Does anyone feel like they're dying?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Iggy_RN, Jul 26, 2003.

  1. Iggy_RN

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    I dont know what to do... I cannot handle this DD or whatever I have anymmore. I am feeling sicker by the day, more pain by the day, and doing less and less by the day. I cannot even do my hair anymore. I feel nauseaus. I swear, I'm scared. Is this what FM feels like? THen I would rather have something else. I'm scareddddd......... I want to just sleep for a million years. THis is He** on earth, I hate it , Ive lost my body, my happiness, my soul this is He**. Please someone give me something to hang onto, cuz I dont have much right now........................................................
    Iggy I need to know someone out there feels and understands me, please help. give me a cyber hug...................
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  2. ssMarilyn

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    (((((((((IGGY)))))))))!! Yes, I have felt like dieing on more than one occasion and was scared to death. After awhile, when I didn't die, I realized I was really okay, and had just hit bottom for awhile. I always bounced back, and you will to. I also found out my thyroid wasn't working right and that will make anyone feel like they're at death's door if it goes on long enough. Have you seen an endoc about your thyroid? They can give you your life back again!

    Marilyn :)
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  3. Jen F

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    ...I've felt so sick I worried I might be dying. then it got so bad, I worried that I WASN'T going to do. Just continue sufferring...

    But, when it passes a little, things don't seem quite so bad and you can cope.

    Just try to get through the next few days, get some nourishment and lots of water into you and things will get better.


    hope it passes soon.



    EZBRUZR New Member

    Hope you find comfort within, We all care.Yes, I feel much like you describe,however WE WILL B ok! The Boards say so!I am convinced all of us have been selected .i do not question it,we R just the chosen ones.(don't know 4 what LOL) :) It sounds like you bring comfort and peace to people with your time when not fighting DD.That is a special gift and many people have you touched with your gift?----I'm sure if they knew of your hell right now they'd all give 100% of what you gave them! :) Peace and Blessings, Lisa {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} X 1000
  5. tandy

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    Totally understand!!! I overdid myself and now i'm paying twofold!!I just sent my 2 great kids to see the Fireworks with my sister-in-law:( I've never missed a year yet with them....untill now~ I just feel the same as you.....nausea,weak,tired beyond words,etc.
    I know this will pass,but when? I'm doing it tho!!!I'm here and I'm at the computer fighting the urge to be laying down!! Damn this illness really sux!
    I planned on taking the boys tonight, but AGAIN- this FM's got me by the ba**s!(oops!did I just say a bad word?)
    Hope your doing better soon:)
  6. tjlibby

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    Do you have any other dx's? Are you having medications problems? I am sending you lots of hugs. I held on because my family and friends needed me. You need to be around for others. We need you. Do you talk to a therapist? I do. It helps me to cope.. What about support groups. When I am down and am alot of pain-I think of others that need me, Take one day at a time.. What would make you happy? Besides not having this ugly disease. Isn't it to easy to give up? Are you getting good rest? Have you talked to your doc? What i did when i couldn't fix my hair, i had mine all cut off. I understand your pains. Here's a rope to hold on to. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I won't let you sink. Take one step at a time, one day at a time. Please let me know how you are. XOX Teri
  7. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    I've felt the same for the last month and am just holding on till mon. morning when I see the Dr. We all need you here..Hope you are feeling better soon...XXXXXX Deb

    Hang in there It'll Get Better!!!
  8. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    to have all you people here helping me. I feel like I am not alone anymore. These replies make me sob because of the true concern and love... To answer some of the questions here, I was dx'd w/FM, DDD, and mycoplasma Pneumonaie, IBS, w/migraines. I take Doxy 100mg 2xs a day,
    neurontin 400mg 2xs a day, which I just dropped because of fatigue,
    prozac 20mg
    thyroid 1 grain
    elavil 10mg every other day trying to drop (fatigue)
    vicoden 1 or 2 every 6 hours
    I ve had a thyroid test done, but it seemed normal.
    My gratitude is full in my heart from all of you, I pray for a better day tomorrow. Iggy
  9. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    I just read your post about thyroid, and I just can't stress enough that even if your thyroid tests normal, that doesn't mean it is. See my post under "Question for ssMarilyn"..that will explain the thyroid situation more. I've been on thyroid meds for years, but apparently they weren't enough, because for a period of time I felt like I was dieing. It was as if my life was draining out the end of my fingers. I just about gave up, but got mad at everyone else that was living normal lives and having fun, and started to research the thyroid on the net. It was a real eye opener, I saw a specialist, an endocrinologist, and he pretty much gave my life back to me. I was a new person within 2 weeks of seeing him. Look into this, you don't have to suffer like you are.

  10. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    I will start my basal temp tomorrow morning. I have read somewhere in a book about this test, and the t3 total, etc... I am going to make an appt w/ an endocrin. if my temp is low. thanks for everything and a world of info, Blessings, Iggy
  11. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    even if I get my RN by the time I retire!! I cannot believe the "bee" thing happened to you... I cant wait til we all get over these flares from He**. It is just really scary to feel so bad, and sometimes I begin to think that something else might be wrong, because Ive never felt so bad w/FM. But I am wrong as I read more and more posts from this board. I will pray for all of us on this board, to have better days ahead, where we can enjoy life. God Bless, Iggy
  12. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    again, I feel so blessed to have you all, I dont feel alone. you are all in my prayers. I send my love and pray for Gods blessings to come to you all on this board. Love Iggy, I felt those cyber hugs and they got me through yesterday,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thank you so much, love, Iggy
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  13. toots2

    toots2 New Member

    I have felt worse than you could ever imagine but never felt like I was dying. Also, my fibro never makes me nausaus. Perhaps you should talk to your dr. about this. I also hope you are on a good pain medication so you won't hurt so much. If your dr. does not like prescribing them, see a pain specialist. You should not feel this bad, and I'll pray that you get better soon. Toots
  14. Iggy_RN

    Iggy_RN New Member

    at least emotionally, but not physically... I am starting this day and willing to fight this DD... I will keep telling myself that I will be better and pursue to take care of myself more and more. I try whatever I need to try. I feel like I am back "in the ring" This DD is crazy and so unpredictable. whenever I go to work(I worked last night) and help people w/alzheimers or hospice It takes me out of my world, what a blessing. Just a note to let y'all know.. God bless, Iggy
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  15. toots2

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    Reading over your meds, I think taking one vicodin every 6 hours would do nothing for controlling your pain. How about taking two every four hours and see if that helps. If not, perhaps something stronger is in order. I take two lortab, l0 mgs, when I am in pain and it helps me a lot. I don't have to take them throughout the day though. Please talk to your dr. about how much pain you are in. Toots
  16. iggie

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    DEAR IGGY sorry to hear you are havig a tough time of it but you do need help to cope. There are professional people such as councillors for chronic pain, pain management that are wonderful they teach you how to cope with this unwelcome illness. I have been in denial for way to long I don't want fibro wouldn't wish it on anyone except I do Know I am in pain and have learned to cope with it through a wonderful councillor a fantastic chiropractor who understands this pain. I must say you have to search for the professials that can and will help you because not all of them will. Iggy you will have better days be sure of it, you are in a frantic state you have to calm down and research and learn the things that will help you servive and have faith in your fibro friends come to the fibro chat room we are very friendly and sometimes silly too.
    Your new fibro friend Iggie TOO
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  18. Iggy_RN

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    the doc and pain dr said to try vicoden for 2 weeks, and then if it does not work they will put me on the patch or oxycodone. And i am asking my doc for a script of physical therapy to help me. I will take any avenue for this. Iggy
  19. Momskelleygirl

    Momskelleygirl New Member

    Iggy do go and check the thryoid again, mine was checked and was normal within three months, they enede taking it out, for the migraines, my doc put me on topamx to try to control them. The topamx has reduced the frequency of them which has been a god send.
    Like everyone else has said, there will be some good days once in awhile, I pray you will have some soon.
    you are in my prayers, and here is a gentle hug from me.
    hoping for a better tomorrow.

  20. Betsy2

    Betsy2 New Member

    There are some days that I just don't think I can go on any longer because of the pain. I find a lot of strength in music. Whether it is relaxing instrumental or just songs that I know will give me the courage to go on. Some favorites of mine are Bring On The Rain (Jo Dee Messina), Walk On (Barbara Streisand), I Believe (Streisand), Lord I Hope This Day is Good (Anne Murray), Lean On Me (Anne Murray), etc. Somehow, music gives me the hope and courage to keep going even when the pain is so severe I feel like I am dying. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I hate to see you suffering like this. In the song Bring On The Rain by Jo Dee Messina she sings "tomorrow's another day so bring on the rain". Just remember tomorrow may be different. The pain and fatigue may not be as severe as it is today. There is hope.