does anyone else have bad cramps all over body???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hubby, Jul 30, 2005.

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    This has been going on for some time now, like charlie horses, so embarassing when I sit and talk to someone and my hands curl up and hurt of course, and I cannot get them to relax. What is worse when they are in my abdomen or under my ribs and I have to straighten out my whole body and then sit back down and they come back. I try to keep from dehydration and it will happen when I have had plenty of h2o that day. I scared my poor husband to death the other night as I had to jump out of bed it was in my calf, and I find that the only thing that helps is to put ice cubes on them until they relax if I can. I used to have them when I was pregnant but don't know what they are related to now, as I had them in Dec went away somewhat and now back again. I kind of worry about them, because not only am I having that, I cannot seem to hold onto anything and I fall down at the drop of a hat. I stumble like I am drunk, and go in circles trying to get my balance at times. I just attribute it to this DD but I have never had all these sysmtoms, though always a little dizzy or easy dizzied. Kind of spooky. not to mention dangerous.

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    The things that you are describing except for the cramps, are not "normal symptoms". As a matter of fact these symptoms sound as though they may be serious. Please call you Doc as soon as you're able.
    good luck,
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    I have told Dr about cramps and some of the dizziness but he attributes all my sysmtoms to medication, which of course could be. I fear at times I have had a stroke as I cannot remember things, cannot remember words, spelling, say things backwards, vision changes, and of course the dizziness. I am currently weaning off the medications tired of the money, side effects, etc. I need to know what is disease and what is side effects. I don't believe it is the drugs, but this is hard to put over to this Dr. He is good but we just moved here to Canada and had to find everything new, so he has no idea of all I have gone through. I am one of the heart sinks at Dr and double chart. Robert Bennet, in Oregon Arthritis had a great over view and I printed it out as I wanted this Dr to know what Fibro had in it, and he did not want to read though Dr Bennet said if you take a Fibro patient it will be a very confusing and hard to diagnose and fix symtoms as they are all encompassing. Add to that half a stomach, and bad back, well I cannot just go in for one thing it seems.

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    I use to get them in my legs at night Really bad...Would wake up screaming in pain...

    I truly believe I was getting them because of lack of Potassium, after taking potassium I hardely ever get them now.

    But I have never had them in my stomach as you are. I would be sure to tell your doctor about this as soon as possible. Your body could be lacking something, but I would talk with the doctor ASAP.

    I still have problems with dizziness, lightheaded etc... not sure myself what this is coming from. I need to get my eyes rechecked soon...because my vision becomes so blurry at times.

    Sorry could not be of more help...Talk to your Doctor!!

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    I get all the symptoms you are talking about, including the memory and concentration problems. The cramping comes and goes, and I make sure I eat a banana or something else high in potassium every day. My PCP put me on Klonopin, which helps the cramps tremendously. It also helps with anxiety, which I have a large portion of :). I had an MRI and MRA of my head and neck, which ruled out small strokes. I was afraid I was getting these too.

    Unfortunately, what you are experiencing are fairly common symptoms with FMS. That said, it is still worthwhile ruling out other causes for these symptoms, since treatment could be entirely different. If your doc tries to throw them in the "FMS bin" without examining other possible causes, it may be time to find a different doctor.

    Good luck to you. I hope you and your doctor are able to figure out what's going on!

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    In the last two months I have started developing charlie horses in the lower half of my body. It is in my hips, thighs, calves, feet, and toes. They come on anytime they feel like it, especially when I move or stretch. I also was reminded of the ones that I used to get in my calves when I was prego but this is just rediculous! I also get them in my back and once in a while in my stomach but not often. Mostly my lower body. If you learn anything more about the hows and whys, I would love to hear it as my own syptoms are ALWAYS attributed to this DD.
    Good Luck,
    PS. I don't think I have the potassium problem, I eat lots of bananas.[This Message was Edited on 07/31/2005]
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    I go through periods of time that when I wake up in AM my legs, feet, toes are cramped up...charlie horses, very painful. Last time one of my legs was twisting....looked freaky! Toes will curl up, and so forth.I have to get up and it is hard to do so, but I can work them out. Then afterwards I walk funny and have to be careful so I do not fall. My ankles will give out and I will fall..without previous warning.

    I recently did this for a week and now it is only an achiness and it feels as if I am going to have the spasms, but do not. Legs get weak.
    It has been like this for years, since I got this inane illness.

    Same with wrists and I drop things. My shoulders gets spasms and my hands will shake.

    My Dr. has set up an appointment for another Dr. to check my legs nerves. He is puzzled.

    I get dizzy and my balance is not so good at times.

    So we are not alone on this! Blessings.....
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    though I hate to just dump everything to Fibro, I do believe it is not justs fibro, as another post said do you ever wonder if it is something else, and worse. It doesn't get easier with age, as aging makes things hard for us anyway, then add these things.

    I just thought I would see if others have it. I think I might have calcium deficiency, as I do fruit and bananas. It seems like I drank a lot of water yesterday and then started with cramps so it was not dehydrarion, though I stay on the verge of it all the time. That is another story too long for this am. IT has been so hot here today, just saps your strenght even if you are in air conditioning. I think I will just stay down and rest tomorrow. I am feeling better though and it is harder to stay in bed, but now that I am having more pain from fibro, and after being up an hour it is like I have had no sleep. I am sure others have that also.

    thanks again and God Bless
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    Dear Hubby,

    I get charlie horse type cramps from my head to my feet, small muscles to large ones. I also get the ones you described in the rib cage area. They last from a few minutes to up to half an hour. I also have the memory loss, and other problems concentrating. I am on no meds, other than an occassional ibuprophen or tylenol pm, as I have no insurance and no dr. So meds can't be the problem.

    But, I have also been dxed with MS. An MRI showed several years ago that I have lesions in the white matter of my brain.

    I'm not sure if that is the culprit behind my cramps or not, but I believe it to be. You should talk to your Dr.

    In the mean time, know that there are others who understand what you are going through, and we're praying for you.

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    Taking a Magnesium supplement will usually help to prevent muscle cramps. A friend of mine had cramps in his legs every night and he'd have to get out of bed and walk to relieve them. When he started taking Magnesium they stopped. Might be worth a try.
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    I see several people mentioned potassium. I was going to say that too. I was starting to get cramps in my leg muscles right above my knees and took it until they got better. The doc said my potassium on my blood tests was okay and I stopped, but sometimes I get them again and will take it for awhile.

    The one I take is 99mg. When I took Lamaze classes I learned what to do for a cramp in the calf and it works every time for me. What you do is flex your foot and then point your toe, stops the cramps cold.

    I know it has to do with contracting and stretching the muscle so maybe you can figure out how to do it with others if it works on your calf.

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    I get the cramping all over. If I twist my back cramps up, even if I yawn I get a cramp under my chin, it's horrible. It hurts so much... I have been very dizzy and nauseous lately. Also after the cramp goes away I still feel the pain throughout the day. Last year I was in hospital because of a bad headache on the back right side only, it radiated down my neck the base of my spine, it was so bad it affected my right eye. The pain has never gone away and the dr does not know what it is. The pain has gotten worse and I feel like I have a stiff neck always and now I started getting these cramps. Has anyone had pain in the head likes this. Pain is so bad it also affects my ear.
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    There are many factors of having cramps.
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    In fibromyalgia muscle cramps are quite common. There are three main causes:
    vascular(blood flow) insuffuciency
    nerve compression
    mineral depletion
    All three of these can occur in FM, depending on the person (because FM is not one condition).
    The most common is vascular insuffuciency ie the muscles are not getting enough blood flow. Things you do will make them more likely. For example a lot of sitting further impedes blood flow to the legs. Cramps will then occur if you kneel down or even lie down. Also standing in one place for too long will increase their frequency and severity.
    Low back nerve compression is also associated with an increase in cramp frequency and severity in the legs and feet.

    Magnesium and potassium deficiency are associated with increased frequency and severity and magnesium supplementation has been recommended in FM but there are no studies showing its efficacy. Also the dose required to reduce cramping is quite high (1 gram daily, split into two 500mg doses) ie double the daily requirement from all sources. The chance of having hypermagnesemia from this does is low/unlikely. Also diuretics like tea and caffiene beverages can reduce magnesium levels. Many drugs can also have diuretic effects.
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    I have charley horses in my throat when I yawn, my shoulder blades when I put my hair in a pony tail....sometimes just lifting my arm I will get one from my rib cage out through my elbow. I also get them in my ribs. It used to be only on my right side but now it is starting to happen on my left side. And usually they only lasted for a minute or or. I just had one in my left thigh that lasted 10 minutes and had me paralyzed with pain .grrr. I've been complaining about this at my doctors appointments but other than putting me on lyrica (which does help)...they say it probably has to do with having 3 discs replaced in my neck. I didn't have the charley horses before the neck surgeries. Reading through this feed and think I will try adding a calcium, potassium, magnesium supplement.
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    I have also found that if my legs get cold, my muscle spasms are worse. I keep blankets nearby me at all times.