Does anyone else feel like you are dying?

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by tlayne, Jul 29, 2006.

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    Sometimes I feel really good, and then BAM I am sicker than sick again. I am having sweats that will give a little, and then I am drenched (sp?) again, the fatigue rolls over me like a black cloud. I can't even walk a half of a block without my muscles burning and being short of breath. I have gained 30 pounds in the last three months for no reason, my hair is dry and breaking off. My skin is dry. My breasts are swollen and hurt. My stomach is bloated, and I am constantly nauseated. I am a mess. I even look sick.

    I keep thinking that if I am dying, then let it be. I am SO ready. Am I wrong to feel this way? If I sound negative I am sorry. I just want it to be over. I am not suicidal, I wouldn't do that. But I just get so fed up. Does anyone else feel this way? Love, Tam
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    You are such a dear. Always one of the first to respond to me! I had my thyriod levels checked about 6 months ago. It was low normal. The good ole doc said it was fine.

    Did you have all of these symptoms? How much kelp do you take? I have tried other natural thyroid supplements, but I didn't see a change. I can't even take the coconut oil since I am so nauseated. I am taking Flora for the good digestive bacteria. I am hoping this helps. It is too soon to see a differnce tho. I love ya hangin, Tam
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    Hi Tam,

    Yes i have felt that way for a few years, i have daily chronic pain so many hurts i won't even get into them i have daily headaches that are 24/7 they never ever go away and always get worse some part of the day and i have had this since nov 2000, and each day i keep getting worse.
    Yes i feel like i'm dying alot and really that would be so wonderful i am more then ready to go. So to me its not wrong to think that way sweetie because a person can only take so much then enough is enough.

    But hang in there and don't give up Tam. My son keeps me strong on my extra bad days i just keep thinking of him i love my son so much i love being a mother also my faith keeps me going because i truely believe that everything happens for a reason. So when you can't be strong for yourself think of someone or something that you love and be strong for them.

    My heart goes out to you honey it sounds like you have been threw so much,I'm so very sorry that your so sick. Have you gone to the doctor if not please go.

    Keep trying to be strong and when your feeling really bad post a message i'll be here to listen because i do care about you, and if i can help you at all i sure will. my thoughts and prayers are with you.I pray you will be feeling well agian soon. Take Care, Tammy

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    Thanks for responding and offering your prayers, love, and support! Thinking of my family used to give me the will to go on, but I have been tired for so long that I welcome the day when I am free from this earthly body. I am not depressed, just worn out.

    I am sure that I will have better days to come. I am going to try the Kelp that hangin suggested, and I am hoping that it will help. Thank you for being there! Love & hugs, Tam
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    What is normal to one doc wouldn't be to another. For around 20 years my family docs controlled my thyroid and kept me around a TSH of 5, which is too high. I kept complaining about being tired and constipated, etc. It just fell on deaf ears.

    Finally I got my family doc to switch me from Synthroid to Cytomel. Well I still didn't feel any better. By reading articles I found out the max of normal was 3. So I asked my endocrinologist, who was treating me for diabetes, about this, and he agreed and I asked him if he would take over my thyroid treatment and he agreed.

    He raised my med to 37.5 mcg of Cytomel and then did the tests. I had been on 25 mcg of Cytomel with the family doc.

    Then when my tests came back he raised me to 50 mcg of Cytomel and I was about .2 the last time he did the TSH. He also does other tests too.

    So I spent probably most of my life being under treated for this disease. I was dx'd for hypothyroidism when I was 9 years old. I'm 56 now...

    Sorry this is so long. Hoping you will feel better. You can always get a second opinion from an endocrinologist.

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    Are you feeling better?
    You are in my prayers
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    I had a period several years ago when I thought I had to be dying. Pain, no sleep, loss of weight and malaise.

    I think a combination of drugs finally helped. The drug that helped me the most was old fashioned valium. It started to calm down my digestive tract, then I learned I had an ulcer. More meds and tests... and TIME.

    It took time. A lot of it. It involved being totally honest with my doctor. Also, I decided to use only one doctor. I couldn't send my heart to the cardio, and other parts, etc.

    He diagnosed me with severe sleep deprivation. If you google that it is shocking.

    If I don't sleep, the day is shot. Last night I fell and knew I also needed a muscle relaxant. At 10 pm I took ambien, soma and 2.5 of valium. At 11:30 I was still awake. At 5:30 I took another soma, got up at 7:30. Each night is a battle.

    Only suggestion I have is to make a list and hand it to your doctor. Seems like somebody should be able to figure things out in order to help you.

    My prayers Tam......
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    Hi guys! THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your prayers! It comforts me to know that each of you are holding me before our mighty Lord! I want to get back to each of you, but I am off to work...hiho of to work I go!lol! I wanted each of you to know that I saw your post, but I need more time to respond! Love, Love ya, Tam
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    Ya, I went thru menopause 10 yrs ago when I had a hysterectomy due to polycystic overies. I had the sweats before then and I have them after. They always come with a flare, but this has been a loooonng flare! I do have upper GI bleed...go figure! I am checking into a natural source of thyroid support, and hoping this will help as it has helped hangininthere!

    Thank you for sharing and your concern! Love, Tam
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    I am SO sorry to read about this happening to you. But, I can feel for you and will ask God to be with you and direct you. That is what I am doing for myself now. I am in similar situation. It can be very depressing. I think...for myself anyway...I haven't found the right doctor. It seems like it is impossible to get any pain meds for my pain! I feel like if I could have just ONE day without pain...I could see things differently.

    Hang in there sweetie!