Does anyone feel this sick from fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sherry, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    I am so sick I feel like I'm not going to make it. I have a horrible weakness, faint feeling, pain in my head and face, blurred vision, muscle spasms and other symptoms. I told my husband I'm not going to live long. Thats really how scarey all this feels. Anyone else feel this sick and scared? Sherry
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    I have been there many times. Believe me, you are not going to die or have a short life because of FM. I have had this for over twenty years now, and I am still here.

    I used to worry about my children, who would raise them if I died, but I made it, they are all grown and I have two grandchildren now. So, please quit worrying about a short life.

    Just try to relax a little, the more stressful you feel, the worst the pain is.

    Have you tried taking magnesium? it has done wonders for me for the pain/spasms.

    I take Pro Energy (Malic Acid & Magnesium Glycinate), 1 capsule before breakfast, one before lunch, both with a full glass of plain water.

    At night I take ZMA (zinc, magnesium, vitamin B-6), 2 capsules about 8pm with a full glass of plain water.

    These two supplements have been a lifesaver for me. When I do get a flare now, it only lasts a few days instead of weeks/months at a time.

    I sure hope you are feeling better soon, I know how you feel!

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Dear Sherry:

    Hon, I am so sorry that you are feeling so horrible. I have gone through the same thing many times. It does feel as if you are dying, but you are not.

    What you are feeling is a very bad flare. It can be so debilitating that you are completely drained. Lay down for as long as it takes for you to feel a little better. Flares can last a few days but you will improve.

    If you have meds take them and also take a nice warm bath with Epsom salt and lavender oil. This will give you an overall feeling of warmth and if anything at least a sense of well being.

    I will pray for you Sherry to get better. Hang in there hon.

    Please let me know how you feel tomorrow.

    Soft hugs,
  4. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I always think it feels as if my Pilot light was about out......IE: I am going to not exist. Not fun at all.

    Hang in there. Not that bad ALL the time. Find a good Dr. If you can and try different meds and such.
    Water exercises helps me also. (Arthritis class and warm water). Learn what you can and work towards feeling better and KNOW that you will not stay as you are right now all the time.
    Blessings and keep the faith!
  5. AnneTheresa

    AnneTheresa Member

    I felt exactly like you described throughout the last year of working and the terrible feeling continued for about a year following my (early) retirement (due to disability). Feeling like I was about to die was terribly frightening for me and so my heart goes out to you as you're in the midst of this experience now.

    I left the workforce in the year 2000 and I considered my new full-time job was to take care of myself (and work toward recovery).

    I tried many treatments including medication, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. etc.
    Finally after much experimentation, my doctor and I discovered a particular cocktail of medications that did me the most good (anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, hormone replacement, pain killers, sleep medication & many supplements). This along with the following list of strategies continue to help me manage my symptoms and contribute to my quality of life:

    - a daily exercise program
    - learning to pace myself, learning to say 'no', resting frequently throughout the day
    - adopting a positive attitude
    - ridding myself of toxic relationships
    - practicing stress management techniques
    - acquiring medical & assistive devices (for example, cane, walker, reacher, back and neck brace, tens units, massage chair/recliner, adjustable bed)
    - ongoing support from my partner, children, friends,
    - my relationship with God, daily prayer & witnessing the Divine in all things
    - participating on this board, learning from others
    - twice monthly massage therapy
    - improved lifestyle (I quit smoking & lost weight)
    - caring for / pampering myself (scented lotions, occasional manicures/facials, comfortable and pretty clothes etc.)

    I've had fibromyalgia for many years (25+) and the past 5 to 8 years have been as severe as what you describe. It really is a difficult illness to live with and, even though I faithfully practice the above list of strategies, I still struggle and continue to have bad days. However, the fear of thinking I'm not going to make it, is no longer as strong, given that I've learned (through much experience) to trust that I'll survive the bad days to experience a (relatively) better day in the future.

    Your symptoms sound severe but by working symptom-by-symptom with a good doctor you should be able to uncover any (additional) medical problems and/or form a treatment plan to provide some much needed relief. It's a slow process and requires much patience, but honestly, honestly, things can get better for you.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa
  6. darude

    darude New Member

    I FEEL like that today! I'm seeing the doc tomorrow. Have all the same symptoms as you. Gonna try and do my best to get by today and just sleep if I have to.
  7. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Sherry, I feel this way and it is so scary. I have been in a flare or whatever the heck it is going on four weeks.

    I went to the doc and she said I had bronchitis also..

    The fatigue, weakness, and this feeling I just can't go on is worse than the pain.

    I have cfs and fibro so they say, and I can understand how you feel but sorry I
    am of no help..When I am feeling this way all I can do is REST and more REST..I so get sick of staying in the bed and I am so afraid of becoming bedridden...

    Hope you get to feeling better soon...
  8. Manwithfibro

    Manwithfibro New Member

    Not to mention feeling like I want to throw up alot, a rapid uncontrolled heart beat, weakness, pain, shortness
    of breath at times, poor sleep, cramps and general ill
    feeling. I am always hot like I am burning up.

    Wish I knew what to tell you but it really is like
    living with the flu from hell daily.

  9. ecade

    ecade New Member

    I feel the same way, my body feels like not my own and like I'm near death. But I do hope it is only because this is new. The week before Christmas I was in the hospital for 4 days. I had gone in because my bp was very high 226/136, it took some time to get it down, and then it went right back up each time. after two days I felt this way. Then was the frist but I lived and felt better but not my self. my daughter who has cfs& fm told me that she thought I might have cfs and I didn't think it could be, and then I told my doctor how I felt and he said the same thing. Do you feel, or know of any one who feels as if thier blood is running very slow.
  10. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    I have had the same symptons for the last 8 months, plus palpatations, shortness of breath, trouble sleeping etc etc....never had a flare up last for this long.

    hope u feel better soon
  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    What?? is it that bad? like your going to die?
    Yes,..! I feel like that many times.

    Its a truely horrible horrible scarey feeling~ Your not alone sweetie~ I still feel like that some days,..but try to use possitive thoughts to change my way of thinking.
    It really does help.
    Living with Fibro is a diffenite challenge.
    I have all the symptoms you mention.
    Alot of days I get out of breath just walking in my house to put away laundry ,or even to go to the bathroom.
    Do something pampering for you. Take a nice bath,..polish your nails(if your not a nail biter. LOL)
    go to bed early with a good book or magazine. Or better yet a funny movie~
    Hang in there,...
    and know that your being thought of by others here who not only relate but feel exactly as you do!
    Things hafta get better :) right?