Does anyone else Have ADD or ADHD along with their illness?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. kellbear

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    I also have ADD and was wondering if there were any "combo" remedies that may help both. I am staying away from medicine like Concerta and Ridalin.
  2. Mikie

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    I have always suspected that I had ADHD as a child as I was hyperactive all the time and unable to stick with focusing on things in school. Over the years, it has gotten better, but I recently suspect that I had a paradoxical reaction to Provigil which could be explained by ADD now. On the other hand, I also take Klonopin and the Provigil may have been exacerbating the effects of the Klonopin.

    Another problem is that we have had the Red Tide here and it is a neurotoxin and extremely toxic to mammals and fish.

    My younger daughter was hyperactive as a child too.

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  3. Copper2002

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    I never realized I had it until testing was done for my daughter. Turns out both Dad and I have it, too.

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  4. WorldFalls

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    I have ADHD and so does my eleven year old daughter. We both tried Ritalin and it was TERRIBLE! It made us depresssed and teary. We gave it up very quickly. My daughter has been on concerta now for about two years and it's been a wonder drug for her. Her grades have impoved a lot. I take dexedrine, which I find VERY useful for the fibro fogs that come with fibromyalgia. It doesn't take much to help either. I find that when I go into a fog, if I take a dexedrine it pops me right out of it. I don't know if doctors give dexedrine for fibrofog, but it might be worth asking your doctor about it.
  5. idiotsinc

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    There is lot's of research pointing to a connection between ADD and FMS. Some think FMS is basically ADD & anxiety. I just started treatment with Ritalin and Buspar (for anxiety) 10mg each 2x per day. After figuring out not to take Drixoral for my allergies with them I've been doing great. I've had no problems with side effects other than I've finally given up drinking after 30+ years (I'm 48) and it was my choice, don't feel the need to drink anymore. Sad thing is a lot of people (mainly children) aren't being helped with what's available out there because of a lot of mis-information, given by "experts" such as Dr Breggin. I can say from my (and my daughter's) experiances these drugs are real "difference makers" in a person's life. The problem is finding the right doctor (sounds familiar? mines a shrink and he's great). I also have backing on this from my step-daughter, a learning disabilities teacher, who is doing her master thesis on ADHD drugs and their effect on students. Don't be afraid to go for treatment but be warned, it takes time and you need to do your homework beforehand. I started doing things I haven't done in years, within a week or 2. I also know another person that used to post here (Father Troll) who has had similar success with his treatments.

  6. kellbear

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    I wasn't diagnosed until my late thirties with ADD..was put on Cylert, which did help for awhile...I need to see a ADD specialist, but don't have health insurance and not enough money for that with all the other problems..

    I think that Wellbutrin (which is one of the drugs used for it) helps a little, but my brain is still all over the place, with a big lack of attentional focus..If you have ADD, you will have a paradoxical reaction to stimulant drugs, which if you are on the right dose, it calms and helps you focus..With too big a dose, it made me so drowsy...

    There are other solutions, but I have not explored other than reported..and then, Dr. Cheney indicated the stimulant drugs could be harmful for people with CFS..overstimulating an already slight-seizure state brain...
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  8. spazmonkey

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    I always thought I had ADD, even my parents think so. My dad shows signs, so does my sister and she has many fibro symptoms as well. The interesting thing is, about 7 years ago, i took a long test. I had some cognitive problems but the doctor basically said that I was an intelligent person with possible identity issues (whatever that means-i was 18 years old trying to find my place in the world). But he said that i didn't have ADD.

    Then I tried biofeedback last year and found out that i had a great attention span, completely focused on the computer. But i work at a computer all day and seem to get hypnotized by it. I read an article about how people with ADD can not stay focused at all but sometimes they can by hyperfocused on certain things they enjoy. I also read that people with fibromyalgia can stay focused on one thing, but it's highly impossible to multi-task. So I was able to pay attention to the computer screen in a quiet setting but if there were people talking to me and noise going on in the background, my reaction time and focus would be greatly impaired. This is definitely true of me. I dont care what these tests show, but I definitely have ADD. I'm super messy, get easily distracted, have a hard time paying attention to details, get frustrated when people interrupt me while im working, need my own time to complete tasks, leave many things unfinished and get bored easily. I've also heard people theorize that most people with ADD have "leaky gut" syndrome and an inability to absorb all the nutrients they need. Also a problem for most fibro'ers.

    anyways, food for thought
  9. OhioRN

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    Hello There,
    I also have ADD that I didn't realize I had until my son was diagnosed; he also has Bipolar Disorder. All those years I spent in school in school feeling "lazy, crazy and stupid" have left me very little self esteem. I have taken Adderall (which is a stimulant like Ritalin) in the past, and it was amazing how much easier it was to concentrate. The only problem was that I would forget to take it every 4 hours (duh me). Anyway, they now have a sustained released Adderall and Ritalin that you take once a day. (I need to get some for myself) The sustained released Ritalin is called Concerta. I think both of them last about 10-12 hours. There is also a new non-stimulant med called Strattera that is being used for adults with ADD. My son is on it now, and we have taken him off the Concerta. He's not doing quite as well and has had an increase in his impulsiveness. But, I guess he's only 12, nuff said. The Strattera is also a drug that builds up a therapeutic level that lasts 24 hours as opposed to the others that wear off after 10-12 hours. Anyway, I dunno what the docs would say about these meds with FMS, but that's what I know about them.

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