Does anyone else have spasming curling toes?

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  1. Misdiagnosed

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    Have been having lots of trouble with my right leg tightening - thigh muscles full of lumps, fascia all thick and tight - calf muscle feels like rock. Tendons in foot sore and tight and now affecting toes. Feels like lumps around the toes joints.

    Has anyone got any suggestions to help ease the discomfort? I've been trying manual massage which hurts a lot and heat, but the pulling feeling doesn't go.

    Happens in my hands too; particularly in the mornings - almost can't bend my middle finger sometimes. Takes about half an hour to come right.


  2. Mikie

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    Before I started taking Klonopin, which is an anti-spasmodic drug, I used to have this. It is very painful and difficult to get rid of once the cramping begins.

    Love, Mikie
  3. Sonnet

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    Hi Gill,

    I had this on one my of my ring fingers which was a huge lump of calcified bone (I think that is what my GP said), and it would actually send aches up the finger and cause it to curl. And as usual, my doc was right and said not to worry about it as one day when I hit my hand on something hard, it will disperse and go away - and now I have just felt for it and it has gone! I was worried it had some relation to lupus but I have passed this phase of self diagnosing unexisting ailments. I also have had muscle twitching in my feet the whole time since being Rx, mainly when I put them up - but no pain so that's Ok!

    Look after yourself!

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    I walk through ant store when I get back to my truck as soon as I sit down the muscles in my legs and feet spasm horribly. My toes become so rigid fron spasm they feel like stones.
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    I get this a lot, very, very, painful. First time it happen, I thought I was going CRAZY!! My toe bent upwards, and I didnt know what was happening.....It lasted for about 2 mins. and I was terrified :( My doc say's it's 'just spasms', in any case, I don't have any good docs on my side and am not on any pain meds , just zoloft and ativan, but that doesnt help me much. Happens to me a lot in my sleep to, espicially charlie horses, all I can do is bare with it and ride it out :( Hope you find releif soon.

  6. Mikie

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    Dr. Cheney recommends 1 mg. of Klonopin (two tablets) at bedtime and another .5 mg. during the daytime (a tablet cut in half taken twice during the day).

    I suggest that everyone starting this medication start out with only .5 mg. (one tablet) at bedtime and work up. I found that .75 mg. is the perfect dose for me. It allows me to get good sleep but not feel groggy in the morning. I do not find any residue of its affects when I wake up. I usually only take it during the daytime if I need it and even then, I just slip 1/4 of a tablet under my tongue and I get relief very quickly.

    I use it during the day if I feel anxious, edgy, or if I suffer sensory overload. If I know I will be facing something stressful or going someplace noisy, I do this ahead of time.

    With the Klonopin, you can take charge of your own dosing and customize it to your needs. Many of us do not build a tolerance to this med and stay on the same dose over the long haul.

    Love, Mikie
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    I have had this symstom with restless leg since I was a kid. I noticed when I would walk around the supermarkets way back when, and I would have only rubber thongs on. my toes would curl up and hurt so bad so I figured it was the cold cement floors causing the pain. I still get it but not as bad I always was heavy socks and shoes I still have a lump that swells up at the base of my feet right below the toes which is very painfull for years people would tell me it was a form of gout. Well now after so many years in 1999 I was dx with fibromyalgia. and since jan 2003 dx with lyme arthritis. been on abx since than and of course no change yet. Elisa text is useless does show nothing if you have had any antibiotic therpy like I had for h-plorie bactria in 1993. thought I would mentioned some of this and see if any bells go off....... Dee of Pa P.s also on kolompin helps with sleeping and restless leg

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