Does anyone else have Iritis/Uveitis?

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    Hello, I am fairly new to these posts so I don't know if this subject has been discussed. I was dx'd with FMS about 3 years ago after Lyme disease and a history of generally not feeling well for many years. I also have chronic iritis or as it is sometimes referred to as uveitis, which is an inflammation inside the eye. Not to be confused with conjuncitivis or "pink eye" which is an infection of the membranes; this is deep within the eyeball, it can cause increased ocular pressure and glaucoma if not treated. The symptoms are intense pain in the eye and redness in the sclera (white part). I am told it is an autoimmune condition and is very often an indicator of other autoimmune processes occurring in the body, such as lupus or MS. I have not been diagnosed with any of those.

    I am fortunate to have a great opthalmologist who understands this condition. He usually prescribes predisone forte (drops) and an anti-infection agent and those two meds will simmer it down when I get flared up. So far we have not had to go to more drastic measures than that, such as injections into the eyeball (which I don't think I'd enjoy too much).

    So I am wondering if any one else with FMS has experienced this condition?

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    I have scleritis. It sounds similar to what you are experiencing. I get fierce pain in my eye and the sclear turns brught red like I have popped the blood vessels. I too take eye drops for this. It comes and goes and I have tried writing down what has happened prior to during and after the episode, but can find no pattern. It does hurt very badly though and is difficult to explain to others. Everyone thought at first it was migraines, or allergies, but then my eye was geting redder and staying that way longer so I was sent to the opthamolgist becasue my regular Dr. could see that my eye was inflamed.

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