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    I have both ra and fm. This week I was at the rheumatologist at picked up a newsletter put out by some consumer arthritis group. Long story short one of the articles listed 30 of 100 arthritis. On the list was fm.,bursitis, tendonitis and raynauds. I was shocked. Does anybody else know this or what do you think? I have a friend who's doc still thinks fm is a fancy word for chronic pain so it gave her a bit of hope to hear that. Any body have any thoughts on this? Thanks
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    What a coincidence... I was studying just the other day and googled up an article from the Arthritis Practitioners website and the article that I read seemed to categorize FM as a rheumatoid condition.

    I marked it as a favorite place the other day. When I read your post, I went back and done some more reading and found where rheumatologist want to call FM a disease instead of a syndrome. It gave the reasoning behind it.

    The link below does not discuss this, but if you go back to the home page you can find the article. The link below is about sleeping disorders and there effect on RA and "RA conditions" like FM.

    Personally I think it has too many neurophysiological malfunctions involved to be totally classified as a type of arthritis.

    I agree with Pricles that rheumatologist seem to have the most knowledge about, or of FM. I think they also have adopted it, lol.

    Have you read any of Mark London's thoughts on the origin and meaning of FM? I stumbled upon his writings yesterday and was really impressed. He has FM also. Just google his name if you are curious.


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    The rheumy I went to wouldn't treat me because he said he deals with arthritis, and my tests showed I have FM, not arthritis. He told me to go back to my neurologist, because FM was not his speciality.

    The strange thing is, he knew more about it than the neurologist did!! Wish I could have kept going to him. He was also much more sympathetic, and said neither is any fun to have.....