Does anyone else have this problem?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brensjoy, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. brensjoy

    brensjoy New Member

    I have had fibro for 7 years and every month its something different. For the last 6 months i have been treated for bladder problems but the doctors cant seem to cure it. I have been treated with heprin and steriods, but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have this problem or some advice? Thanks
  2. loto

    loto Member

    Hi brensjoy.
    I've only been diagnosed with FM for a year and a half now, and this past November I started getting a sharp pain during urination. So, I was treated for a uti infection, that didn't help.
    Then I went to my gyno and discovered I had a large ovarian cyst, and he seemed to think my pain was from the cyst overcrowding everything. And, after other tests, come to find out i didn't/don't have a uti infection.
    So, I had another ultrasound for the cyst and discovered it is now gone, but I'm still having this weird/strange pain!
    So, I got a referral to see a urologist on the 2nd of February.
    I hope and pray that doctor will find the cause of this sharp, shooting pain!!!
    Has your doctor ever said what exactly the problem is????

  3. brensjoy

    brensjoy New Member

    Thanks loto for your feedback. I was diagnoised with "interstitial cystitis. I have read up on it but its very complicated. My concern is that its going to develop into something more serious. This has been going on for so long. I was going in once a week for treatments but i stopped going because the treatments werent helping
  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    Have you had a bladder dialation done? If not, I would recommend it. For me it was an instant cure after suffering for almost a year. It is done on an out-patient basis. You are put under with sedation and pain meds; the procedure takes about 20 minutes. Well worth it :)
  5. loto

    loto Member

    What is the procedure like? The bladder dialation????
    Did you have sharp pains, and dull mentrual like cramps???
  6. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    One of my first problems with fibro back in the 80's was what seemed to be a bladder thing. That feeling of zero relief when you went. I suffered with that for months, went to ob/gyns, a urologist who said it was probably gyn. I ended up having exploratory surgery to find out what was going on. They found that I had actually had internal bleeding from the infectious thing that caused my fibro and the bleeding caused adhesions that had attached to my bladder and were pulling on it. They also found a cyst. So they cut the adhesions and drained the cyst and I never got that same problem again.

    I have had irritated bladder over the years and I can tell you that aspartame will do it every time and yogurt. I don't seem to really get it from natural yogurt like sunnyfield farms, but all the other yogurts, probably because they have aspartame, they do it to me. Once I cut the aspartame and the yogurt out of my diet, my bladder didn't bug me anymore. Decaf coffee, teas and some sodas can also cause it and regular caffeinated drinks will cause it.
  7. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I can tell sugar can make mine worse. Or just a really bad day and I will have it.
    It is horrible

    I had the bladder thing in surgery or out patient nothing wrong. Same old thing fibro.

    I will say this I was around 41 then and going throughearyl menopause. After I had a hysterectomy I got a lot better.

    Never had it as often again.
  8. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    I had the urethral dilation but no sedative. Is this the procedure where they put in ring dialaters that gradually get bigger? I had scar tissue from childbirth which was also removed and the cystoscopy. I don't remember getting anything for the pain but most likely had a local This was a long time ago.

    I also had my bladder stretched. This procedure, fills the bladder to capacity with water. I believe this was done several times? They also "bathed the bladder with a solution to decrease any inflammation.

    Both of these things really really helped. Sometimes I think I have a bladder the size of a gnats.

    Peridinium(SP?) also helped and you can now get it OTC as AZO. There are other brands but I can't recall the names.

    Boy, I guess I did have a higher pain threshold before this DD, LOL!!

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  9. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I think we must all have bladder problems. I never empty my bladder and have to push it out.
    Gross huh! then I hear people in other stalls going like a goat. Steady stream I have never been able to do that.

    Ga I had the same dilation. Then the bladder stretched.

    At the time though my uterus was huge. Did not know that and I was spotting. It was internal, endometriosis. In the uterus it started with an A.

    I felt like a different person after the weight was taken off my bladder.
  10. healingnaturally

    healingnaturally New Member

    If it may be more related to Candida......are you helping yourself with a low sugar/carb diet? If it were candida, certainly treating with antibiotics or steroids may worsen it.
    GB, Joe
  11. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I didn't have sharp pains, however, I had to pee constantly, 24 hours a day. Even the tiniest amount of urine in my bladder caused a burning pain.

    The bladder dialation is done under sedation and pain meds. The urologist fills your bladder with a liquid, leaves it for so long, empties the bladder and does the procedure over again. What happens is the bladder gets stretched causing it to bleed. The resulting scar tissue acts as a barrier between your bladder wall and urine, thereby stopping the burning pain. I still have to be careful not to eat too much spicy or acidic food otherwise I get slight burning for a day or two until the inflamation goes away.

    For you ladies out there that don't know this, never use bubble baths or bath salts when you have a bath. It was bath salts that damaged my bladder wall and caused my IC.
  12. pirtpain

    pirtpain New Member

    YES..YES..YES I have constant bladder isssues and I am so tired of running to the bathroom all the time. Someone mentioned cysitis of some sort. I read up on it and it sounded like me. I take Toviaz and started taking d-mannose. The Toviaz has helped and the other may take time. I am starting to believe that it is the nerve endings once again.

  13. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Gapsych,

    I also had the urethral dilation. I was getting bladder infections, uti and kidney infections at least 10 times a year. I finally begged for something more than antibiotics and when they did the uretral dialation the infections stopped.

    It's amazing how much we all have in common.

  14. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Hensue,

    Did you have Adenamyosis? (Not too sure of the spelling.) That is the sister disease to Endo. Adenamyosis is inside the uturus and Endo is outside. I had both severely. Once my hysterectomy and dual oopherectomy, my pelvic region felt WAY better.

  15. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I bet you did feel better after all that. They never knew why I had such bad problems carrying my children. I am 5ft 8 inches had 3 children first one 3 weeks early he did not make it after a couple of days. Come to find out after all those years, she can have the baby had one Butt first, my doc says she is big as a Mac truck. He was always joking.. Come to find out after all those years my pelvic area was extremely small and my uterus was so thick it was unbelievable. He apologizes to this day about it.

    They had kept telling me for 10 years I needed a hysterectomy. Of couse would not do it until he says you have no choice.

    My God why did I wait so long. All those hormones the doc said was not helping my fibromyalgia. Probably one of the reasons helped kick it into gear.
    I also lost 10 pounds.
    I guess you do feel a lot better if you had both. I could not even imagine......
  16. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    Hi Hensue,

    I'm so sorry you had such a hard time for so long. Your doctor probably wanted to help you so much... I like doctors that joke with me.

    I'm a little different from most women... I've never wanted children even since I was very young. As soon as they told me the 6th laproscopic surgery to zap the Endo wouldn't be the last, I told them to take my uturus instead. I was over having surgery every year. Plus, I was dealing with way more than pelvic pain.

    I went back 6 months later to have my ovaries removed. I didn't get relief from the hysterectomy. The doctor said about 15% of women have to have their ovaries removed to get satisfactory relief. After that, my pelvic region was better than ever.

    best regards,

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