Does anyone else have to sleep like this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ldoty, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. ldoty

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    I have to sleep almost sitting up straight. If I don't, the pain in my upper back in the morning is unbearable and I can hardly get out of bed. I have tried different beds, no luck. I sleep in my recliner and have been for about 7 months. My doctor (primary care) and pain management doctor tell me it is just part of fibro. I also seem to have been coughing up a lot of mucus. I don't know if this is part of fibro or caused by some medication I take.
    Does anyone else have to sleep like this?
  2. lois1023

    lois1023 New Member

    I have been sleeping in my recliner for 3 and 1/2 years. The pain is unbearable if I lie down. I only lie down for medical exams or procedures. I have also noticed that since I stopped sleeping in a bed I am not quite as sore in the morning. Also I have a lot less pain in my hips.

  3. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I also have sever upper back pain from sleeping in my bed most nights.. at least a few nights a week ., I end up down stars on the couch sleeping propped up pretty much siting up to sleep, because of the back pain.. Between my sholders hurts the worst, burns , streches are server pain and burnning , but I still try to do them , other wise I end up curling up into a ball of pain , not good.. I also caugh a lot but always have,

    Fibro has so much , I am still learning , I do have to put my legs up to ease some pain , even my feet hurt so bad I can hardly walk in the morning, when I first wake , there are days I sit at the side of my bed and cry, trying to convice myself it will be ok in a little while... the first thing I do is take a Perc , pain med and wait for it to start working so I can get ready for work... I work from home thank God ...

    yes you are not alone in this.. .. keep moving ..

    Hope today is one of your good days..

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