Does Anyone Have a Teenager that Doesn't Understand?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Suzanne4health, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Suzanne4health

    Suzanne4health New Member

    I have a 13 year old son who has Tourette Syndrome and doesn't understand that my Fibro has a HUGE impact on my daily life. This weekend I actually attempted to go camping with my family and was extremely tired upon return. We got back at 4:00pm and we had just had a late lunch. I took care of the washings and made sure my son had his school clothes ready for the next day. Well... I laid down and did not wake up until 8:00 pm from my son telling me to get up and make him some dinner. I asked him if he could just grab something to eat or have a bowl of cereal. That was not good enough for him. He wanted me to cook him a four course meal. I said that I was too tired. He said, and I quote, "you have been sleeping for four hours, and you didn't even do much at camping you are just being lazy"! With other comments that followed. I don't know how many times I have had to explain the pain and fatique I go through on a daily basis, but by going camping it is a chore! Help, any ideas on how to explain to your children that this is real?????
    Desperate Mom seeking advice. Suzanne
  2. 69mach1

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    last summer he made a comment in the car with my ex-inlaws...we were staying at their home for a couple of son said mom you just don't want to work...i could've killed is what i thougt, because of they nasty comments i endured during the divorce when it came about the child support issue...

    stand my your son it was...anyways...

    know my son has been tested positive by the dr for fibro at all pts...

    well my son mom i won't use fibro as an excuse not to go to work....i said well good luck and if you can not go to work i will be there to understand and help you out...

    ji know he had to hear comments from his father and his stripper gf...and his grandmother told him if i needed monty then go get a job...he called her up wanting them to help me out with rent..well i never told him to ask them...i told my son we were moving ot michigan because i could not afford it anymore here...and i am not getting child support...

    so my son said well my mom is scheduled for surgery next week then she has another scheduled ...

    so grandmas said it wasn't her problem they have never helped out family before so they were not goign to do it now..and she will just have to get a jobv..

    well my sdi ran, fighting for ssdi at the time...and well no child support...hmm..for 3 years...

    my savings ran rent for a 2 bedroom apt is 1280.00 a month...welfare gave me like 568 a month to pay bills with...does not even cover half the my savings ran out that i kept out of accounts...if i was not smart and did that i wouldn't have been able to stay as long as i did..

  3. halo52208

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    My youngest son is 18 and he is always saying remarks like that. He feels I just need to lose weight and exersice. He also feels that it's mind over matter. I have quit trying to make him understand, because the remarks hurt to much.

    We are still close though and I am going to miss him so much when he leaves for the Army in June.

    So I try to ignore the ignorance and move on. It's not easy to do that but I just pray he will understand someday.

  4. justlooking

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    one is a teenager, the other 2 younger.

    I don't think kids can understand, heck most of the time we can't get ADULT licensed medical professionals to understand, how can we expect children too?

    I also don't think we as adults need to justify taking a nap to a child, teenager or any other family member for that matter. Every one needs rest time!!!

    What I do if I need a "time out" from my kids (which happens A LOT LOL)

    First I let them know I am going into my room and they need to be self sufficient for a couple of hours.

    Second, unless there is a life changing emergency, don't bug me.

    Third, I put out certain food/drink items they can have while I am (bathing, resting, etc)

    Fourth, I find something for them to do that will occupy them for a couple of hours (computer, movie, tv shows, art project, etc)

    I try to cover all the potential problems before I lock myself in my room. At this point my kids know I need some alone time and for the most part respect it.

    I also don't talk much about being sick around my kids, they know and we've discussed it, they've asked questions but it isn't something I burden them with or expect them to think about. I do my best to take care of them and if I can't do something I just tell them I can't do it. They love to tease me about being a "weakling" and we have a good laugh at my expense and I realize I must allow them to understand it in their own way.

  5. claudiaw

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    I just wanted to compliment you on your answer and approach, you have a good attitude about it.

    I don't have kid's, but my answer would be similar to your's. I would be surprised at the kid's who DO understand, that would be out of the norm.:)

    Take care everyone,
  6. Suzanne4health

    Suzanne4health New Member

  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I have never met a teenager who DOES understand anything!!!!! LOL

    Talking to a "normal" teenager is like talking to a wall; however, in trying to rationalize with a teen who has medical problems would be a real challenge.

    I feel for all of you who have teens at home now. For a change, I feel fortunate!!! Fortunate that my 3 children are all grown and out of the house!! LOL

  8. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I really appreciate your kind response.

    I always try to approach life with humor, its really the only sane feeling I have left LOL.


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  9. rmc20021

    rmc20021 New Member

    I have a 14 and 16 yo daughter(s)and they comment almost daily as to what I DON'T do. The sad part is every time I ask one of them to do something, they have a headache, or are tired, or have an upset stomach. I want to believe they are just immitating me, but sometimes I wonder if my 16 yo might in fact have some symptoms of fibro....and that scares me more than it makes me upset that they just don't understand.

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