Does anyone have a crazy sex drive???

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Julibug0, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. Julibug0

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    I just recently had yet another surgery for Endometriosis. Then I had a Lupron injection eleven days after surgery. That was the sickest I have ever been in my life!!!! It was HELL!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, before my last surgery my sex drive has been very hit or miss! I just didn't have one. I would occasionally do it because I felt so bad for my dear husband.

    Anyway, It has now been 33 days since my surgery with little to no pain except in the incision areas and the two weeks of hell I went through on the Lupron is over. Thank Goodness!!!

    Well, now I am just crazy! I want to have sex all the time! My husband and I don't know what the heck happened to me. I mean we aren't exactly complaining but it is soooooooo weird. I want to have sex ALL THE TIMR now.

    I am just baffled. You know you always here that when you get married the sexual relations just simmer away. Well, we are now WAAAAAYYYYY more I mean WAY more active then when we were dating.

    So my point is this, has this happened to anyone else???

    I am begining to wonder if when I was in surgery they did a libido transplant!!!

    I would greatly appreciate any advise anyone has. I am just baffled!

  2. gailette

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    When you feel bad or bad about yourself ,even depressed you don't care to have sex.Now you feel good about your self and you feel better even about Sex.Like they say its in the head.
  3. caja

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    I haven't had any surgerys lately, but it's really strange I basically before I became sick w/fibro, cfs,lupus,mctd I have really never had a sex drive. A few months before I turned 40 I ended up getting all these crazy diseases and for the past 2 1/2 years I finally also GOT A SEX DRIVE!!!!!!!! Don't know how with all the meds but I am not complaining. I even have a sex drive if I am in a major flare & can't even get out of the bed. I seem to amaze my dr. all the time. Well I guess that is the upside although, I would rather not be sick & frigid!!!!!!!!!!
  4. kimkane

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    before i got sick i was in my sexual prime.

    i drove my man nutz, he could not belive how much i wanted
    sex. it would make a heck of a moovie,lol.

    good for you both!!!!!!

    kim kane
  5. MsBrandywine

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    LOL.. whats that???
    I think I may have it.. from time to time a fleeting moment every now and then lol
  6. denisethebull

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    I think this is awesome. Your husband must be in heaven! People with depression struggle with the sex drive thing. All I know is the older I get, the hornier I get. I just turned 37 on Friday. My sex drive has never been affected by depression.