Does anyone go to a Chiropractor ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by babyblues68, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. babyblues68

    babyblues68 New Member

    Has anyone had any help from a chiropractor? I'm at my ends. For you who you have to go often? I know it would be based on individual pain, but do some people go regularly like check ups?

  2. skychomper

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    I go to a chiro, but not religiously. some may recomend a series of visits, but usually I only go when I am in really bad shape. I think its probably a good idea to go more often than not though, give your body all the help it can get to support the healing forces in our bodies. improving circulation and nervous communication will help us get back on track

    I believe the chiro was what helped me return to school when I first became ill. (I wasn't taking any supplements or anything.)

    when he makes certain adjustments, I can feel my limbs and body get warm, like he is returning the bloodflow to my body. I remember he made an adjustment to my neck and immediately I felt more alert. when I leave the office I am feeling more alive and posture is much better
    before the cfs hit me, I suffered from growing pains, and after a few visits, they disappeared. you'll probably notice right away if its helping you or not. and then you can decide your plan of action. good luck- hope your experience is as good as mine.

  3. asilnna

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    I have gone, but only found that is was only good for a day or two and then back to "reality". I did go for a long time in order to give it a real chance, however, did not go to one that specified in Fibro. That may make a difference.

  4. Carolyn0508

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    . . .once a month. I've been going for about 12 years and have had troublesome periods where treatments are closer together than that for a short period of time, but I'm mostly on a maintenance schedule. I've tried not going but always end up back in treatment.

    Blessings & Cheers
  5. jka

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    i've been going for a month now.he has helped me alot.i was getting alot of neck was way out of wack!he has also done some stimulation on my trigger points.i don't remember the name of the machine-but it was like eletric helped my muscles to relax more.if you do decide to go to one-make sure he/she has experience with fibro.
    good luck
    kathy c
  6. babyblues68

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    I really wouldn't have thought about a chiro specializing in fibro. I'll try to research one out.