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  1. fallingapart

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    Hello to all!
    It seems I have tried everything on the market for pain and nothing seems to want to work for me except my hydrocodone,but now even that isnt working so good anymore.I wonder if my body is just so use to it that it doesnt respond like it use to.I dont know!! Is pain getting worse? Or is pain meds not working anymore? HELP!!
    I am getting tired of this DD!!I just want to wake up one morning and be "normal" again!!

    Smile's to all, and have a good day!
  2. pamela

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    I have the same problem. I have been on Lorcet 10 for about 10 months and after the 2nd-3rd month I needed more but have stayed quiet until lately. I know that your body gets use to the codiene and tylenol so you usually need an adjustment ever so often. I am thinking of trying the patch. It's called Durgesic. I hear its continuous meds and that it works great for FMS people like us. Also it goes straight in the bloodstream and not to your liver. I got my doc. to up my dosage 1 tablet 3 months ago. So far so good. Everything else they have tried to put me on in conjunction with the Lorcet I have had major chemical reactions to. Ask your doc. what can be done. You have to communicate to get anywhere. Hope this helps. Also the Lortab 10 only has 500 mg. of tylenol in each tablet so maybe try that. Pamela
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    I can sympathize with you. Let me say that Hydrocodone was not nearly strong enough to help with the level of pain that I have to live with. I am currently taking Maxidone, which is stronger, however, I still have to take more than the dr. prescribes in order to control my pain. It seems to be a pretty good medication for pain though, if you want to ask your doctor about it.
  4. fallingapart

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    I am presently taking maxidone also, and as with you, I sometimes have to take more than prescribed. I dont like to fact that I am taking so much tylenol because I am also on lipator(sp)wich is also hard on your liver.ugggggg!!
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    that you have to hoard meds like that...I use to have to do that also before I changed docs.I have had this DD for along time now(around 10 year),and finaly was tired of old doc not helping I saw a new Doc and He immediatly had blood tests and x-rays done and found many things wrong with me including FMS. I was so mad to say they least that my old doc hadnt had a clue about any of this after me complaing for so many years about all the pain and tiredness I had.
    Maybe a new Doc is in order for you?
    Best of luck to you... :)