does anyone have bacteria overgrowth constipation

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    For the last 8 months I have put on about 8lbs, had severe constipation, abdominal bloating/pain. After a colonoscopy and hydrogen breath test I was advised I had a high overgrowth of bacteria in small intestine. Was put on Zelnorm for constipation & rifaximin (antibiotic). Zelnorm did not work, even after increasing. Drink citracel, prune juice, lots of water, fruit, fiber cereal--can't seem to get thinks moving. I have had fibro for past 7yrs. Take lots of meds which never made me this constip. any help would be appreciated.
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    I have IBS-C and the doctor prescribes Lactulose Syrup in a large dose. It works, but you have to be very careful in the timing of the dosing. I messed up royally if you read my post today 'What a mess I've got'.

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    I, too, have had to use this at times but also had an "accident" like Nyrofan.

    If you try it, try a low dose first and if that doesn't work, the next day try a bit more and so on until you get a result!

    I do find it gives me bad wind and cramps though so can't take it much. Constipation not too bad at the moment tho'

    Good luck,

    Love Bunchy xxx
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    Ask your Doctor about 'Natural Calm' by Natural Vitality, its Magnesium Citrate. Comes in a powder form, put a heaping teaspoon in hot water (eight ounce glass), when it stops fizzing, then drink it. If the teaspoon does not get you 'moving', then try more.

    Its a miracle for constipation!

    You can get it in a health food store, or online.

    HOpe this helps...........

    Shalom, Shirl
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    and advised to do it in the morning when i wake up...but i do it wheni remember...i just took mine now w/water...


    oh he had advised tot ake stool softner when i go on vacation...

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    I have also tried all the fiber formula drinks out there and all caused just more bloating. My doc prescibed Miralax, which did the same thing.

    I have finally found relieve with Senekot and Colace - per my docs recommendation. He wanted me to use name brand - I use the cheap stuff and it works fine.