Does anyone else experience this!?

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    I have been to several different doctors who can't seem to figure out what is going on with me. I have had an MRI and blood test and it all comes back normal. I'm feeling tingling in my hands and feet and I get pains in my calves sooo bad that I can barely walk. I also wake up some days and I'm just pain at all. I get a weird sensation in my legs too...kind of like a vibrating worms in my legs? I know, it's crazy. But I'm wondering if anyone else is having symptoms like mine or am I just crazy!?
    The other thing that no one can seem to figure out is why I hurt having intercourse. I get a burning, sharp, shooting pain and none of the doctors can figure out why. Does anyone else experience this?
    Last but not least (yes there's more but I won't go on and on) I seem to have an "eczema" rash all over my body and I've never had any skin problems before. Is this common with Fibro? Thanks for your time.
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    Hello. We also have a great Fibro Message Board and I suggest you post there to ask them about Fibro. They are very knowledgeable and could provide you with the best answers. They're a good bunch of people too. Good luck and hugs.
  3. I have all the same problems you have and have fibro too. The only thing I don't have is the eczema I do hawever have weird rashes that are red and itchy. So no you are not crazy those things are normal for fibro. Good luck to you Pam.