does anyone ever experance anxaity attacks....

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  1. makala

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    Hi for two days straight i have been having anxaity attacks my heart starts pounding and shaking hands and legs wobble and tingleing (the tingleing was weird it was feeling like it was going up my leg inside of it and into my joint, knee) started crying no reason....stress work this happened......i am on alot of meds...mabey that did makala
  2. makala

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    Hi for two days straight i have been having anxaity attacks my heart starts pounding and shaking hands and legs wobble and tingleing (the tingleing was weird it was feeling like it was going up my leg inside of it and into my joint, knee) started crying no reason....stress work this happened......i am on alot of meds...mabey that did makala
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    Anxiety attacks are very common in FMS patients,especially the 75% of us who have a Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). Have you been to a Cardiologist and had an echocardiogram yet to see if you have an MVP? If not, that would be my suggestion.
    Breathing techniques can help, and sometimes meds are required. The doctor can also go over your present meds to see if they could be causing or worsening it.
    I suggest you look at the previous posts here on MVP and see if that sounds like what you are having.
    I have had anxiety attacks for 14 of the 16 yrs. that I have had FMS. Having the echocardiogram, finding the leaking heart valve, and being reassured that this is common with that, and that I was not going crazy, went a long way toward calming me down. However, I need to take small doses of xanax around the clock, and sometimes use yoga breathing as well to control it. I find I am much more likely to have an attack if I push myself too hard and keep going when my body is telling me to rest. Exposure to very cold or very hot air can also trigger an attack for me.
    I empathize, and wish you a speedy solution to this problem. I know it is very scary.
    Hugs, Klutzo
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    I get anxiety attacks and full blown panic attacks too. I think it has something to do with the central nervous system and how we are "wired".

    I wonder how many people here have them. It would be interesting to see what the percentage is.

  5. makala

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    i am going to check out the MVP and look into that....i have a feeling that the meds i am on may have caused it....the Provigil....i dont know i dont know if i should take it or not i am also on Paxil only for a few days...but have had them 2days in a row (not today so far but i havent taken my Provigil) but I may take it thank you Makala lol
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    Yes! I have MVP too! I had one doctor tell me that could cause panic disorder, although mine comes more from Post traumatic stress disorder. I have read a lot about MVP, but there is a lot of controversy nowadays. Some doctors believe that it has been "overdiagnosed" for too many years.

    I have a friend who was given "beta blockers" for the last 19 years for MVP,and the other day, her new cardiologist said that she absolutely does not have any sign of MVP! Now they are worried about the side effects of taking that drug especially since she just recently started passing out and having seizures. Scarey!

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    We are all so different but I have had panic disorder for many years, lets round it to 15. The agorophobia did not come into play until I got really down with the diagnosis process for the "symptoms" I was acquiring, that was diagnosed as FMS/MPC. I have had mental illness i.e. Dysthymia w/major depressive episodes; this began when I was 13 and manifest itself as anxiety. Mine is the clinical type and treatable as such.

    Right now I have a bit of a situational depression overlying the whole thing and that is tough. Spent two days of last week talking with a social worker at the mental clinic where I see my psychiatrist. This is the first time in 54 years I will have gone to a conseling (sp) type session; this is also in conjunction with my dear ten year old son (heaven's gift to me) having OCD and mild AHDH and I was asked if I would be willing to join and I was delighted!

    When you have "panic attacks", "anxiety attacks", and they remain within a certain time frame, they become a "disorder" in that you usually have to deal with them the most part of your life.

    My 33 yr old daughter informed me about 15 yrs. ago she was having panic attacks and took xanax every 4 hours, just 2.5 and I did not believe her. (She is quite theatrical and missed her calling!) Anyway, one of the few times she went on an outing with me, househunting, she began to have one coming on and I did not believe her. I went to a favorite eatery in Austin and she informed me she was about to pass out and to get her the "H" out of there....I had to have someone help get her to my pickup! She took her xanax, did the diaphramic breathing, which I taught her by the age of 3, and she made it home okay. From that moment on, I never questioned the validity of panic attacks.

    I ultimately was cursed with them myself but mine I think was an outgrowth of IBS. I got to where I was terrified of being somewhere and not making it to the bano in time (I have the diarrheal type and sometimes there is no cramping, just an run, run and run fast!). I never had an "event" but am very careful I make no appointment before 11:00 a.m. and do not allow myself to be out of control of the situation i.e. be trapped with someone in a car or the like. A nightmare.

    I have taken various meds for the anxiety/panic disorder. Having recently had the worst episodes ever, I am back on the "big kahoona" xanax. At 54, I probably will remain on it short of a miracle! CactusLil'
  8. LuvMeCritters

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    The first time I had one, I had no idea that's what it was. I just thought I was dying. I was sitting at the computer and all of a sudden it just hit me. I can't explain it, other to say I really thought I was dying. I knew I should get up and call 911, but I couldn't move. I was all alone and thought my husband would come home and find me dead. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I was able to get and move to bed and lay down, still thinking I was dying. After a few minutes I heard my husband's truck and by the time he was in the door, I was able to get up. I told him what happened, and HE told me that I just had a panic attack. Then revealed to me that he's been having them for about 5 years! He never told me. He only has them while driving. I have them anywhere for no specific reason that I can understand. Anyway, that was some time ago, and we both are on meds for panic attack, xanax. He's also on zoloft, I'm on paxil. They are scary, but once you know what they are, you can feel when they're coming on (about once weekly for me). Put the xanax under your tongue and soon everything's ok. I will never forget that first time though. I really thought I was a goner. Scarey.

  9. Shirl

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    I think the first one I got was something like yours. I had had the flu, really bad, I woke up in the middle of the night, so afraid that it was crazy and unreasonable!

    My heart was racing,I was hyperventilating, shaking and sweating, and I was so afraid, and had no idea what I was afraid of. I had no idea how long this went on, I would look at the clock, and two minutes later forget what time it was.

    I was so nervous, I kept checking the locks on the doors and windows over and over, and till this day, I have no idea what I was afraid of. I am not a scary person, half the time I didn't even lock doors and windows.

    I was afraid to lay down, I though I would die if I stayed still, so I just kept moving.

    Woke my husband up, and till this day, if we talk about this first attack, he always tells me that in a strange twisted way, it was funny to see me so afraid! I was totally out of character.

    Went to the doctor the next day, he said I had a panic attack, never heard of a panic attack before this.

    He prescribed Xanax, but told me if I felt it coming on, then to take a half of 0.25 milligram.
    Thats when they told me I had what they called;'racing brain', and I have taken a low dose of Xanax in the evening for years now. But not during the day unless I feel an attack coming on.

    Well, the last bad one I had, or something related to it, Lil told me what to do with the racing heart etc. It was the Xanax, small dose and sure enough I was fine in a couple of days.

    I don't get them often, but when I do, they are miserable.

    I had one in a store once, I was alone and that is an experience I will never forgot either.

    I do know if I eat food with MSG in it, it will cause me to get a panic attack and a sinus attack too.

    You need to find out what cause it, could have been the meds, or it just happended. If you are near the menopausal age that also could be the reason.

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. lou

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    i get them too, i think most of us do or did have at some point. i actually got them for about 2 months bfore i was daignosed and now can trace them back to me being ill. the most important thing to remember with anxiety is that ' YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE' i find that helpful. If i have an attack i always call a friend or my family and they just reassure me with those words.
    It is a terrifying experience, it helped me to read up on alot and when you see how the symtoms are so similar to you, then it is comforting.
    good luck!
  11. Lanie

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    that triggered my Fibromyalgia. I was officially diagnosed with panic attacks and agoraphobia a couple of months ago. I have them when I know I am going out and have to drive myself. I have them in stores waiting in line. I have them when ever they feel like coming. To me, it is more annoying than the pain and suffering of Fibromyalgia! At least I can HIDE that!!!
    Lanie[This Message was Edited on 08/24/2002]
  12. Coping

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    I started having panic and anxiety attacks before I was DX'd. It is a horrible feeling. I feel like I can't get a breath when I in fact have been hyperventilating (sp?). When you hyperventilate you get tingling which makes you more anxious. I usually keep a small paper bag near me that I breath in to and it helps.
    I have had them in public in stores. I feel like I have to run like hell to get away from everyone. Sometimes it feels like an "out of body" experience. I just hate it. I have found that laughing about it and joking helps me not get depressed over it.
    I take 1mg of Xanax 2 times a day and STILL have attacks. I attribute most of them to lack of sleep. I have tried everything for sleep and cannot get more that 4 hrs. per night. I am a walking fibrofogged, brain drained zombie! LOL
    Just thought I'd let you know you're not alone!
  13. Tennessee

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    I have had them for about 4 years.First one i had sent me to er via ambulance from the grocery store(not embarassing one bit....uh huh=).My blood pressure went up to 178 over 103 for a few minutes and went and was back down to normal within a few more minutes,thought i was dead,just did'nt know why.My dr. believes that they are a 'symptom' of IBS,which he thinks is mostly due to being what he calls a very nervous person,i aint too sure bout all that.I keep Atarax around for when one hits.Thinkin' back i wish i was back to just panic-anxiety attacks which was the only symptom i had in the beginning,compared to what i have now.
  14. MicheleF

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    I have definitely had more anxiety since the onset of the fms (had the cfids longer, anxiety wasn't a problem w/ that).

    Zoloft gave me one of the few actual panic attacks I've ever had. (others were from meds given during surguries). Paxil, which I've taken off and on for years, which is supposed to decrease anxiety, works the opposite for me the first several days. My heart pounds, and I felt more anxious, but not an outright attack. These would usually go away several days once I got used to taking it. However, I tried going back on Paxil when my fms started--didn't know that's what it was then--and had to stop taking it because the anxiety was much worse & I couldn't seem to adjust.

    I too have MVP, dx'd by a cardiologist years before, and have wondered if part of my anxiety could be due to this as I'll be looking into it too.

    Hope you're doing better by the time you read this; personally, I would rather suffer from pain than another panic attack...they are horrible. Talk to your dr. posthaste! Best wishes. Michele
  15. finnigan1229

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    I have them too - my anxiety or panic attacks usually follow a nightmare I have had the night before. Sometimes they are centered around a person or an event.
  16. stix

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    You are funny! That actually happened to my mother about 20 years ago. It was Christmas Eve and she had gone into a K-mart to finish up last minute shopping. It was extremely crowded and chaotic as they were flashing that "blue" light all over the store (for anyone outside of the U.S. -- the "blue" light was a signal in K-mart that something was just reduced for quick sale.) Anyway, she started feeling like she was suffocating and started trembling. She HAD to get out of the store. She is generally very meek and mild, but she knocked over three people as she ran for the front door, still clutching the four boxes of mittens she was going buying for the grandkids!

    Of course, a great commotion was seen as the security guards ran after her at the front door, with bells and buzzers going off. It took her over an hour to convince them that she wasn't trying to steal anything! LOL

  17. Milo83

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    Been getting them for about 16yrs, even before that, but did not know what was happening then..When I start getting them 16yrs ago, I had had the flu, and thought it was from one of the meds at first (dr claims that could have set it off more, don't know)..I felt like bugs were crawling over me and all, the heart racing, just feeling like "THIS IS IT, I'M DYING..Went to the ER even..Finally after I was referred to a physicatrist, he got them somewhat under control..But then when I started with my Xanax about 10yrs ago, they got better..The sad part is a lot of people will never return to the place where they have had a panic attack..And I myself had a hard time doing that..I have come around somewhat..But one time we were almost 2hrs from home and I got one, that was the last time, I really cared to leave my hometown..It takes an awful lot to go very far from home..I can't stand malls, grocery stores, etc..
    And when I do have to go somewhere that bothers me, I have to have my husband right at my side..Even though now I know what they are, when it happens they are still scary - Even though I know I'm not going to die..
    Take Care All......Donna