Does anyone have arm/shoulder pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Geegafer, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. Geegafer

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    I'm new here and I hope to know more about others with FM.
    I lost my job and have no insurance so no more of the Dr.s visits. Since I can't ask questions pertaining to my condition to a Dr. I hope to find peeps with similar problems so that I can relate and figure out if these pains are FM or not. Does anyone have arm/shouldre pain? It's a feeling like someone is trying to twist your arms off at the shoulders. I have limited range of motion and the pain is exacerbated when trying to lie down to sleep. The pain is constant however lifting my arms the worst. Anyone else have this?

  2. Geegafer

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    Bumping waiting for answers... please!
  3. browneyelady48

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    First I want to welcome you here, you will indeed find alot of helpful information.

    I dont have the problem you are describing with your shoulder and arm, but I do have some pain in my shoulder and numbness and muscele weakness in my arm.

    I also have alot of problems with my neck and have a radio frequecy procedure about every 6 months, and I do get some releif with my shoulder with it, so it only leads me and the dr's to beleive the problem is coming from my neck.
  4. misskoji

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    Hi, and welcome! I'm sure you will love this board. Everyone is soooooooooo nice and helpfull and supportive!

    To answer your question, I have both FM and CFS. I get very bad shoulder and arm and hand pains. I also get them widespread, knees, feet, ect.... But the worst I would have to say is the neck and shoulder areas. I've tried lots of things to try to help it. Physical therapy, range of motion, pain relievers and muscle relaxants(works best), cortizone shots, and going to try with massage therapy.

    I guess it's a pretty common thing in FM to have a lot of upper body pain. Do you have TMJ by chance? Have you had any injuries to your arms or shoulders? My guess is that is a flare. You should try to take it as easy as you can, but get some kind of movement, so you don't have a longer healing time. Just dont OVER due it please!

    I wish I could be of more help to you hun. I don't know if it would be available to you where you are, but many public health clinics will write a voucher for you to be able to see a doctor, being it classified as a possible disability. Yes, FM should be considered a disability. Give it a try, ok?

    Rest and genlty move your arms as much as you feel comfortable, and try to get some help dear. I hate to see anyone suffer!
  5. enjoysue

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    Yes, I have this problem big time. I just went to the ortho today for this. He did a cortisone shot in my elbow and wanted to do the shoulder but that one I wasn't so sure about. The shot in the elbow was a piece of cake compared to the fibro pain. Wish I'd done the shoulder now. But I tell myself babysteps.

    I have to see the chiro next where he is doing his thing plus ultrasound on my forearm also and then it's off to pt. eventually.

    I'm so sad that you don't have any insurance. That makes my whining about reaching the medicare donut hole seem miniscule in comparison. I would do alot of calling around to see if there isn't someone to help you. No free clinics in your area?

    Yes, my shoulder pain sounds like yours too. Find heat/ice or creams to help you for now and look up on the net for perhaps a site that might show you some stretching excersises to do but s l o w l y please!! I do the tiniest thing and I reinjure myself and go steadily downhill. I can only lift my arm enough to give a salute and that is it. I'm wishing you the best!! Hugs, Sue

  6. homesheba

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    same here. misreable..
    . cant stand to have to touch or sqeeze my arms or shoulders for a massage
    even tho i need to...
  7. DorothyVivian

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    I've had arm and shoulder pain for many, many years. I learned the hard way to be very very gentle with my movements when I yanked a sweater off over my head and must have torn a ligament in my shoulder, because after sleeping on it, it became 'frozen'. I couldn't raise that arm and it took a cortisone injection and months of slow movements gradually regain the full range of motion. I used heat packs to help reduce the pain. (Many people use ice packs--but for me, cold makes my aches and pains worse.) Some of my friends would give my shoulder careful massages, and that was nice and the caring helped as much as the massage!

    I hope you find a way to get some good treatment. There's a lot of helpful information here and suggestions to deal with specific problems which are free or quite inexpensive. Until I reached Medicare age, I didn't have any healthcare insurance and it was tough so you have my deepest compassion.
    Rest, sleep as much and avoid stress and 'toxic' people as best you can.

    Geeg, a warm welcome to you, from another "Newbie"!

    With love, Dorothy

  8. EllenComstock

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    Yes, unfortunately, I have shoulder and arm pain. My very worst area is my right shoulder and neck. They hurt and are so stiff 24/7. I am seeing my FMS doctor next week and am going to ask about trigger point injections in this area. Some people in my monthly support group have had some success with this. Moist heat and ice packs help me, especially the ice packs. The ice helps to numb the area and gives me some temporary relief. I use ice packs at night and when I lay down for naps in the afternoon. I have also found Thermacare heat packs helpful; however, they are expensive.

    I am so sorry you can no longer work and have no insurance. I can't imagine not having insurance. I am still able to work part-time (just mornings M-F), but am fortunate that my job does offer health insurance.

    Are you in the process of trying to get disability? I wish you the best of luck.

  9. suz45

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    Welcome Geeg...

    Sorry to hear about your job loss and the FM, hopefully we can collectively help you out in some way.

    Firts off would it be possible for you to get Cobra insurance or utlize a local public health clinic...I know they are not the best, but who knows...

    Also regarding the shoulder/arm problem. Some chiroparators will see you without insurance and do sliding scale visits. You sound like a chiro could help, they can't give out med scripts , however I hav efound them helpful with my back/shoulder/hip. They don't only work on backs....

    Regarding meds, some pharm comapnies now have meds for people that can't afford to pay them.. I saw an ad recently with a 1-800 number cant remember who/what company. Maybe somebidy else on the boeard recalls.

    I would try calling a local chiro.. I have found them very helpful.. and reasonanble regarding payment.

    Let us know how you are doing...

  10. 1faith

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    Yes, in my left shoulder and arm from FMS.
    BUT my husband has bilateral shoulder and arm pain (not FMS) and he was just diagnosed with protruding C5/C6 discs. His pain changes with position too.
  11. gmom605

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    Big time,, i also have fm/cfs and had real bad pain,,but something happen ,,i tripped and fell down ,,now the pain is worse so went to the dr. had xray done ,,nothing broken
    but why so much pain i can`t stand it ,,so dr ordered a
    Arthrogram with a MRI this friday ,,so hopely they can tell there ,, has anyone done that ,,does that dye which they give you does it hurt? thanks for your time ,,,gmom,,
  12. yjswan

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    Hi and welcome. I am also a newbie and have found this board to be a great resource. You certainly find that you are not alone...something I was feeling after I also left my job and long time working career and have become a home body.

    I also have neck and shoulder pain. What helps me the most is gentle stretches I was shown by an Occupational Therapist, heat, and pacing other words, resting when I need to. I had to stop both massage therapy and the chiropractor because it seemed to make the pain worse. Massage especially was becoming too painful and I honestly can no longer stand to be touched for very long. I also find sitting at the computer for too long makes it worse,if I sleep on one side too long, or any activity that requires lifting my arms for very long...I hate doing laundry...hurts so bad. Also, getting chilled or sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. I have a down featherbed and pillow top mattress with a down pillow and sleep with a pillow between my knees to decrease pressure on my body. I can't sleep on my back, even though my body wants to, because I wear a CPAP mask for sleep apnea. Hope some of this helps.

    In terms of insurance, I don't know what state you are in, but have you considered applying for Medicaid. There are programs in most states that allow you to buy-in (make a copay of sorts) if your income is over the limit. It might be worth checking into.

    Let us all know what you try and if anything helps.
    God bless,
  13. 1faith

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    I didn't feel anything with the dye. If you have any allergies be sure to tell them tho. Good Luck!
  14. cczub

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    and if I'm using my arms alot they get very fatigued and get a really bad burning sensation and muscle pain from my shoulder to my elbow.

    I also always have pain in my neck and either my upper or lower back.

    I also get moving pain in my hips and knees.
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    I suffered with severe right arm/shoulder pain from early 2004 until about August of same year. I don't know if it was related to the FMS, or if it was tendonitis. My range of motion was very limited and even zipping slacks hurt. It did gradually get better, but now I almost always have aching in my arms and shoulders.
  18. Geegafer

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    You asked if I have TMJ. I had been diagnosed with it initially when I was tested for FM however I noticed something weird about the specialist I was seeing. His office was connected to a huge PT therapy gym which is where he sent me 3 times a week. Then down the hall was a Dentist/Orthodontist who specialized in TMJ. Then upstairs was a nuerologist and you guessed it my Dr. sent me there. It seemed like a vicious circle. Visit the FM Dr. then go to PT then trot down the hall for the dental thing. Then the nuero Dr. This ortho Dr. said I needed to wear an appliance for the TMJ which would cost me $700 out of pocket becasue my insurance did not approve the whole cost. After a while I felt scammed. This was back when I had a job and insurance and I think they were milking it. So long story short I do nothing about the TMJ or anything else without insurance. It consumes my time, not to mention my money. I have jaw, neck, head pain but I thought everyone with FM did. I have had many strange experiences with Doctors.
    I pray for a cure for all of us.
    God Bless
  19. browneyelady48

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    Probably if you start a new post on you question you would probably get more response. I am on LTD and SSD since 1993 and I personal have never had any problems.

    Love Brenda
  20. Susan07

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    You can try a bath with 2 cups Epsom salts and 8 oz bottle of hydrogen peroxide of course scooting down enough to get your shoulder under the water. Very relaxing.

    Looked up on ask for "how alternate ice pack and heating pad", found the following:

    Ice Or Cryotherapy

    Alternating hot & cold is one of the most powerful healing modalities. The cold will drive the blood from the painful area, and the heat will bring the nutrient rich blood back to the area. By alternating hot and cold, you can literally force the blood in and out of the area, thereby delivering more nutrients and carrying away more waste and inflammation, greatly speeding up the healing.

    Using water directly against the skin is by far the most effective way to speed up healing. In the shower or using a hand held shower wand, run the water over the afflicted area as hot as you can stand it for 30 to 60 seconds. Then turn the water to all the way cold for 30 to 60 seconds. Lighten up the intensity for Children, the elderly, and those who are constitutionally very weak. (If your health is a question, please use your common sense). Alternate back and forth with the hot and cold for 15 minutes. Do this 7 to 10 times per day. The shower experience can be intense and not everyone is willing to do this.

    Next best, is to alternate ice pack and heating pad. Five to eight minutes of heat, followed by five to eight minutes of ice. Alternate for 30 minutes. Do this 7 to 10 times per day. Can't do this 7 times per day?

    Do your best. Anything is better than nothing.

    Hope this helps,