store. I don't really have any suggestions accept for make a list. I make a list and it works out better that way. Get what I need and get out.

    You could also check to see if any of the grocery stores in your area do delivery. I know some Safeways and Giants let you order online and deliver it to your home for you and there is only a very small charge. I want to say like $10 or something.

    I rarely go to the grocery store anymore which is not a good thing. I rely on my boyfriend to go but I hate putting everything on him. Plus then I have to wait until he has the time and so I run out of stuff I need. I really wish I could have someone do it for us. Maybe I will see if they do delivery in my area.

    For me it stinks because I try to eat a lot of fresh fruits and such which means I need to go to the store weekly which never happens. I do get a lot of frozen fruits and veggies to try and last me until the next trip.

    Good Luck today!
  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    I take my 82 year old mother-in-law to Safeway every Saturday morning.

    I really need to sleep in on Saturdays and she likes to go at 8:30. She called at 7:00 am a couple weeks ago and woke me up and my DH just laid into her. He told her I needed to sleep whenever I could (he knows my best sleep is from 4 am on) and that she could just wait to go to the store until I was ready!

    Ever since I started using my cane I can get a lot more help at the store. I don't shop at Wal-Mart for several reasons but one is that at our Safeway I don't have to take the stuff out of the cart and put it on the belt, take the bags off the roundy roundy thing and put them in the cart, and Safeway always has someone to take the groceries out and put them in the car.

    Today we are supposed to get 4 to 9 inches of snow (it seldom happens when they say it will, but I still don't want to take a chance). So I am calling my MIL to get her list and I will shop after work tonight.

    Of course that means my DH is on his own for dinner because by the time I'm done I will just go to bed too tired to even eat. Well, maybe a bowl of Cheerios!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I try to go every week and that way not have to overdo it.
    I only have myself to shop for so it does make it much
    easier. To avoid having to stand in long lines, I legal-
    ly had my name changed to "less" so now I can get into
    any line I wish no matter how many Idems I have!!

    I call it, "creative th- a, a, a, oh, thinking"! I
    use the handicap motorize carts so I can stop pretty girls
    in the isles and have them reach idems on the top shelves
    for me. Takes a lot of the pain out of shopping.

    Happy Shoppin'
  7. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    My hubby is a Meat Manager at a grocery store, so since I haven't gotten out of my PJ's in weeks-other than going to the doc, 5 days a week he can bring home whatever I need. Thank God, as I have 4 young children, Chronic Pain/Migriane disorders & who knows what else.. I'm so exhausted I can barely do anything anymore. I felt so guilty yesterday as I had to put the Peanut butter & Jelly on the table for my kids to make thier own lunch. They are 7 & under. Just spreading the PB was going to be too much effort, let alone going to the store to buy some. I don't get alot of perks in life, but having hubby at the store definately is one. Anyone try online shopping? Take Care All, Laura
    Just going through the post again-Well my Hubby works for Safeway & yes, I agree are one of the few grocery stores in our area who strives to please the customer. I was treated royally there when I was pregnant. Nice, as it's very difficult to find great service these days.[This Message was Edited on 01/05/2007]
  8. TKE

    TKE New Member

    .....I shop at our Super Wal-Mart(central PA) & I do NOT take the bags off the turn thing & place them in my cart. They do. If it were me I'd complain to the manager.

    If they're flying 100 mph throwing my veggies/fruits/etc into bags & acting like they have to check me out in 20 seconds I ask is there's a fire? Oh & I'm only 49, so it not a old age thing ...yet ;).

    If the check outs...the regular ones.... are packed I shove my full cart to the 10 or 20 items or less isle & they check me out. I can't stand in line that long or they'd be carrying me out! I can't stand that long, I must keep moving or my back locks up. I always explain to the check out person why I do that tho, so they know I'm not being rude.

    If you need help loading just go to the service desk & ask them to send you someone to load for you as you have severe back problems.

    If I feel like they're putting too much in one bag I ask them to lighten up on them. I have no problem telling store employees I have health issues. Always say Thank You no matter how rude the person helping you may be. It makes them think about it.

    I also find that pulling the cart sometimes can be easier than pushing the darn things. If I get a really bad cart that bumps, goes off to one side, has a mind of it's own I wheel it back & tell the cart person it needs to see the cart doctor for repair.

    I don't know about your WM, but ours hands out umbrella bags & has towels to wipe off wet carts they wheeled in from the rain.

    I shop weekly & often buy things in bulk. If I can't unload from the car I get the things in that need refigerated & let the rest for my huz when he gets home from work.

    Heck the vets office carried my little dog to the car for me the other day & the lady that did it for me had just been d'xd with MS herself!

    Ask for help & 99.99% of the time you'll get it. Only once did I stand in a Wal-Mrt & yell, yes yell, at the top of my lungs...DOES ANYONE WORK IN THIS STORE?? Help came running. I needed an item off the top shelf. I looked for a store person for a good 20 minutes & couldn't find anyone who worked there. They must have all been on break at the same time, but I did get help, hehe.

    The worst part of grocery shopping for me it handing over the money at the check out...OUCH!!!!
  9. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    well after I picked up the kids from school and brought them home our 9 year old wanted to go with me so I said ok. We did go to walmart and ended up with 2 full carts so thank goodness he wanted to come along.

    The cashier was rude to us and it was like we were interrupting her conversation with another cashier because this lady was upset someone had used 9 coupons in the self checkout. I am not real picky over bagging except don't overload and keep cold items together, but just about every bag was ripped or the handles broke because of her over bagging. I would have said something but we had 2 cart loads and I was doing all I could do to get everything out of the carts. My son was loading bags into the cart.

    If I hadn't been so exhausted I would have called for the manager and showed him how poorly she was bagging and asked for them to be rebagged. Both of them didn't have a name tag on. I guess I know why now.

    The cashiers have told me before that they are not suppose to load bags into the carts off the spinners and I was wondering last night if walmart displays a sign to help anyone with disabilities.

    Well anyway it took us 5 hours to get back home. Our son kept Hubby was waiting on the back porch when I pulled in the driveway and put everything away for me.

    Thank You all for sharing your ideas and experiences. I really enjoyed reading all of them.
  10. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Hate grocery shopping with a passion.
    I have trouble getting stuff out of the cart.
    I use a walker so I use one of those hand baskets and put it on top of my walker. That way I am not tempted to buy too much and it is easier to manage. Anything that is heavy like kitty litter or laundry soap I try and ask someone to buy it for me and take people up on their offer if they are shopping and ask if I need anything.
    For the first time this morning I had to ask the staff for help to get something off a shelf. The biggest problem is I usually shop at most a week at a time but if less then when I go back I end up spending more money so I try and ration out my grocery money. I also stick to one store. Haven't the energy to go from store to store. Always keep 2 days worth of frozen foods so if it is a bad flare I can just nuke something. I also go early in the morning before the crowds are out and the staff are more friendly. Hate screeching kids.!!! IF YOU NEED HELP DON'T BE EMBARASSED TO ASK FOR IT!!!
  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Because I try to eat a lof of fresh veggies and fruits, I shop weekly. It also cuts down on the trips to and from the car.

    I make a list every week (and try to remember to take it with me). ;>)

    I ask that the things that must be put away as soon as I get home be bagged separately from things that can wait (the unrefrigerated things).

    I don't often ask for help with the carry out because I'd rather load groceries than chat. I load by category: things that need refrigeration are last in so they can be first out. If I run out of steam, I can stop at that point and go back later to finish or even the next day.

    I seldom wash and cut up all the veggies for salads that same day. They wait in the frig for a lighter day.

    As an aside: when I do the above, I make a large bowl of mixed salad greens that lasts me at least three days. I keep it at the ready for lunches or for extra tired evenings to avoid using frozen dinner type foods that have additives. I keep containers of "salad bar" items - mandarin oranges, olives, sliced cooked beets, etc. in clear storage containers to add to each salad.

  12. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    See my thread on Master Grocery List and there are lots of helpful hints there.

    I am with ya! Besides the energy, there is the mind exhaustion.

  13. mezombie

    mezombie Member

    How do you keep a bowl of mixed salad greens for three days without spoilage?
  14. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    I go about every 10 days or so. I use to go once a month but that got a little too much for me. Once in awhile, I stop more than this, it just depends on what we need.
  15. caffey

    caffey New Member

    I have read your posts. Great ideas but what about those of us who live alone, in apts. etc. Any suggestions. Hate being at the mercy of others and their time schedules. Anybody have a spare hubby that can pick me up some kitty litter in the next couple of days? lol.
  16. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    Our local grocery closed (we live in a little town) but have 2 convenience stores for emergency items.

    We always used to look forward to grocery day. We'd go 50 mi. to a bigger city, stop in various shops, go out for lunch, then get the groceries. it is no longer fun!

    I can only spend about 20 min. in a shop before my back gives out in pain. We still go for lunch. While there I write down things for DH to get and the other half for me.

    We both have to get electric carts. He is a heart patient who wears a leg prosthesis. We go to the Meijer store. Even that kind of cart hurts my hands so much. I have several items I get frequently and, yes, they are on the top shelves. Frequently some kind person will ask if they could help. Bless them.

    We check out together. I hate to put items on the counter. I get 2 lg. bottles of juice for both of us, and of course, they put them both in the same bag. Then it is getting them of the carousel that is awful! No on helps you there.

    We usually have to use 2 carts to get them to the car. I always get out and put them in the trunk. When we get home, I give DH a small bag - he uses a cane. I take 2 bags in each hand and limp in. The bags hurt my hands so bad - but in winter I can wear gloves!!

    Then I get the collapsable cart for rest of them. i have to somehow manuver it up 3 different small steps. i am about sick when i am done. DH puts some things away but I do most.

    The next day, my arms and hands hurt, my8 back hurts and i am SOOO tired. It is no longer fun!!!

    But i guess fun comes in very small packages now for us.

    Gentle hugs,

  17. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Hi Everyone - Sorry I didn't see all of your replies but I will respond to them first thing tomorrow. I promise ;0)

    {{{{{Take Care Everyone}}}}}
  18. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Hi omeeomy - You're right, ever since walmart came to town they caused the older stores to go out of business and I started out working for a grocery store too and always enjoyed working as a cashier. I loved meeting new people but when the store went out of business I changed my career to Home Health care. You know what? I will ask for someone to help me next time. Thanks

    Hi caffey - I have tried grocery shopping just for a few things but what I find is that I have to go just about everyday because of something else needed. Just since this post started I have planned a monthly menu which I am hoping will be better for all of us. I can't stand going to more than one store but sometimes I do because of sales. I absolutely hate all of the temptations (candy) near the registers which causes any child to scream I WANT! LOL

    Hi marta - I like the way you organize your grocery bags. I have searched my bags many times to put cold stuff away to be able to wait and put up other items but have ran across a cold item I had to throw away. Thanks for the tip.

    Hi kimba - Thanks and I will search for this. Need all the help I can get ;)

    Hi donnaeil - I am sure he would go if he thought I wanted or needed him too but for as long as I can remember I have always asked we all go as a family. Our two boys are 13 & 9 and our girl is 5. They hate going most of the time and then all they want is junk food and it's aggravating. I decided I had to take some of this stress away from me so I asked everyone to let me know what they wanted and I would decide what to get and this way I don't end up with all sugar in the cart. Thanks

    Hi mary - Sounds like you have a great schedule for going every 10 days. I have been wanting to eliminate going so frequent so I will see if this works out. I can relate though because I had two cart loads full. Thanks

    Hi lilaclover - Thank you for responding to me in such great detail. Seems like everything I need is too often on the top shelf, and in walmart all their employees are always on their way somewhere else. I have made up my mind though I am going to start asking for help. Please be careful and take care.

    P.S. Thank you all for taking the time to share with me your ideas and I appreciate each and everyone of them.

  19. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I have been doing all of my grocery shopping online for almost 2 years now. (I found an online place when I broke my foot).

    It's great! The delivery fee is about what I would pay for a taxi anyway and the prices are about the same as the stores.

    I'll go out sometimes if the grocer is having a good sale.

    Otherwise, I order online and they bring everything right in and put it on the counter.

    Sue in Ontario
  20. happycanuk

    happycanuk New Member

    I go once a week. I am ok getting the darn things, but packing them out to the car, bringing them into the house, and then having to deal with them, just about does me in.

    I have been trying to go later in the day, so my hubby can bring them in for me. If we have lots of snow I don't go at all, because I cannot push the cart through it. Then I wait for hubby to come along.

    There are just the 2 of us now, and I rarely make a list, as I know what I want. If it is something I don't usually buy, I do write it down, just so I don't forget.

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