Does anyone have asthma?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by GinnyB, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. GinnyB

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    Does anyone here have asthma? Is it connected to your fibro? I have bowel symptoms that my doctors tell me are from my fibromyalgia and lactose intolerance. This morning I ate some lactose-free milk on my cereal and got a lot of gas. At the same time I had one of the worst asthma attacks I've ever had. I also had a panic attack (over money, our lack of it). Does anyone see any connections here?

    GinnyB, sick and confused.
  2. jfrustrated

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    Dear GinnyB,

    was diagnosed with asthma several years before I was diagnosed with cfs/fm. It would seem, for me at least, that the asthma is not really asthma but is linked to the cfs/fm - but asthma medication relieves it. I was also told that if I took up smoking again, that would relieve it - but that is a different story. My breathing is worse if I have lactose and gluten and also if I am stressed. So there seem to be lots of connections i.e., the chemicals in the lactose-free milk, what type of cereal, (does it have gluten in it?) and the panic attack. My doc. said that the chemical that the companies use to remove lactose from dairy products can do more harm that the lactose. So I avoid all milk, but do have some really rich cheese occasionally. I went on to soy milk, but then I found out that it can slow my already low thryoid. Can we win? Be careful with you asthma attacks and take them seriously or you could end up in the emergency room. I speak from experience. They can be dangerous, especially if linked to stress. Make sure you have medication handy, both preventative and relief stuff.
  3. Alyndra

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    I have asthma to the point where I've had to get my own nebulizer to do treatments at home. My last one landed me in ICU for a couple days.

    While I don't think my asthma and FM have anything to do with each other, I do beleive that the stress of having FM can do serious damage. The stress of anything can, really. Stress is definately one of my biggest triggers for my asthma.

    Panic and asthma attacks go hand in hand for me.

    I really hope things start looking up for you.

  4. JLH

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    I have been diagnosed with asthma; however, it is "event related" as my doc put it. I will get attacks when I have a cold, overdo it, etc.

    I do not relate it with my fibro. If anything, I relate it more to my congestive heart failure--or maybe just my heart problems in general.

    I have never experienced a panic attack, thank goodness!

  5. 69mach1

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    i was diagnosed before i was smoking cigs.. and before the fibro... now i need to stop the cigs..

    mine was induced by allergies, then stress..

  6. GinnyB

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    Hello all,

    I'm sorry to be so late responding after I asked for your help, but last week was really the pits. I'm feeling better now but still sort of reeling. Jfrustrated, I find it interesting that your asthma isn't really asthma but something to do with your cfs/fibromyalgia. My doc's puzzled because what he can find wrong doesn't account for the severity of my symptoms, and he's wondering if it's really asthma.

    Thanks to all the rest of you who responded. I can't help feeling that if we put all our stories together we just might come up with some answers.