Does anyone find an air purifyer helpful

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by grace54, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    I wake up with a headache, sinus pain, stuffed up and other allergy symptoms and wondered if filtering the air would help. With my auto-immune problems I suffer all year long and I believe it is causing some of my fatigue.

    I am very sensitive to dust and I have received allergy shots for about 6 months as the allergist says I am allergic to all he tested for. Only a couple of food allergies though. I make a point to keep linen cleaned and mite proof but short of living in a bubble I don't know what else to do.

    Any info and type of air cleaner would be much appreciated.
    Good health to all:)
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    I'm very reluctant about using an ionizer. Everything I read states that they make ozone. I use an air purifer with a carbon filter. I believe it saved me from heart attack or stroke or worse. Can't live without it!!!!!!!!! For years and years I thought I had "allergies". I don't. My "allergy" symptoms are caused by chemicals> soap, shampoo, perfume, air freshener, dryer sheets, aspartame, MSG, etc. I also run the exhaust in my bathroom and over my stove on all the time.
  3. grace54

    grace54 New Member

    Seems like we can be sensitive to many things. Maybe a small unit like Prickles would not emit too much ozone.It sure is tough being allergic to our world.
    Thanks all for the feedback.
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    are GREAT!

    I have 2 Hunter brand purifiers. They have HEPA filters in them as well as carbon pre-filters.

    They have made a huge difference in the air quality in our home. They have helped our allergies tremendously.

    I would highly recommend them. I bought them at Lowe's Home Improvement Store.
  5. LongStruggle

    LongStruggle Guest

    Yes, air purifiers do help, but, for me, it did not give me the total relief I needed. I have had chronic sinus infections and inflammation for several years. Actually, using my cpap machine for apnea helped more significantly -- breathing in the air that didn't have any contact with my room air. Personally, I'm not sure if it is the filtered air or the fact that I only breathe thru my nose when using my cpap. Our noses have cilia (hairs) that act as a filter. I think that breathing with my cilia is what made the difference. During the day, however, I breathe thru my mouth due to my nose being irritated by the outside air. Also I began using two sinus products through the National Allergy Federation that have helped me tremendously.

    I have several different brands of air purifiers, but I like my Sharper Image the best.
  6. cct

    cct Member


    I have tried three ozone/ionic air purifyers. A small personal size model, a table-top model, and a floor model (each one getting sucessively larger).

    Every single one of them gave me a really bad headache!

    I also have an old HEPA filter model. When my summer allergies get really bad, I might run this air cleaner for awhile.

    My best defense has been to clean-up my environment by swithching to allergen free detergents and cleaning supplies, vacuuming and dusting often, as well as avoiding all allergy foods.

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