Does anyone else have this Mental Defect?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by elliespad, Jan 13, 2007.

  1. elliespad

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    If someone get hurt, like fall down the stairs, or stub their toe, do you laugh inappropriately? I have done this forever, even when my poor kids would get hurt. I just smacked my finger and about died, and my son started laughing and I did too, and we agreed, we are SICK ! Anyone else?
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  2. Hawkeye

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    Oh I know I do, my friend Andre fell on his *$! at work Friday, he went to sit down and totally missed the chair and I laughed so hard I thought I was going to have heart failure and this is a guy with back problems. Of course thankfully he thought it was funny too but not everyone things it is funny when we laugh at them.

    I basicly laugh as much as possible though and many times it is not appropriate....
  3. Lynna62

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    I am proud to say that my entire family (the ones that live in my house anyway) and I are entirely "sick and twisted", laughing inappropriately is the least of our worries =)
  4. joyfully

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    OMG! I would laugh at the most inappropriate times. I think it is just nerves.

    When I get stressed, I laugh. The more stressed that I get in a situation, the harder I laugh.

    My son broke his collar bone about 25 years ago. It was our 3rd trip into the ER in about 3 weeks. They called the police to question me.

    My son was going through a phase of jumping off of furniture. He pulled out each drawer on a tall chest of drawers to form a flight of stairs. He climbed up the drawers and jumped into the air (hoping to land on the bed). he didn't make it to the bed, but he did manage to land ontop of a suitcase that my hubby had just sat there. My hubby had just returned from a business trip.

    I tried to explain this to the cop. I could see the look of skepticism in his eyes. The more skeptical the cop got, the harder I laughed. The harder I would try to stop laughing, the harder I would laugh.
  5. happycanuk

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    I fell down last November. In my minds eye, I could see how stupid I must have looked. After I picked myself up off the ground, I started to laugh. My knee had swollen up and was really scraped and it hurt like heck. I have always done that, laughed at myself as well as others.
  6. xchocoholic

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    Me too.

    My daughter had to go to the orthopedic doc when she was younger because her knees were hurting her.

    By the time we walked out of there, she had a wrist splint, full body knee splint and an ankle wrap.

    I couldn't stop laughing. The doctor must have thought I was crazy ... Actually, he was crazy to think a 10 year kid was going to keep all that on ...

  7. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    It can be so misunderstood...

    You aren't's a way of releasing emotion. It may seem inappropriate but that's just you.

    So, no mental defect...just normal.

  8. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    As long as no one gets seriously hurt, i think it's hilarious!!

    I can't help it, and i usaully laugh just as hard at myself!!

    Just about a month ago my hubby fell down the steps with a plate of food and a glass of milk. Every thing went fly and when the dust cleared, there he lay with his glass of milk, up right and not a drop spilled!! LOL

    Last time i was pregnant, i was still feeling good enough to go out and feed my horses hay. There i was in the middle of the winter 8 months pregnant, and wrestling with a bale of hay. My boots were really slippery, the next thing i know i'm flipping over the bale, and land face first in the snow!! I just laid there and laughed, the mental picture of the prego lady flopping around with a hay bale, was just too funny.

    Needles to say the next appointment i go to, i find out i'm suppose to be on complete bed rest, because my placenta was attached to low, and any "fall" could cause hemoraging!! Guess the Good Lord was watching over me and the baby that day!!

    Last of all, one of my most awkward and hilarous moment in my life, just don't tell my hubby.
    When i was in college i met this gorgeous foot ball player at a party. It was like my very own romantic comedy!

    I walk into this party, and are eye instantly meet, and, my what lovely brown eye's he had. We gravated to each other thru the crowd, and hung out the rest of the evening together.

    The next day, i went up to his dorm room, and we hung out some more. Normally, pretty boy jocks, are not my type. I think it was those eyes, that brown curly hair, and how he didn't even try to hide the fact he liked me.

    I was captivated, usally i'm pretty sceptical, we were both sitting on these chairs with wheels. Facing each other and into talking, getting to know each other. Leaning in closer and closer, waiting for that first kiss, you know is coming.

    His brown eyes like magnets, and just at that right moment i close my eyes, annnnnnnd, instead of a nice warm kiss, whooosh!! my chair goes scooting out from behind me, and thud on the floor!!! My eyes fly open, and the first thing i see is his shocked expression!!

    Needless to say i lost it bad, roll on the floor howling with laughter. I think he thought i was completely nutz!!!!
    It was just too perfect for the moment, i still chuckle when i think of his expression.

    Okay, enough out of me!! Have to keep a few secrets!!


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  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Want to hear others, goofy incidents!
  10. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Read everybodys' story, and I get to morningsonshines' husband falling down the stairs, and I'm sitting picturing it all, and laughing my a** off. Yup I'm sick