Does anyone have adrenal fatigue in addition to other diagnosis

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sunny777, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I was curious if anyone has adrenal fatigue. I went to the doctor and had to see another intern ..and he keep asking if I was depressed. On the life changing events I am at 399.. due to moving to a new city, husband being deployed, father dying, fighting my sister to probate the will correctly and buying a house and moving again..The doctor said anyone with that stress should be depressed. I told him I do not feel anything--Happy, sad nothing just tired of being tired, I have excessive daytime sleepiness, even though I am on meds for it.. I can take my meds and go right to sleep. Anyways, my mother had cushing disease in the 70's when she was pregnant with me. My old dr used to watch for any signs of adrenal disorders. So anyway, when I went back and seen my primary dr I said what are you not sending me to an endo dr instead of pushing meds. He did refer me to a pulmonary and psych dr - but I had to push for the endo dr. So my question is has anyone been dx with an adrenal disorder? I really need to start feeling something my husband is coming home and 3 days and I am not even excited, I feel so guilty.
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    Yes, I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue the lst part of August this year. I was told to take a B-complex, iron, vitamin C, Rholdiola, and DHEA.

    I was also told to buy the book by Dr.Wilson Adrenal Fatigue. I got it at Barnes & Noble for about $15.00.

    There is a website you can go to also for info. It is Adrenal I also suggest you do a search in title for adrenal fatigue, it will pull up posts on this subject.

    In reading the book, I found that a lot of our stresses can be dealt with in a better way. I'm trying to take better care of myself. Of course, there are some things you cannot control and some you can. Focus on what you have control over, this helps me.

    As I understand it, our adrenal glands are "our survival glands". They help us with stress and when you overdo it, you really can mess this up.

    I just have to keep working on stress busters. I take more time for myself, for the things I enjoy. My hours at work were changed, I try to eat a breakfast now. These are "little" things I can take hold of.

    Hope this helps. Charlotte
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    I have very, very low adrenal function after blowing all my cortisol and DHEA on several severe stressors about six years ago. The bad news is that my son (who didn't have the same stressors) has very low function as well. I'm trying to get help for it, and right now we're both being treating by an alternative practitioner.

    All that aside, it doesn't mean you aren't depressed also. I have experienced that as well, and it sounds a lot like what you are describing -- just a lot of 'nothing'. When I went on a SSRI for that, it was like I had been sitting in a dark room and someone turned the light on. Relief came pretty quickly.

    The only thing, as I suspect you know full well, don't allow your doctor(s) to assume that treatment for one is a substitute as treatment for the other.

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