Does anyone else have this symptom

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Feb 7, 2003.

  1. kellbear

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    I have read where lymph node swelling is common with CFS but what about General throat swelling and pain. It's not like I have a sore scratchy throat but it almost seems full and it hurts around my larynix and collor bone when I move around. I have had a Cat Scan and it shows nothing, although the ENT says that I do have throat fullness. I also get this pins and needles tingling along my neck and coller bone and it extends onto my face and feels hot sometimes. Very strange. I thought for sure they would find something with a Cat Scan because it really feels like something is in there but besides the swollen nodes under my chin, there is nothing.

    Thanks for the help
  2. bluebirder

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    I get swollen lymph nodes like that alot. Not sure what causes it. Sometimes it persists and sometimes for only a day or two. I alwasy assumned it was my allergies. May just be the body taking whatever and trying to collect it. Used to get tonsilitis a lot too.

    If you find out let us know.
  3. Combatmedic

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    sometimes I'm afraid (in the beginning of it I was, anyways) that it might be an allergic reaction, and that I was swelling up. Now I know it's not, but it's not much comfort. The nodes can actually give me a muscle spasm all over my neck (front, side, etc,) and make my tongue cramp so hard, all I can do is cry until it passes. Now the lymph nodes toward the side/back of my neck are always swollen (have been since mid NOVEMBER!)and they will give me a HORRIBLE ear ache. These DD's SUCK!
    It's like they cant leave one single body part/organ/limb alone!

    Hang in there. Sorry to hear you suffer this crap too.

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  5. Karrot

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    Though not dramatically. I hear this is a common symptom for FMS (not sure if it is in CFS or not). I don't have it as bad as combatmedic does. But it does come and go and seemingly without cause. I also got tonsilitis very frequently growing up - that is, until I got my tonsils removed :)

  6. Lendi

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    Acutally, that was one of my first symptoms. My neck just hurt and ached and the Dr. would say there's nothing there. So I said well that nothing hurts a lot. Now I know what it is, but it sure was scarey at first.
  7. kellbear

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    I know what you mean. My doc said it was nothing too, but nothing wouldnt hurt right. Thanks
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    At one time I had lumph nodes removed from under my arm.I don`t know if that could have been a precurser of this disease or not. Now I am having problems swallowing. Had a barium swallow dne and I have places in my throat that are smaller than the rest. Again I don`t know if this is part of the disease or not.So many things show up and it is hard to decide whether to see the doctor or assume it`s part of the disease. Right now I have a time with swollen ankles ( one very swollen ) and have decided this is a doctor trip.This is an ever changing disease and this site is very helpful for that reason especially. I hope you find out about your lymph nodes as they show us whether we have an infection or something else going on in our body. Good luck to you!!
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    I forgot to add that they also found one lymph node under my arm that is swollen too. In fact, I got a call from my PCP today because I have a sinus infection that I cannot get rid of. She said that it is just aa virus and it will go away. I have had a "virus" for 8 months now and it has not gone away.
  10. MMB

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    I have gone to the doctor many times , thinking I , too had an infection.The swelling of the neck nodes comes and goes. I also experience the neck and shoulder pain ,daily. I have never broken my collar bone , but I think the pain I have , must be something like it. I have been trying to stretch my neck muscles to ward of further loss of movement. I have great pain when I try turning my head when backing my car out of a parking place. I now have to park where I can pull through.

    Hang in there!
  11. Reg1

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    Yes, I had it so bad my whole neck looked like someone had dropped tennis balls down there. My ENT was amazed, very great dr. he said he really could not explain it, except at the time, i had a sinuse infection. He rx'd prednisone, some other kinda liquid, can't think of the name, and plenty of water. After about 3 days the swelling went down, but the infection took much longer to go away. Wow the stuff we go thru HUH!!!!!!! Reg
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  12. TerriM

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    I get this type of swelling also. I actually have "attacks" after I eat and I can't lay down for hours because it cuts off my breathing. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction closing up my airway . . . a couple of times it has gotten worse and kind of tightened down in my chest. I, too, get swollen lymph nodes all over my body (and sore, too) a lot . . . especially if I am getting an opportunistic infection of some kind. When this first started I was really afraid because I never had any allergies or asthma . . . no breathing problems before . . . now I get the throat swelling and sometimes short of breath. Take care, Terri
  13. teach6

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    When I was first dx'd a little over a year ago I had the problem in my throat. Now that some of my symptoms have eased a bit I don't have that particular problem any more.

    I used to get sinus infections that commonly lasted a minimum of six weeks, sometimes longer. My doc couldn't believe it, but they were there. Then there was the month long bout with pneumonia. He finally sent me for a chest x-ray. He could hear it, but just couldn't believe that it could last that long when I was on antibiotcs.

    Welcome to the world of weird symtpoms!

  14. morgana

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    yes i get this full feeling in my throat and alot of the timeit is tender to the touch and hurts on the outside.I also have pain when i lean over towards my collar bone .I also have pins and needles that goup the side of my neck and into my face and it feels hot and also numb somtimes.I dont know if this is just another fibro symptom or its due to me breaking my neck in 85.Take care Morgana