Does anyone else have this symptom???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susabar, Feb 15, 2003.

  1. susabar

    susabar New Member

    I have not exactly a twitch, but a spasm in my left eye... it is more on the lower lid rather than the upper. It's really driving me nuts... and it's been going on now for the last couple of weeks. It happens about 10 times an hour or so... I went to the eye doctor for a routine exam the other day, she said it was the fibromyalgia.
    Thanks Sue
  2. kgg

    kgg New Member

    I had forgotten til I read your question, that I used to get the same thing in the same I. It comes and goes. Never did find out what causes it.
  3. Dara

    Dara New Member

    also, but I never knew it was from the FMS - interesting...

  4. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    I haven't had this for a little while, but I used to get a twitch in my bottom lid that would drive me insane!
    It would be worse when the paresthesia's (twitches, crawling, prickling, stabbing sensations) were playing up.
    I've had the sensation of something crawling up the back of my calf on my left leg for a couple of days now & it feels horrid.
    I keep swiping at it thinking that theres something there.

  5. phenom

    phenom New Member


    i get the twitching of the lower eyelid when i'm stressed out, i have a friend who doesn't have fm, but gets stress twitches in her eye too, same place. is there anything going on that might be causing anxiety? might be the cause? might just be this wacky disorder tho!?!

  6. Dara

    Dara New Member

    what you described regarding the sensations on your legs, I think that is one of the descriptions they use to describe Restless Leg Syndrome. Do you know if you have it? The doctor has prescribed Sinemet for me for RLS.

  7. bluebirder

    bluebirder New Member

    But the worst of my chronic twitching went down after I got new reading glasses! Still though I notice a blurring of vision and slight twitching sometimes during periods of exhaustion.

    Stress may have something to do with it too. Got to get up and move for a while.
  8. pamela

    pamela New Member

    When this happened it was when I was in major FMS flares and stress. Lovely fun....Pamela
  9. dlizard

    dlizard New Member

    I get it intermittantly..... its like yours very very frequent when it happens... then poof! its gone for a while.... Good luck!
  10. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    Always my left eye, bottom lid. When it starts I have it for 2-3 days and then it's gone for months. I never really associated it with the FM until you posted and I see that it's pretty common with FM. Interesting.

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  11. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    does that a lot. It will do it for about 1/2 an hour then stop. It will do it all day long like that for a day then it's gone.
    Isn't it remarkable Sue that the doc's don't believe in FM but they will give you the song and dance that every symptom you have is from the FM? I think that's called passing the buck, and not wanting to try to figure out if it' from something else.
    My eye doctor always tells me that my flare ups of iritis is from my flares of FM. How convienient for them, huh?
  12. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I never realized how many other people had this until now. I've had it off and on for years-it doesn't last long, but it is annoying. Almost always my left eye, but for me it's my upper lid.

  13. aprilhuque

    aprilhuque New Member

    when under large amounts of stress. I looked it up on the internet, especially under migraine headache sites because I also suffer from these--I know a lot of us do--and I found that mine was called "the occipital twitch." It has to do with the occipital nerve, possibly being overstimulated . . .

    I told every doctor that I saw for the next four years that I had the occipital twitch and headaches and neck pain, and was FINALLY diagnosed this past year with occipital neuralgia, which basically means that my occipital nerve is pinched!!! YIKES! I had a lot of pain at the base of my head and my neck, and no one ever touched or even looked at my neck.

    I am sure that this does not mean that everyone has this same problem, but just sharing my symptoms.

  14. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Left eye, top lid. It comes and goes and is at its worst when I am really stressed. I never realized it might be FM-related.