Does anyone else have severe tingling all over their body?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DMBrox, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. DMBrox

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    I get weird, tingling sensations all over my body. It mostly affects my legs and arms and espcially my head. I saw a neuro who did a lot of tests (save for the MRI, cause I didn't want to get that bill) and said I'm probably ok. It feels like when you get the shivers because you're cold. Only it's very localized.
    The other weird thing is that I wake up with numb arms. I usually sleep on my side and if I sleep on my left side, my right arm goes numb from shoulder to fingertips and vice versa.
    Just wondering if anyone else has these bizarre sensations. The funny thing is... I can deal with this stuff. It's the fatique and arm pain that kill me. sigh.
    Thanks for listening.
  2. GlitterPott

    GlitterPott New Member

    Hiya, this happens to me most of the time and just took it as a symptoms of this DD. It almost feels like my skin is moving (how horrid does that sound!)

    I haven't found that anything stops it, but noticed that when I do my yoga it gets worse.

    Sorry I cant help you with this. But you arent alone!

    Love and hugs

    Shelley xxxx
  3. alonebutnotlonely

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    Hi Folks,

    It may just be a symptom of this DD but it could also be a symptom of many other things.

    It sounds like (but is not necessarily this) what I went thru when I had nerve impingement caused by herniated, buldging disks and bone spurs in my neck. Also in my legs from same thing. It was detected by MRI and myelogram(sp?) amd nerve conduction tests(ouch!)

    I also have tingling and numbness on back and top right side of my head and doctor says it is severe spasms in my shoulder and neck. Sometimes I get what I call a "mohawk headache". It comes up the back of my neck and on top of my head in a sortof mohawk pattern. This is a tension headache after a day or so of the tingling.

    I'm not saying this is what is wrong with you. Just another possibility.


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  4. bored

    bored New Member

    I get wierd sensations all over up and down my legs as well as my arms.
    Some days I get cold sensations down my arms also across and down my thighs I feel cold but to the touch my skin is warm it doesn't always last long but it really doesn't help when I need to sleep.
    I find especially at night I experience more hot and cold sensations as well as numbness and sometimes a wierd buzzing or vibrating I really haven't been able to relieve any of these symptoms I have the fibromyalgia but I also have multiple scelorsis so believe me I can sympathise with what you are feeling.
    I have had many of these sensations for years now you learn to just go with it.
    I hope you can find some relief soon don't stop trying new things.
    You really are not alone!!!!
    Best Wishes
  5. Ivey

    Ivey New Member

    I used to get those things all of the time. I guess it was just a really bad flare. I haven't had it in a long time. I know exactly what you are talking about .... right arm numb but sleeping on left side. I think it's fibro related. Hope it goes away soon. Ivey
  6. buddy1

    buddy1 New Member

    Well everyone has said it all,

    The fibro thing I can't seem to come up with
    anything else.

    I experience tingling, aching, burning, and tightness all over somedays more than others.

    My face burns and my left arm goes numb. My head feels like someone is taking a rubber band and twisting it in my hair

    I also get that mohawk feeling that was mentioned. my eyes feel the same way at times it is the oddest feeling, have had MRI of three areas in my spine to see if a pinched or herniated disc they say I am fine except for a small herniation in my lower back that wouldn't cause any of this.

    I do find that when I exercise it makes it worse but what the heck am I to do I can't sit on my butt, I would then get fat and lazy on top of the misery of thi darn DD

    It is definately not a good feeling and it drives me nuts feels like someone is dragging a feather accross my face at times as well how irritating!!

    i just have learned to live with it .
    Take care


  7. CathyAllyn

    CathyAllyn New Member

    Yes, twitching, tingling, pulating, aching, etc. I have Myalgia Paresthetica also and last night I had the sensation of a hat pin poking me in my left thigh, and it made my right sholder jump! Very weird.

    I also get the tingleing (sic) in my other body parts, but in the scalp is the weirdest.

  8. karyssa

    karyssa New Member

    Hi--Well I am glad to know I am not the only one with these weird sensations. I have had muscle twitches for 4 years now, although they are much better after my Dr. upped my Zoloft to 100 mg and also put me on Pamelor 30mg at night for sleeping.

    I agree the tingling sensation is soooooo strange. The 1st time I got this I had my husband call me Dr during the middle of the night because my head and body were tingling all over!! I was scared to death. This was while they were trying to diagnose me with the DD.

    Hang in there we are not crazy!!!!!!!!


    P.S. Does anyone else have numbness in the left leg--but when you scratch your leg it feels as though when you have novacain at the Dentist--it hurts and tingles on the inside of my body on that leg!!!
  9. neen85

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    Hi There! JUst had to comment on your name,Brox. My college roomie had the same name! It is very unusual! We had people calling us all the time....they were looking for Brachs,Brocks or something....different spelling. We are from Kansas! Daneen
  10. Wingush

    Wingush New Member

    I've read that the tingling is a fibro symptom.

    I have it all over my body, back, arms & face etc! It gets worse when I get very fatigued.

    I also have the jumping nerve that the others are talking about too.

    And the other thing that bothers me when I feel really really rotten with the fibro flares is when it feels like some little elf is poking me in the ends of my fingers and toes with a needle! I hate it when that happens!

  11. Lumare41

    Lumare41 New Member

    I have the same thing .I was diagnosed by an mri with degenerative disc disease which i am having surgery for but it is also a sympton of fms. it is like when your feet and hands fall asleep and you have pins and needles.drives me crazy and comes on all of a sudden without a warning.
    Take care.