Does anyone have a painful scalp during flare?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by bbutterflz, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. bbutterflz

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    Hello Everyone

    I am new here. I have fibro & CFS. During a flare I noticed certain areas of my scalp is extremely sore when touched. I have never read anything about this syptom. Does anyone out there have the same type of pain? If so please let me know.
  2. Kingskid

    Kingskid New Member

    Oh ! yes, very tender, its a don't touch thing.
    Some have this, FM, it will make head to toe tender
    Also have temple soreness, 15 min.
    Plus eye pinches like someone stuck me with needles.
    Going to eye Doc. next mo. And I'll see.
    I found out this on WED MD.
    I also heard of face spasms, not me though thank God.
    My jaws get so sore lasted for 3 days, just alful
    Who is to say who gets what.
    My Doc. acts dumbfounded & he's a Rhummy.
    Make sure you tell your Doctor, FYI ) they need to
    learn of this, & who better to teach than us.
    God Bless You
    We all need that
  3. moresold

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    I am scared nothing even an aspirin will relieve the discomfort.Seems like it is constant now in it's early stage it was only occasionally so I assumed I pulled my hair back too tight but never had a problem in my lifetime and I am 61 are you younger or older is it an age thing? Vitamin deficiency?Who can we turn to?
  4. moresold

    moresold New Member

    Just beginning to look for answers,are their specialists?
  5. luigi21

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    Yes the skull isnt left out, the pain use to wake me up because my head was so sore laying on my pillow. Its because all muscles and tendons are affected in fibro including the ones in the scalp.
    It will pass though, but i did suffer on and off for some time. New symptoms come up all the time with this thing. If the scalp is tight laying on a heat pad helps. But take your painkillerscor you will not get any sleep and the glate will become a vicious cycle.

    Kind regards