Does anyone feel "pressurized fuzz" in their head?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Grailgoddess, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    I read the posts about dizziness, migraines, and such, (which I have), and am wondering if anyone else experiences what I call "fuzz-head" (not to be confused with FibroFog). It's like a pressurized fuzz inside my head, somewhat similar to sinus pressure, but I can "hear" a whoooof -whooooof- whhhhoooof sound (inside my head) when I turn my head, get up too suddenly, bend over, or even sometimes when I just move my eyes (esp. when they are closed). It seems more apparant when I am standing or sitting, but once it is there, -which can be for dayS- lying down doesn't lessen it. Sleep may. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
    Thanks. Happy Autumn!
  2. lmmillion

    lmmillion New Member

    I have had this before. I could just sit there and move my eyes side to side or turn my whole head side to side and hear a strange noise and feel a slight buzzing sensation. It only happens once in a while. I thought maybe it had to do with one of the meds I take.
  3. Mymomhasit05

    Mymomhasit05 New Member

    Hi! I have not been diagnosed with it. But I don't want to go to the dr's I think in fear that I do. My mom was diagnosed with Fybromialga last year and explains her pain since about the time she was 29 (my age) and now she is 45. Regarding the noise in your head. I do also hear a buzzing noise sometimes I even turn off the T.v or radio b/c it gets so loud and realize it is not coming from the T.v or radio. It gets really bad when I have a Migrane.
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    That's a good description for it!!!

    Every day I feel this "swish, swish" when I turn my head quickly, and will feel a momentary spell of dizziness. However, that is something different from the "pressurized fuzz"!

    I get the feeling that ou describe mostly when I have not had enough hours of sleep. Sometimes, I just get up with it even if I think I have slept well!

    I have always described it as the sound of motors running in my head! But describing it as a buzzing sound is more appropriate probably -- and there is definitely a pressurized feeling, too. You described it exactly!!

    I have never taken my blood pressure when my head feels this way, but I would love to know what it is then.

    And ... you are also correct that when I get this feeling, it is there for days--no matter how much sleep I get after having it.

    Yes, I know exactly what you are describing!!!

  5. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    Hi Janet -and everyone else who has made me feel a little better by not being the ONLY one on the planet with this particular wierdness in my head -

    I have taken my blood pressure many times over the years when I had these sensations, b/c that was my initial suspicion = BP problems. However, each time, my BP was normal for me (which is a below so-called "normal"). That wasn't the answer, which made me feel better in a way, and crazier in another.

    You are the first people who has ever understood my descriptions - Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
  6. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    more sensitive to the sounds of our(blood pressure )running through our heads.Its a good thing for me because I've noticed it serves as a (can't think of the word)but it happens when I'm about to push it too much>
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Some mornings I definitely feel this "buzzing" in my head. I have to turn my head slowly otherwise I can get dizzy. I also have almost a constant "noise" in my ears. It is my understand that this is inner ear troubles.

    Years ago a co-workers wife underwent a new procedure for inner ear troubles. It was so severe that she couldn't get up from her bed without being dizzy. They put in a little trap door inside her ear to let out the fluid that accumlulated. It was very successful and 6 months later she had the same thing done. This was totally paid for by the hospital since she was the first to have it done.

    And what a blessing it was to her as it totally changed her life for the better.
  8. neldwn2me

    neldwn2me New Member

    I Was Asking My Niece If She Ever Felt Pressure In your head ? Aned she looked at me as if i was on pcp. I didn't dare ask about the humming noise, for fear of being cofined. It it truly a blessing for me to come to the site. Becouse now I'm finding out that i'm not crazy. Are Delusinal. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I remember the last family get-together that we had, everyone kept talking to me and I told them that I couldn't hear well because I had too many noises in my head that day!!! They all just looked at me like "yeah, right!" LOL

  10. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    Thanks for sharing what's inside your heads, too (it does sound like motors buzzing, now that you mention it!). It's really, really nice to know I am not alone, and EVEN BETTER to have someone FINALLY understand what I'm talking about.

    The really bad part about this, though, is it means you're having to deal with it, too. For that, I am sorry!

    Hugs & hope,
  11. Grailgoddess

    Grailgoddess New Member

    Janet -
    I sympathize with you. I have been trying to explain it to family members for several years, and they just fade out, with a blank look. Today, after 4 years, was the 1st time my man really "got it", and that was when I shared some of the others' experiences with him - hey! I'm not complainin': he finally got it! :)

    Don't these DDs have the weirdest symptoms / symptom combinations?!?!?! It helps to finally be understood. It helps a lot!

  12. sugarplumtwo

    sugarplumtwo New Member

    I now realize this is what I feel in a room of people talking very loud and I just want to get out of there. I also love music, but there are times I just want silence!
  13. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    To me, it is sinus pressure. However, I can also hear my blood pressure. What makes it difficult is that I also have tennitis, so I hear the whoosh whoosh along with buzzing. Many times it's constant. Not sure, but when the air pressure changes, it seems to bring on the pressure more. It is really annoying, and will often give me a headache after working with it for a period of time.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette

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