Does anyone have any first hand experience with GlycoScience Vita

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    My visit to the beauty shop may lead to better health

    Finally, I found a good beautician. The first thing I noticed about her was how carefully she explained what happens to hair after a permanent. She took her time to tell me several things to do to keep the perm.longer.

    We began getting to know each other and somehow the subject of health came up; I probably said something that lead to the topic. I noticed a picture of a little boy about five years old and asked her if he was her little boy; she said no, he is her grandson. She began telling me that the little guy has had seizures, many small ones and at least on grand-mol seizer a day. The only medicine available to him also caused him to become slow and I don’t mean he didn’t run.

    While fixing a local nurses hair she told her about her grandson, she began talking about some scientists and what they found out about our molecular structures and nutrition. At first my “red flag” went up, you see I have fibromyalgia (a bad case) and on occasion have been approached about a sure-cure; most of the time it was a multi-leveled marketing scheme. She said that her son and daughter-in-law were very skeptical about the organization. The organization is Glyco Science Nutrition . She explained that after a particularly bad day her son called and said he wanted to find out more about Glyco Science. The parents of the child decided to give the vitamins (they are not the usual vitamins) a try. After a short time her grandson’s seizures began to taper off and the grand-mol seizures also were less often.

    It would take too long for me to tell you all the good news. I began to get excited about the science behind the development of the vitamins. If you are interested in learning more about Glyco Science visit their site, get educated, finally google the company and read all the great work these scientist are doing. It will not take to long for you to realize that this company is not a sham, it is well respected around the world for their work on the molecular level.

    I’m still evaluating and will find a blog or two that may have some other experiences/stories that are linked to Glyco.

    The science is credible, it is a new way of looking at “the whole body”. I believe that the work these scientists are doing is not only worthy of serious scrutiny, the scientific community is learning a great deal about what makes us tick.

    I hope for myself and those who choose to learn more about our options find the site a place for hope.

    Fibromyalgia sufferer
    Northern Idaho.
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    Swansonvitamins has them for $10 a bottle...but better yet, you can make your own from Aloe Vera, seaweed, brewer's yeast and psyllium husks:

    Nothing for sale at this website.
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    Thank you for responding to my question about glycoscience. How did you learn about this treatment? How did you find out about the "make it yourself remedy"? Do you personally know success stories or stories claiming no help when taking the vitamins. Where do you find the ingredients to make my own remedy?

    I would like to know how you think taking the elements helped you.

    Thank you for your help
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    Some ppl responded and pointed out that there are recipes on the web.

    My mom was also approached in the beauty shop by a Glycoscience Pyramid Marketer. She gave her name & address for more information...the marketer shipped her 6 months supply with out her permission. She just shipped it back to them.

    She bought some Nutratose as a trial and bought me a bottle too. My mom has FM and I have CFS due to metal toxicity.

    Since it takes 2 weeks to 6 months notice the difference, its too early to tell. I don't believe testimonials since they are usually employees and double-blind studies have not been done to substantiate the improvement.

    I'm not a good example either since I'm taking Transfer Factors, anti-viral herbals, chelating toxic metals and now glyconutients.

    I'm making mine glyconutrients from Brewer's Yeast (fucose), Aloe Vera (5 sugars), psyllium (xylose) and any available fruit juice. Its real cheap.
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    Thank you allwxrider
    GlycoScience must not be well known to this group, you are the only one that has responded to my questions. How did you get metal toxic?
    I plan to take some time to investigate GlycoScience/Mannatech to see what they are doing. Then I will give your recipe a try. What do you think taking your drink will do, is it an overall healing? See I have some reading to do. How much do you spend making your drink?

    Keep me posted as to your improvement one way or the other.

    Thanks again.
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    if you do a search on the different terms in the search box above...

    results seemed to be mixed, as usual. Hope it helps you. From what I've read, the only studies that have been done have been 'in vitro', no clinical studies... at least that I know of, so far. That kind of bothers me personally at this point since they have been around for quite a while now. Anybody know of any double-blind clinical trials?

    I have also heard of one doctor in Seattle area using ambrotose, in conjunction with a modified marshall protocol, apparently quite successfully... JarJar is doing this, you might want to look up his posts about it as well.

    all the best,

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    Hi, I was re-reading this subject and read your email. Have you had any results trying the GlycoScience Vita? I'm not sure if that was what you were trying, I wish once we post a remark from a person that commented on my post that we could see the post along with the message that is being written. I can't remember the content and going back to see it, well it is cumbersome.

    I look forward to hearing your experience using the supplement.

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    Some people here were asking if anyone had had experience/personal results. I personally saw great results in my health and in that of my family. Been on the supplements for over 3 years now and would not go a day without them. I now run marathons.

    My little sister is now 14, but when we started on the glycoscience products 4 years ago, she would miss weeks of school each year due to her poor health. None of the meds that doctors prescribed were helping at all...not even placebo benefit.

    My mom was working at a hospital as a nurse and had taken my sister to 5 different doctors over the years and they had finally gave up since they had prescribed everything that they could think of...and said that she would just have to accept things as they were. She is now not missing any school and has no list of daily meds. The savings in doctors visits and medications alone has been a blessing.

    I was a pre-med student at the time (have since graduated) and so I was very skeptical too. I spent 4 months just researching the science before I finally decided to put it to the ultimate test and just try the products for 6 months and give it a fair trial on my own family. The products were natural and plant sourced anyway... so what could it hurt?

    I looked into that. I bought from them. Nutratose did not do anything for me. They are just another company trying to make a buck off people. For all we know, they are filling their tubs with sawdust. (Then I did more research on the nutratose company)

    Other Scams?
    This is what disturbs me. I have seen other sites where they "talk about the 8 glyconutrients" but don't actually say that their product has the 8 glycos - deceptive. Here is one example that does not even have a phone number to contact them:

    Make your Own?
    Waste of time and money. If you understand what glyconutrients are, then you know that from government and science studies, that they are certain polysaccharides that are found in certain ripe plants and only active for a few hours after being picked from the tree.
    ==> Take Aloe Vera fore example: Has "mannose" (one of the 8 glyconutrients) in it, but after only a few hours of picking it from the plant, the mannose is practically entirely inactive. So if you bought aloe vera juice, it would be a good nutritious fruit juice with vitamins and maybe minerals and plant nutrients, but without the glyconutrient benefits that you would be hoping for.

    So if you are buying cheap product from some generic supplement company that "mixed the different ingredients together" in their garage like as if it was just a healthy salad... then you hopefully only paid for shipping, because the product itself is a waste of your money.

    Also - Mannatech did not start as a MLM company - they began as a Research & Development company, patented the process of stabilization and extraction and released a product in the early 90’s to the retail market… unfortunately… it did not sell, because people had never heard of anything like this before. They decided after the failure in retail market, they needed an avenue to educate people and Marketing One on One works best for that.

    The mtech company patented the method for stabilizing the sugars and is the only company that I would be able to justify buying from. They coined the word "glyconutrients":

    They patented the process of stabalizing all combination of saccharides greater than 2 that do not occur in any one plant in 1994. So since they discovered the science and own the patents… seems fair that they can name it whatever they want. That is after all… how science works. The discoverer chooses the name.

    Besides, Mannatech products are cheap (only like $100 per month) for a great value. You KNOW what you are getting. And if for some reason that is not in your budget, if you just refer 2 people, you can get your product free for life.

    Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR):
    For Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements is used by 99% of all doctors and healthcare professionals before recommending solutions to their patients. Mannatech Glyconutrients are listed for compromised immune systems. Take a look the next time you are at your pharmacy or doctors office. Ask to see the PDR for Dietary Supplements. There are only about 10 companies listed in there (like Proctor & Gamble, Pfizer, mtex) No other "health juice" or "other glyconutrient company" is listed in the PDR.

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