Does anyone else's wrist fry watch batteries?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kaths, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. kaths

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    When I stopped wearing watches with quartz movements, I was frying a battery every one to two weeks. It felt as if the watch was sucking electromagnetism from my body. Anyone else get that feeling or have this problem?

    For the past few years, I have been wearing a kinetic watch, which is powered by my arm's movements. No problems.

    I also have the same problems with earrings, contacts and rings as others talked about in a previous thread. Had never thought of this being related to my CFIDS, which came later.

  2. ZosoLight

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    Hi Kathy,
    I don't often wear a watch so I couldnt say about that, but I do seem to have a talent for crashing computers- anywhere, anytime. My old boss thought I was doing it on purpose to get out of work!
    What happens to rings and contacts???

  3. LisaMay

    LisaMay New Member

    I've fried batteries of all kinds, crashed my computer, screwed up my satellite, and drive the cashiers to the brink of tears.

    What is the earring and ring connection?

  4. kaths

    kaths New Member

    I think it was yesterday several people commented as to how they could no longer wear earrings that weren't Simply Whispers (try google) or rings because of metal allergies and that they could no longer wear their contact lenses because of dry eyes.

    I have been having problems with my DSL modem that my husband never has. I go through a lot of calculators when figuring my students' grades.

  5. evileva

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    I have also had problems with watch batteries and rings and earrings. I am allergic to certain metals. lol.. maybe we're all aliens or something. lol
  6. kaths

    kaths New Member

    Anybody else?
  7. ZosoLight

    ZosoLight New Member

    In response to the metal/contact connection: I wore soft contact lenses for about 10 years and gave up because of dryness and discomfort. I never wear jewelry but my three sisters all have metal allergies and will break out with oozing red rashes when they wear metal against their skin, even gold.

  8. nancyw

    nancyw New Member

    Back in my younger days, my Mom couldn't believe that whenever I wore a watch, it would stop working. We'd take the watch and put it on the counter for a week and it would start running again. She still didn't believe so she wore it. Worked for her. Tried it on me again with same results. I can no longer wear my contacts because of dry eyes. I used to be sensitive to earrings, but not so much any more. I have also had problems with computers when no one else has. The REALLY neat thing I do is kill plants!!!! This has been 20 years, but my office mate didn't believe this. She bought two identical small plants - one for my desk and one for hers. Both were very healthy. I never touched my plant and she watered it. Within a week, my plant was sick and died shortly thereafter. Made a believer out of her. I always said these things were because of my electric personality (ha, ha, ha!!!)
  9. atlpaddler

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    Hi Kaths,
    Ever since I can remember I have had a weird effect on watches and transistor radios. I "break" the first and "fix" the second. When I started working at Seiko (the watch company) The vice president asked me why I wasn't wearing a Seiko watch. I told him I don't wear watches at all becasue the only kind I don't break in a few days are the ugly digital kind. He said all people have electromagnetic fields they give off and that some people's are strong enough to fry watches. He said a Seiko watch would work on me cause the fillaments are gold covered. He was right. I can actually wear them although I don't get the same battery life out of them as others - but still a year or so. Just interesting FYI for you.
  10. kaths

    kaths New Member

    I wish the jeweler who had been making a lot of money replacing my watch batteries had told me about Seiko's gold-covered filaments. Instead, I bought an expensive Seiko kinetic watch, and now have two of them.

    Thanks for the info.
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  11. nogilroy

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    hi kaths when i was a kid in high school i went though a lot of whatches i thought it was just cheap watches never thinking it was me makes me wonder how long i have had this dd now i wear a digital whatch aint fancy but a least it works also a new thing is happining when i am on the phone it sounds like a fax is coming in i try anouther phone same thing this never happens to the others that live in the house just thought i would tell you this i wonder if others have the same thing happen to them
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  13. sam smith

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    I've heard people claim that Wrist Watches stop working for them after a very short period of time. They replace the batteries, switch watch brands and styles, etc., but to no avail -- every watch quits on them. Even when well taken care of and not dropped, damaged, or submerged, they seem to die after a few months of wearing them. Some of my friends also claim to have this problem. I don't know if it pertains to only analog watches or digital as well. They say "cheap" wrist watches seem to work better for them and believe it has something to do with their body chemistry or magnetism. Any information?