Does anyone else feel better keeping on the go than trying to ...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JewelRA, Jun 10, 2006.

  1. JewelRA

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    ...stay home and rest? For me, I seem to do better when I am out and about then when I am at home. I posted last week about how I hate all my furniture in my house, and lovingly refer to my bed as a torture device. Laying down and sitting are agony for me and I can only do them so long. OF course, I can't really walk long periods either, but I get relief in the pool doing my exercise. Even in the car I feel better than anywhere in my house! Just the movement and constant change of positions seems to be good for me.

    I also seem to be able to get relief and rest at my friends' and relatives' homes better than my own. That doesn't make any sense does it? Maybe it is partially emotional - just being around other people?

    Of course, come late afternoon, I usually forced to rest from pure exhaustion. But I trully can't get comfortable anywhere in my home. That is so depressing.

    I wish I could afford to go out and get all new, cushy, soft furniture, but I have NO money to do so. And with my luck it probably wouldn't help. I've have bought more beds and sent them back then I can count. Just bought a Lazy-Boy reliner last week and sent it back. I couldn't use it. I was trying to find one just like my MIL has at her house and couldn't. I even offered to by hers but she wouldn't part with it! LOL.

    I find myself staying AWAY from home as much as possible during the day. This doesn't seem to be the norm of most people on here. Is anyone else like this?
  2. azbubba

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    I have always been an 'on the go' type of person. However, since I've been ill, if I try to do much above the norm, I find that I will pay for it in the long run, usually with missing time from work.

    Hopefully you'll stay like you are, and get the benefits from pushing yourself.

    Gentle hugs,
  3. butterfly8

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    I have to stay at home a lot and so have gradually made it more 'friendly'. I have not been able to afford new furniture etc., so I have done things gradually, on the cheap. Here are some of the things I have done to enjoy my stay at home life more. Maybe one of them might be useful for you.

    *quiet music on a repeat CD running all day
    *a small crystal fountain in the lounge running during the day. (I built the fountain from bits and a pump)
    *candle - lots and lots of candles ( in glass containers because I am paranoid about fire)
    *natural incense
    *sage sticking the house on a regular basis to clear negative energy. (I did not used to believe in this stuff, but I do now.)
    *using colour e.g., yellow for kitchen, because it is supposed to improve digestion (I started off just buying a couple of cheap yellow plates) Pink for bedroom because it is supposed to build self-esteem. Lavender for the bathroom e.g., towels etc., because it is supposed to relax us.

    If you are an extrovert it will be more difficult for you to stay at home. However, I have come to really believe that houses hold energy levels and that you can clear negative energies in simple little ways like those listed above. I found the sage sticking really effective in improving my own emotional well-being - even if it is all in my mind, it worked!!! I think it is important to be reasonably content where you live so I hope you find something that makes your house a home.

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