does anyone else have these painful clicks?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shelbyeatenton, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. Shelbyeatenton

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    I have FM, and feel like i've been flaring for the last 4 or 5 months constantly. Is that possible? I have been in a wheelchair for about 3 months of that. I have real trouble with prolonged pain after my joints 'click'. I used to be on a dance course and also a gymnast and so have always had 'clicky' joints, but its only since the FM became really bad that the clicks became really painful.
    My wrists, shoulders, hips and knees are the worst culprits. The acute pain afterwards is severe and then whichever joint aches for the rest of the day. I've learnt to cope with it, to a point, but its stepped up another level and my jaw now 'clicks' too, it feels like its dislocating. Complete agony.:-(

    Does ANYONE ELSE have this problem? or anything like it? anyone offer me any thoughts on how i can help it? or what i can do to stop it? or what caused it? (i think i may have caused damage to my joints in my gymnastics and ballet training. I didnt think about that at the time, i was too busy working!:-( its hard not to regret it now when i sit here and am unable to walk and add to my pain with the damamge it caused)

    sorry i shouldn't feel sorry for myself so openly! Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

    Best wishes,
  2. Dee911

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    I used to be extremly busy, never sat still and i too have very painful clicky joints people think i'm making a fuss because it doesn't hurt when it happens to them. My dentist has been brill he made me a gum sheild to wear at night now I can clean my teeth when i get up instead of having to wait an hour to open my mouth because my jaws set solid over night, this is connected with the clicky jaw acording to him, other than that I have found nothing that helps any other joints, just suffer lol!
    hope you can find something to help, if you do pass it on please!
  3. betsboop

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    i had trouble with the clicking then it got to the point where i could not even open my mouth wide enough to eat an apple one dr suggest i make an appt with the dentist....the dentist confirmed that it was indeed tmj put me on tegretol for a short while...then made a mouth guard to put in my mouth at night so i would stop grinding my teeth at night which seemed to be the source of the problem....if i go too long without using the mouthguard the problem comes back...grinding i guess, is a natural response to the pain...???? certainly hope this helps you...and get better..sounds like you were an extremely active person at one time....look up tmj on the web..then visit your md...lavendar53
  4. Shelbyeatenton

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    lavender53 - ive been looking a little at tmj, my jaw isnt painful all the time, only when it clicks? and i was just wondering if that still fits or not? I was very active yes, and had many dreams, i sometimes get a bit scared to dream now.

    I will definitely think about ultrasound also, when i start at the pain clinic, i would imagine that acupuncture and hydrotherapy may help too? i'm just not sure?

    Please keep sharing stories and tips with me, its really helping me to know its not just me! ( it also annoys me when people say 'whats wrong with you? it doesn't hurt me when i click!')

  5. NyroFan

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    I have month long flares. And my whole body clicks and clacks and then I have more pain. No, you aren't the only one. I am also going through a flare right now. It is nice we can support each other.