Does anyone else love their doctor?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LauraLea, Dec 12, 2002.

  1. LauraLea

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    I was DX'd about 3-yrs ago by a Rhemy (hated him he was an xxxxxxx axx) sorry about the bad lanuage, but my primary doctor is the best. She is wonderful and very understanding.

    She has never questioned if I need pain pills and has my great suggestions for me to try.

    I know we hear a lot about bad doctors, so I was just wondering if there are good stories too.
  2. LauraLea

    LauraLea New Member

    I was DX'd about 3-yrs ago by a Rhemy (hated him he was an xxxxxxx axx) sorry about the bad lanuage, but my primary doctor is the best. She is wonderful and very understanding.

    She has never questioned if I need pain pills and has my great suggestions for me to try.

    I know we hear a lot about bad doctors, so I was just wondering if there are good stories too.
  3. lucky

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    that I have a family doctor who really was interested to help me from the beginning when I fell ill more than 15 yrs. ago - and he certainly does up to today - and I really like him and respect him because of all the things he has done for me. The difference to see a doctor you know you can trust and who also is trying to be up-to-date with research, etc. about these new illnesses - has such a positive effect which is so important.
    Yes, I do love my little Chinese doctor, not only that, but he is smart, witty, and a communicator as well. I know him for 16 years and I feel that he has become my friend.
    Hope a lot of you have the same experiences, so that it is easier to manage the many challenges of these dd's.
    All my best, Lucky
  4. Stormy214

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    except my primary doc thinks it's all "depression" and after her unsuccessful treatment, she referred me to a rheumy saying there was nothing else she could do for me. Fortunately, the rheumy is a love! And that's exactly what she said: "First things first. Let's get this pain under control..." and I fell in love! My husband is jealous of course, but oh well!
    Peace and Love,
  5. opala

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    no no no no no no no.....

    I can't seem to find a doc (a pcp anyway) who has any IDEA what Fibromyalia is....who doesn't say "it's just stress" "it will go away" "why do you need painkillers?" "There's nothing wrong with you, all of your tests are normal..." "why can't you work?" "well, why do you need a wheelchair?" "I just can't figure this one out" (yes a doc actually said that....the same doc that said "i'm baffled. I don't know WHAT'S wrong with you.")

    AAACK!!! My rheumy is the first one who finally said "hey you say you hurt all the time? Your muscles are always sore? You can't think straight lately? Hmmmm, does it hurt when I poke you?" Well, yes, actually it does, and I've been poked more than I can handle already so STOP IT "Oh, gee, looks like you have fibromyalgia." Fibro-what? "That's right. Don't worry. No big deal. Won't kill ya. You're just like an old car. You may not ever run really well, but, by gosh, you will run".


    Sorry. I just had to vent. I have had a case of bad-doctor-itis for the past few years....

    If I couldn't laugh about it, I'd be crying.
  6. teach6

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    My CFS/FM doc is absolutely wonderful. He is an internist and if he were in any of the school system's health networks he would be my PCP. He's not, but I'm switching anyway.

    I think I've found a good one. I just can't stand to keep going back to the practice that always told me it was all in my head, there's nothing wrong, etc.

  7. Jewelz

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    Well to first start this out =).. I started going to my reg. medical doctor for the past year and half. He's been so precious and so caring to me. He referred me (when he thought I had fibro about a year ago) to his teacher from college. She was outstanding and still is. She is very considerate and very down to earth. She's not the typical money person if that makes since. Like: Only worries about money and not caring about the patient. I have been very fortunate.. My chroprator is another one I use for fibro therapy. Hes is right up there with my other doctors. Trust me its took a LONG time to find these doctors!! I had friends that kept me going saying "keep looking" if you dont like him/her go to another one. I did that.. So what I went to probably 50 doctors!! I finally feel comfortable and secure with my doctors.


  8. joannie1

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    I have the very best of the best I think when it comes to our family Doctor. We have seen her for years. Took the children from our pediatritions office where there were many when my favorite moved and been with our Doctor every since. I call her my Doctor with wings because she is an Angel i swear. It does not matter what the situation is she always says okay Joan, now lets start from the beginning and work through this whole thing. If shee sees i have seen another Doctor in the office she or her nurse will actually call a day or so later to see how I am feeling or what was going on. She says well, i seen your chart out and was just checking in. When I came down with all this I was a terrible mess. She said it appears that some do not believe you BUT I do. You have been my patient for many years and you were never sick before. I will be by your side for as long as it takes. She has always kept her promise and is always there for me. If I just call or go in she is there for me.
    I also have a Chiropractor who is the same way. He is a great guy and he is so interested in the symptoms and the problems I face. I don't know what he is up to these days but i will find out today. He is always trying to bring in the new and improved treatments for back and muscle pain. i think with all of his research in things he could actually write a book. It is kind of neat. He is on the board for the american back association and told me right now they are trying to get the word chronic back pain deleted period. He said something goes wrong and if they can't find it they place chronic pain on it. He said this is not so and people need to realize they do not have to live with it. They need to research and find the problem.
    I am from Iowa and I am telling you in our area these Doctors are not up to date as they should be about alot of diseases and such. If one says chronic pain they want to read the dictations and they agree period. You need not even go through an exam it seems.
    But I am really lucky to have a very caring and supportive family Doctor.
  9. ShelleBelle

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    Her name is Dr Stacey Potts and she practices Family Medicine at the health center in my town...about 25mi outside worcester mass.
    She was awarded a teaching honor at her last convention in San Diego.
    She treats the whole family and is just the best Doc I have ever had.
    I fully participate in my tx, she never treats me like Im a dummy, goes above and beyond the call of duty, understands my pain and especially the anxiety that goes with it.
    She isnt accepting any other patients right now, but made room for my mom and sister who are moving out here in a couple months.
    I cant say enough about her...just love her to pieces :)

  10. karen2002

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    I was fortunate to find my good doc so quickly. I know there are many here who after years, are still struggling.
    Finding an advocate---lifts so much of the burden off our shoulders, that we have single-handedly been carrying.

    First and foremost, having a medical professional acknowledge these disorders is wonderful. Then to find someone willing to listen, and address each symptom, and actually offer beneficial treatment is awesome. I do appreciate the time and work involved on his part to keep abreast of all the research. There are so many systems down in these disorders it takes a very well versed individual.

  11. epicurean

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    My PCP of many years-who never quit on me till he figured out what was wrong,FM.Any my Pain Managiment Spec.who I couldn't handle this DD without,He will listen to me forever if necessary,and besides meds.,he always give suggestions on how to handle pain and other problems.
  12. pam_d

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    Still looking for the wonderful FM doctor many of you have found in your localities! Haven't found one yet. Have a great gynecologist, though, & when you tend to have gyn. issues, that's a plus---he's the best!

  13. toots2

    toots2 New Member

    Yes, I love my dr. for his kindness and very comopassionate ways. He listens to me and wants to help. As an anesthesiologist/pain specialist he understands how I feel. While he doesn't feel pills are the answer to everything and encourages other treatments as well, he knows I need them to have a good life. He even lets me email him if I need to. I feel every so fortunate to have him as my dr. after listening to what others here have gone through trying to find a good dr. themselves. Toots
  14. LauraLea

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    I am so happy to hear so many of us have great doctors.

    It looks like a lot of family doctors are actually the ones who get it.

    There are still a lot who do not and my Christmas wish for all of them is that they find one SOON!

    Big hugssss