Does anyone else have problems with itchy feet?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ljcishoping, Aug 15, 2003.

  1. ljcishoping

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    Good morning everyone. I was wondering if anyones feet itch if they walk on grass barefooted. I have never had this problem until this summer and it is making me crazy! I love to walk in my grass barefooted, but no more! Also i was woundering if anyone else graves sweets realy bad? Thats all i want to eat! I have always liked sweets but now its alllllllllllllll i want.please help

  2. brneyedgrl

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    I have itchy feet.I'm not for sure if I have FM or CFS but I do know that I have multiple chemical sensitivities.My feet itch because of the glue in shoes.My biggest problem with shoes are nikes and sketchers.I guess it is an allergy to the glue or the rubber. Maybe you out to see an allergist to know what you need to avoid.Good luck!!!!


  3. SjVa

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    or at least I used to several years ago, when I was still wearing Nikes, just like brneyedgrl said. Do you wear Nikes or that type of shoe? I saw a dermatologist and he said there is an epidemic of people getting "contact dermatitis" from wearing Nikes especially. My feet itched only when I was barefoot, maybe the grass is just irritating them more. The doc told me to wear canvas sneakers or leather shoes, only to wear cotton socks, no blends, and never wash the socks in scented detergent or use perfumed type dryer sheets, etc., and after all that it finally quit bothering.
    I think the craving for sweets is all a part of these DD's, I see so many saying the same thing. I crave them too, but plan on trying the atkin's diet or similar to get away from the sweets and carbs.
    Good luck
    Sandy J.