Does anyone else have high ASO Titers? (streptolysin O)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Trevor1, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Trevor1

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    Hey all,

    got some of the results of my latest bloodwork back and on my streptolysin O test. Which is a test of a past strep infection was high again. My first blood test it was high at only 331, but my latest one it was 444. They are ASO titers I guess, I sitll haven't talked to my doctor about it, my appointement isn't until tuesday, so I don't know to much about what it means yet. But I was wondering if anyone else had high ones maybe its just another sign of my CFS or its something else? Like I said I haven't talked to my doc yet and I will update this when I have. I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone can relate.

    Take care,
  2. Trevor1

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  3. Trevor1

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  4. karinaxx

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    when i got realy worse. I dont know much about it, so if you get your answer, please post it. I would like to know more about it, since i never got a complete answer to it.
    (I am diagnosed with cfs)
    Sorry could not help.
  5. Trevor1

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    Completely forgot I had this thread going. Anyway my titers are still up, my latest blood test which was about two weeks ago. My titer was 405.

    My CFS specialist believes it should be down by now, and that strep may still be somewhere.

    Sooo, I have an appointment on my birthday of all things in May. With an infectious disease specialist. Im looking forward to talking to him, explaining the cfs and so forth.

    Also looking forward to hearing what he wants to do about this high titer.

    So far I don't have to much information about them, my cfs specialist doesn't really know much about it, hence me going to the infectious disease specialist.

    Once I go in early May, I will post what he says. And try to keep this thread up until then.

    Take care,
  6. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    Mine has been high for 2 years. It isnt as high as yours but as been hovering around 250-300 for 2 years now. I saw 8 docs in 2004, including 2 infectious disease docs and no one could help me w/it or tell me why it was still high. So I gave up for awhile. Let me know what you find out, if you do..I wish you luck.

    Take care,
  7. acuario

    acuario New Member

    I always look at your posts, hoping you find out the main cause of all your symptoms and get well soon, expecially with the brain fog. that is my main problem and is affecting me every where, at work, with friends. I can't think strait, I cant concentrate, I feel dizzy and really bad short term memory.
    I have stoped talking to my family about my symptoms, they dont believe and think am exagerating even though depression runs in the family, 1 year after I gat mayor depression and all my symtoms, my older brother comitted suicide. I dont feel so depressed as before any more but I feel just the same way the brain fog, I have a new job and I will have health insurance in a month and I will try to find the cause of my symptoms. can you tell me all your symptoms please? do you feel dizzy when walking? are you sleeping ok? I dont even tell my friends anymore about my symtoms since they think they are just mentally and that I can control them if I want.
    I hope you get well very soon.
  8. Trevor1

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    Hey all,

    Glad to see some responses on this topic.

    dncnfngrs - I did have strep a bunch as a kid, if I ever stayed up late I would catch it. I never had my tonsils removed though. Im sure you can still get it if your tonsils are removed, but im not positive.

    MCD56 - Thanks for filling everyone in on ASO. Thats what ive been researching how it stays in your system for a few months after infection. The only problem with mine is, its been 400+ for around 10 months now. If it had only been high for a few months, I wouldn't be pursuing it. Even now, I don't feel to confident in it, I mean even if the titer goes down how will this effect the CFS? Probably little to none, but I suppose ill know in a few weeks.

    Suz9601 - Thanks for your post, thats intesresting yours hasn't gone down either. This makes me wonder that we have no strep, and the CFS effect on our immune system is just keeping this antibody up because its not functioning correctly. I was wondering if you could tell me what all your infectious disesase docs said? Id like to know what they thought about it before I go to see the one in May. I will definitley post what his response is here once I go to see him in early May.

    Acuario - I understand were you are coming from, you sound exactly like me. The Brain Fog is my worst symptom by far, I don't even feel "here." As someone posted on here, "your body is here, but your soul isn't." I thought that was a good way of putting it. I know how you feel with it affecting you everywhere also. Ive pretty much givin up trying to explain it to my friends, and relatives.

    Its amazing your working, the only job I could manage would be one from home, If I could find one. I can't even remember things people tell me 5 mins ago, so any people person job I wouldn't be able to handle. I pretty much focus on school, which im doing online. Had to leave the University because I couldn't keep up. The fog makes school very frustrating, and I tend to be restless a lot generally because of the CFS, but the school really breaks my patience.

    As far as symptoms go, my top ones would be:

    - The brain fog.

    - Fatigue, usually the worst in the morning and afternoon.

    - All the aspects that come with the fog, no short term memory, can't concentrate for anything, can't focus, and the "out of it" feeling. That drives me crazy each day.

    - Horrible insomnia, I take Ambien every night. It helps, however I don't sleep well.

    - My muscles get sore real easily after minimal exercise. My little brother likes bowling, so I go bowling with him maybe once a week or more, and my legs are shot the next day. Which is just ridiuclous at age 18.

    - Also my joints tend to bug me, not that much but just occasionally after some physical exertion.

    - My eyes tend to get blurry, and I feel hot most of the time. Like I have a fever but never do when I check it.

    Pretty much all of the CFS symtpoms, I was diagnosed with it almost 5 months ago, have had it for about 10 months now. And it hasn't really let up at all. As for feeling Dizzy, not that often. If I have a case of real bad fatigue I tend to feel a little dizzy or light headed. And I get dizzy after exerting energy. But im not dizzy from doing nothing.

    As for your friends, I have pretty much givin up also. They also think im just being lazy and don't want to hang out. Even though id give anything to feel normal again and hangout everyday. I usually get out once or twice a week to spend time with them. We usually party since they are all out at college were I should be. So I do what I can and pay for it the next couple of days, but it feels good to spend some time with them.

    But yeah ive given up trying to reason with em they don't understand. Its funny how some people can do drugs for so long, party everynight, and yet we come down with this. I feel depressed from time to time. Usually if ive had a bad week I can get pretty down. I'm sorry about your brother that is terrible. I know how that can hit you, my best buddy of many years committed suicide a few years ago, and its still hard to believe it.

    It is tough for your family to believe it, My mom is really the only person I have. My brothers think im full of it. And my dad thinks all I need to do is some yardwork and ill be fine. I think you need to show your family some CFS websites, like the CFIDS Association of America website, and let them read some of the facts if they haven't already. This will help them understand its real. I don't even bother trying to explain it to my dad anymore. I just put up with his crap and act as if im doing ok.

    Anyway, ive been writing a novel. Ill hop off my box. Thanks for your good words, I hope you find the reason to your problems as well, have you been diagnosed with CFS?, and how long have you had the symptoms?

    Thanks again for your support, and hope you get well soon.

    Take care,

  9. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    My ID docs didn't really help at all. The first one said that we could try a month of penicillin to see if it brought it down in case I had some strep hidden somewhere, so I got about a week and a half into it and the diarrhea was too bad so I had to stop it. I have taken amoxicillin for 10 days about 3 different times last year and doxy for a month and my ASO is still high.

    The second ID doc didn't have any idea why it was high, he asked if I had had Rheumatic Fever as a child and I told him no, so he didn't offer any ideas after that.

    The other docs I saw such as allergists, internal med, homeopathics, etc...just swabbed my throat and cultured it and of coarse nothing grew. I do have white patches on my tonsils and a bright red sore throat for 2 plus years, but I think it is either EBV or some sort of Enviromential Allergy thing going on.

    My LLMD once told me that Lyme patients and other chronically ill people can have strep hide in their jaw cavaties, so I dont know if that could be the problem or not.

    Anyway as you can see nothing go resolved, so I gave up after so many docs. Please check back in May if you find anything out from the ID doc....Good Luck

  10. acuario

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    Thank you for all your wishes. I have to work my father gets mad if I dont pay him rent he even tell me to look for other place if i dont pay him. when I was in high school he wanted me to leave school and start working to help him with the rent. my job is ok exept they make us work so many hours, 12 hrs a day 4/d a week (and sometimes 14 hrs) and that is so bad for me. but I need this job for the health insurance. today a coworked just told me she has depression and anxiety, I asked her all her symtoms, she has a very good memory, concentration. All the people with depression that I have asked they dont feel foggybrain. I was thinking about just the foggybrain feeling. In February 2006 I reached 6 years with all my symptoms. I was starting college and for better memory I was taking Ginko it was helping a lot exept it was rising my blood pressure so much my hart was beating so loud in my chest, and loud ringing in the ears, I couldn't sleep because of this, so I new I had to stop taking it. then I was so foggybrained and geting insomnia. later I gat depression. one of the reasons for foggybrain is bad oxygen intake in the brain. the brain vessels can get lose and the blood flow in the brain would be less. sometimes when you go to doctor they always say you are ok, they want to see something really bad to say something is wrong.
    I haven't been diagnosticated with CFS because I never had enough money to go to that Dr. but I do feel a lot of fatige. one of the reasons of my fatige could be for not eating well, sometines I dont eat at all. I always had that problem bad appetite and not eating.
    Thanks again,

    There is a very interesting posting that I just red from: sues1, the title of the post is: Brain fog & what causes it.

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  11. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    They say the strep virus lives somewhere in my body (spinal fluid??) and reactivates, but I do not get strep throat. Just part of the CFS phenomenom, I guess. They just say, well, you have that living in your body, and do not prescribe anything for it. I don't think there's much they can do, but I think it's part of why we feel bad.

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