Does anyone else have high blood pressure?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wle, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. wle

    wle New Member

    I am curious to know how many others suffer with high blood pressure as well as FM.
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  2. Lana56

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    I have high blood pressure.Have been on medication for a few years.When the stress is high or my pain level is up then it can put the pressure up.My doctor just tells me to watch it and if it goes way up or makes me feel horrible(I can get headaches and flushing)to call her right away.Hope yours is under control. Lana56
  3. IgotYou

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    I used to have wonderfully normal blood pressure - 110/70. Then I went through a period of severe stress at the same time as the fibro was kicking in, and my blood pressure shot way up. I tried taking medication for it, but was allergic to it and ended up with terrible itching, so I quit taking it after just a week. But after that it dropped down to a level that is tolerable. It goes up in the heat or when I'm stressed out, but I'm working on learning to be peaceful inside and it seems to be helping my blood pressure stay down naturally. Still, it isn't what it used to be! Now it's usually 135/85. Not too bad, but I do believe the FM has increased it.
  4. rfg958

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    and probably some more things, oh yeah, ibs, 64 years old, way too dependent on caffeine and I know it contributes to high bp. Rita
  5. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    My BP without medication is 140/90. My doctor has me on diuretics, this brings it down to a respectable 120/70 but I am in the bathroom constantly!

    I have no idea whether there's a correlation between the BP and the fibromyalgia. I am also obese which does not help the situation.
  6. klutzo

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    Every adult on both sides of my family has high blood pressure, but I am the only one with fibro. When I went through early menopause thanks to fibro, my cholesterol jumped 70 points, I gained 9 inches on my waist without gaining a pound, and my BP,which had been 110/70 all my life, jumped to 160/90.
    I only take one drug (Catapres) and my doc is scared for me, since she says it usually takes at least two drugs to control high BP, but I was allergic to the first ten drugs we tried, and I am allergic to sulfa, so I can't ever take a diuretic. My dosage has been doubled twice in a couple of years, and my BP is creeping up again anyway. I had a lucid dream about 3 months ago in which I died of a stroke.

    I used to run a fibro support group, and once I took a survey to see how many had high blood pressure. Since fibro patients have an overly strong sympathetic nervous system response (fight-or-flight), I figured we should all have high blood pressure.
    However, one third of the people in my group had high blood pressure, exactly the same as in the general population for that age group (there was nobody under 35 in the group).
    The surprise to me was that another 1/3 of the group members had low blood pressure, something I could not understand in light of our fight-or-flight response being turned on all the time. Much later I read about adrenal fatigue, and realized that this is just another possible stage of progression to the illness.

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  7. ozgran

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    Had it for many years and have been on a variety of meds. Am now taking Tenormin as that also controls my erratic heartbeat with the MVP. Love Ozgran
  8. Joanel

    Joanel New Member

    A year and a half ago my BP increased to what my doctor said was high. He put me on HTZ and it didn't do much. I started monitoring it after I was told my kidneys are failing, my platelets were high and was put on Agrylin. At rest, it was still high with heart rate in lower 90's. Tried several different meds. Increasing Accupril to 40mg didn't make a difference. Last night took my first capsule of Hydrea for the platelets. This morning my BP was 128/80 and pulse rate 69. I know it can't work that fast, but just being off Agrylin for a day did the trick. Stress or feeling shaky inside didn't make a difference in my BP. I think it's just a feeling FMS causes.

    I've always been so healthy. This stinks. E.
  9. jadibeler

    jadibeler New Member

    I had "on the low side" blood pressure most of my adult life but in '98, while on a trip to visit my cousin, we were sitting around taking each other's blood pressure with a friend's machine. When he did mine and everyone saw the display, silence fell. . . I was advised to see the doctor as soon as I got home.

    Since then I've been on medication. Last month I couldn't afford to get it but I wasn't worried because I was looking for OLE to start and I knew I had to stop the bp med. Unfortunately, by the I finally got it I was already having headaches and the OLE turned out to be 500 mg. capsules. So I returned it while on the way to the dr. Bp was up to 157/92. So I'm back on the med. (generic this time) but only for 3 days.

  10. Eve612

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    I have had high blood pressure since 1995, & have been on medication for it since then. Also have Hypothyroidism, which added to the CFS, makes getting through the days very difficult. I keep saying if I could get a good nights sleep & some energy, I would feel like a human being again!