Does anyone famous have ME/CFS?

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    Mikie said in one of her recent posts:
    "It won't be until a big celebrity steps forward or a whole nation becomes sick that we will be taken seriously."

    In my research about cfs, I have come across names of many famous people who have apparently had or got cfs or a form of it (it is sometimes referred to as Epstein Barr Virus) -but it is really hard to find any interviews with any of these celebs re this...I have tried!

    The ones that I have come across so far are:

    She apparently had to delay filming 'Mermaids' for a year, due to the 'Epstein Barr' that she discovered during filming of 'Witches of Eastwick'.
    Some internet research last night showed that even at the time of writing this, she cancelled one concert last night and two in the next few days, due to a 'severe throat infection'.
    I can find no interview with her on any of this.

    Blake Edwards:
    Hollywood producer of The Pink Panther Films, Breakfast At Tiffanys, 10, etc, and husband of Julie Andrews.
    Diagnosed with cfs many years ago and tried in vain to get his Hollywood peers to donate money for cfs research.
    Again, I can find no interview with him on this.

    James Garner: Hollywood actor, mentioned as being a sufferer in the book 'Oslers Web'.

    Randy Newman: Singer, again, mentioned in 'Oslers Web'.

    Barry Sheene: Motor Byke Champion, died recently of stomach cancer, but believed to be a long-term sufferer of cfs. The only quote I could find was that he allegedly said 'Having cancer is a walk in the park compared to the cfs.'

    Shirley Conran: Ex wife of 'Habitat' tycoon, Terence Conran and author of the 'Superwoman' and 'Down with Superwoman' books. Apparently a newly diagnosed sufferer.

    Esther Rantzen's daughter: The Brits will know of Esther, whos daughter suffered severely with ME. Esther has done quite a bit for raising awareness.

    But that's all I could come up with and hardly any of them talk about it???????

    Do you know of anyone else, or know of any interviews with these guys that I have missed?

    MS has Montel now,
    we need a CFS Celeb!!!

    Mary xxx

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    Lone round the world sailor and novellist.

    She has done a great deal over the years to highlight ME (CFS). She is patron of Action for ME. I worked on some projects with her in the past.

    Others in the UK as well. Some come forward, others don't.

    Actually they too can be disbeleived, being in the media doesn't automatically confer respect or belief; in fact it can go against them.


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  3. goingslowlycrazy

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    She wrote a good foreword to Dr Anne Macintyre's ME book!

    I understand why they don't come forward, scared of losing work, losing face, losing their image etc but it is frustrating for us!

    We could do with someone like Cher, who is so well-known and even with cfs is still such a high-achiever - we need an image change!!!

    Mary x
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    Cher has spoke about it in interviews, but briefly, she usually avoids it. Her last TV interview she said something about her back hurting her, that is why she is quiting concerts. On a program asking someone about her appearance on Friends, I think. She said Cher only comes in to do her part (with alot of help),that she travels with a bed all the time,in a travel trailer. Also friend who saw her in concert, unless like ourselves, aware of our outside tricks of our illness, she could tell the difference. She had to sit etc. I noticed on her interviews, she comes off aloof, it appears she is trying so hard to concentrate to answer questions. Sure would been nice if she would have done, just 1 benefit concert!!!!(She spent bed)

    Bea Arthur, had 2 episodes on Golden Girls about cfids. Found out she has it.

    Kathy Lee Crosby, wrote a book and mentioned she was down for yrs. She came back did some tv movies,now not to be seen.

    They are afraid the industry will not insure them or hire them. Liz Taylor, said she got shunned when she became ill. Productions cost so much, that Co.`s afraid to have no shows. So I guess they pretend like the rest of us, and hope for a cure.

    Michael Fox hid it till he couldn`t. Now look at the impact he has had. We do need a Spokes Person.

    Montel when asked says it is hard to get out of bed. Goe`s to Sweden for extra treatment. That is when his wife threw him out, met nurse there or someone.

    Money sure helps when we are ill, so they maybe are afraid they won`t get that constant care, that so many of us could use. I know if I could have a person help me with things I could use energy on other stuff.

  5. Kay2

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    John Tavotis? SP!! His mother in law was in horrible shape. They showed a picture of her before she got help and she looked terrible, then showed her after words and she looked GREAT. He seems to be pretty caring?? I cant remember if she has cfs with her fibro??
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    I hear you..I was hoping Cher would put her heart & soul into this--since she is so famous---but maybe it's more than she can handle. Don't know. I am a huge fan of hers and admire her work ethic even tho she probably don't feel well, she tries very hard. And then again, maybe it wouldn't matter anyhow...but when one has fame, I wish they would use it to help better causes such as these. I didn't realize these other people besides Cher had this illness. She was the only one I'd ever heard about. I have fibro, never been told it's CFS, but I think I have both. Extremely tired & no energy at all. Force myself to do everything. Anyhow, thanks for listening.
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    Lisa Marie Presley said she had Epstein Barr and CFS but says that now she is completely cured. She said that she felt like she was dying until she had all of the amalgam removed from her mouth.
    She seemed very passionate when talking about being sick.
    I asked my doctor about having amalgams removed but he said that he had his removed and it did not help. Who knows??
  8. kerrymygirl

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    I am a fan of Cher`s also. I know there are other illnesses but now I see it affecting my child and saw younger and younger coming into clinic. We need help now. Look how many yrs. it took for breast cancer awareness. My mom started 40 yrs. ago. Maybe we should forward our bio`s.

    My friends and a doc I knew had fillings removed they did not get well. Maybe alittle poorer.

    Liza Marie also has alot of help,$$$$,personal help. When she is interviewed she looks like she is ready to go to sleep at any moment.

    Cher, said Sam-e made her better. Some of these people have enough money to buy a hospital, still suffered for yrs.

    Cfid`s has been known to go into remission.
    Long term fm usually doe`s not except for short periods,sometimes with alot of treatment. Fm caught in 1st 2 yrs. has more hope. Up until now it took almost 5 yrs. to get diagnosed. It took 10 yrs. for my lyme to be diagnosed.
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    I know Paul Newmans wife has fms.I don't know if that will help.I heard him say it on a talk a talk show about a year ago.
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  10. PatPalmer

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    Is a famous lady called Barbara Windsor, she`s in all the carry on films.
    She is suffering badly with the Herpes virus.

    Saw a recent photo of her in a magazine and looked like an old lady & absolutely awful, poor lady.
    This could highlight CFS/FM in the future as she is so popular.

  11. loopyloo

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    I saw the bit in the news of the world about her she plays peggy mitchel in Eastenders they sasid in the paper she was taking a year of of work as she was too weak to stand up at the moment she looked awful in the picture but has loads of money so she doesn't need to work, they said she had the Epstein Barr virus every one in the UK must have heard of her.

    Loopyloo xx
  12. 2girls

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    Another with EBV - CFIDS!

  13. goingslowlycrazy

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    ...but some I'm not quite sure of...

    Michael J. Fox - I think the poor guy has Parkinson's Disease, not cfs or fibro.

    Montel has Multiple Sclerosis.

    Paul Newman's wife (Joanne Woodward)...this is an interesting one. I did a quick bit of research and couldn't find anything about her having fibro, BUT she is on a lot of sites with FMS in the name - but it isn't fibro, it's False Memory Syndrome. The articles go on to talk about her part in the film 'The 3 faces of Eve' - a film about Multiple Personality I think we may have a crossed wire on that one.

    Barbara Windsor would be a great advocate for us here in the UK if we could get her! She is so popular and well-loved and would be great on the chat show circuit, once she has recovered enough....

    Leanne Rymes eh? Couldn't find anything about her or Lisa Marie Presley having it - but as we said before, they just want to cover it up...and I can't say I blame them.

    Thanks for all your input guys! If you come across anyone else, let me know!

    Mary x
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    Too tired to type so I cut and pasted :)
    Michelle Akers, former United States Womens Soccer Team member, Olympic Gold Medalist, and World Cup Gold Medalist explains her illness before Congress. She states, “I tell you these things not to gain sympathy, but so you too can experience a day in the illness. Experience the pounding migraine headaches that can incapacitate me for days. The insomnia that plagues me even though I am exhausted. The overwhelming fatigue that keeps me from going to a movie or dinner with friends because I don’t have the energy to talk, sit up or eat. The GI upset that has caused me to go on an extreme – gluten-free, dairy-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free and alcohol-free – diet in hopes of finding relief or possibly a cure. The “fogginess” that causes me to lose concentration, forget where I am or how to get someplace that I’ve been a thousand times before. This illness demands attention in every detail of my life and if I don’t pay attention, it punishes me. With out remorse.”
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    Hi Mary heheh an old mate here, dont have any to add to the famous list cept to say you missed me oot lol xxxxxxxx sam
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    I read about Lisa Marie Presley in the Globe (one of the rag magazines) which I do not normally buy but noticed on the cover that she had a cure for ebstein barr. I don't know the exact issue. How much research did you do on Lisa Marie Presley?
    I also saw her in an interview where she talked about being sick. I didn't write down the name of the show or which interview. Now I wish I had of.
    PS I found an interview where Lisa Marie talks about being sick after her break up with Michael Jackson. I can't find the interview where she says that she had ebstein barr.
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    There's an interview with Blake Edwards regarding his illness in the film "I Remember Me". j.
  19. Hippo

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    But just wanted to comment that even if all these famous people who have CFIDS/FMS were to go public, they still seem to be able to go on with their careers. That could actually be counter-productive to those of us who have more severe cases. Then people would say, well what about Lisa Marie Presley? She's on tour. What about Michelle Akers? She plays soccer full-time. And so on and so on. Something like that could actually backfire on us.

  20. goingslowlycrazy

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    ...I mean, look at Cher! How does she do it? I know, lots of money, long holidays, servants etc I guess...

    Yeah, a difficult one to get round...

    Will need to think about that cos my brain is too foggy to cope at the mo,

    thanks guys,
    Mary x