does anyone else feel bummed tonight?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sixtyslady, May 6, 2006.

  1. sixtyslady

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    DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL REALLY BUMMED OUT TODAY? I was just freezing all day and the weather is fairly warm here. then tonight I feel hot, plus a feel like I have splinters in the tips of my fingers, last week I thought I had one in my thumb,but now that feeling is in my finger,I"m just so tired of all theses different symptoms,it seems like every week its something different.I went and got pain meds. they where180.00 this is the first time for pain meds for me.Good thing we had Ins, the cost was37.00, I feel bad for people that don"t have Ins, I don"t know how anyone could do it with several different meds.
    Well any how I guess I"m going to have to call the Dr because I"m still having trouble with my navel,just hate to go I don"t want to put anymore meds in my body.
    I just don"t want to start on that rollercoaster of Drs again,I went through that yrs ago. and I have never been able to forget what they put me through,I felt like their gunie pig and was so sick.
    My Mother went through the same thing and she was on so many different meds it still makes me sick to think all the meds my sister and I found in her cupboards, we just sat down and cried after she was gone.
    well anyhow I just needed to vent, I"m trying to get through this d.d. with the leeast amount of drugs I can .
    I know alot of people don"t agree with that, I just think we should all do what we feel is best for ourselves.

    blessing sixtyslady
  2. claudiaw

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    I feel for you. I know what it is like to hurt all the time. Find no relief from med's and feel bummed out.

    it all is frustrating and stressful.

    i'm having a hard time finding a good pain med, one because my doctor doesn't like them and I try to take as little as possible. But some day's I need them!

    i hope you find what work's for you without too much hassle.:)

  3. lillyrose33

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    Hi sixtyslady, I know what you mean. I get that way and know that it is the Fibro. I don't like taking the meds either but they help when needed. I am trying to change my eating habits and to do more excercise even if I have to be sitting down. I am going to start getting in the pool when the weather permits. I get the cold and hot feeling also out of the blue not hot flashes either. You can only do what works for you so don't worry what others think.
    When you talked about your Moms meds brought back memories about my Mother in-law...she had so many in her cuppboard and know one knew she took so much...I don't want that for me either. Venting does the soul good. Good luck and feel better you are not alone.

    blessing back at ya
  4. sixtyslady

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    it does help to vent thank God for this board, I wonder if people realize how much this board helps our familys also. Yesterday my husband grabed my hand and said I was starting to look like myself again, he had tears in his eyes, I guess I don"t realize how hard it is on him. and by being able to be on this board has helped us both. May God Bless us all. Sixtyslady