Does anyone have bursitis in Hip???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hippin, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. hippin

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    I have been told I have Great Trochanteric Bursitis in my hip, have had 2 cortisone shots, have had ice on my bod for 4 months now and not any substantial relief..... so sick of it and looking for any ideas and help --- please reply if you are familiar with this, how long did you have it, what helped, did you have surgery, etc..... thx in advance !!!!
  2. 99

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    Have had it probably for a year and a half. It was gradual, and started when I worked standing on my feet for 6 - 10 hour shifts, in one spot. Aside from DDD, I developed bilateral heel spurs, and spent the whole time shifting my weight from one foot to another. It was agony. I don't know if this caused the bursitis in my hips, but the symptoms were classic- especially the inability to lay on my sides at night, and talk about hurt to touch!

    NSAIDS did nothing, and they really don't seem to help any of my arthritic pain. My rheumatologist gave me cortisone injections. She told me she was giving them intramuscularly, and it wouldn't hurt, but I still was petrified because I'd heard so much from ppl about how painful they are. She added xylocaine to the medication, and really all I felt was a little sting. Anyway, her report (I have a copy) said the injections were given into the bursae, so I don't know what to think? I tell ya what, I don't care how much they hurt at the time, it's worth a little break in pain!

    It is the ONLY thing that has given me any kind of appreciable relief for any type of pain... probably about 50% reduction in that specific area. The other thing is rest... I don't work at the same job, and haven't, for a year. Heck, I can't work at any job.

    The other thing I do is to use a heating pad. A LOT!

    Don't know if that helps.
    Good luck, Gail
  3. klutzo

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    I use Flexall 454 plus on it (wear a glove or it won't come off your hand!) and it works pretty good. I also exercise it by walking and doing yoga stretches until I'm good and heated up, and then taking a hot shower, then using the Flexall. I avoid cortisone shots now, except for allergic reactions, since I have osteopenia in my hip. way! Never heard of doing that for bursitis. Keeping your limbs flexible with mild, regular exercise will help prevent this, as we are more prone to bursitis and tendonitis than normal people.
    Also, bursitis is an inflammation, so you might try taking a heaping tablespoon of raw, chopped garlic daily and washing it down with some ginger tea. Eating garlic and onions should help, and taking the digestive enzymes bromelain or pancreatin also has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Blackfoot

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    I've had bursitis for a number of years. I wish I had a solution for you, but I don't. I've had cortisone shots twice. One helped the other didn't. It's so strange, some days it's really bad and others, it doesn't hurt at all. Pain pills help some and I like some of the others use a heating pad. If you ever get real relief from something, I'd appreciate if you could pass the remedy on. Thanks and good luck!----blackfoot
  5. fairyborn

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    I have bursitis in my hips for couple years. My family doctor gave me lidicaine patches to try, they help some. I had shots for couple of years. But now I am going to a new Ruemie and she has me trying topamax, that has really helped with my pain. Since the pain that I have been expereincing is from FM and bursitis. Hope you can find some releif.
  6. Dadto3

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    I had juvenile arthritis which was mainly in my hip and then had bursitis in my back as I got older. I chose to ignore it and now I have FM and 5 compressed discs in my back. I am on pain pills and muscle relaxers and have been for over a year and a half....sorry I couldn't be of more help...............
  7. misannethrope

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    yes, I had it very bad when I first became ill, but daily doses of Olive Leaf have made it all but disappear. I have symptoms of Fibromyaligia from time to time still, mostly due to an interuption in my supply of Olive Leaf. Seems the 18% oleuropein is the best bet, but getting harder to find at a price I can afford. Of course, I can't afford not to pay whatever it takes to keep me up and operational... but the bursitis was horrible when I first became ill, could not stand, sit, lie down, without pain. I would definitely try the Olive Leaf, I started out with about 3 or 4 a day, depending on how good the stuff you get is, you may feel a difference almost immediately.
  8. hippin

    hippin New Member

    Wow, thank you all for the quick responses, at least I know I am not crazy and am definitely not alone, and I also would never ever think of sleeping on that side - huge no-no...... I am interested in the Olive Leaf, how to get it, is it a vitamin, herb, etc....... I am not giving up until I conquer this thing. I am in early 40's and had been pretty active, I am a total couch potatoe now but am starting up with some serious stretching exercises and I will be the first to post here what works./.... so about this Olive leaf??? What exactly is it and how does it work. Thank you so much in advance!!
  9. bugshale

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    Don't get more shots, they create scaring...
    Just swim or walk a little at a time and build up your strength in your hips and use ice. There will be good days and bad days. Sorry!
  10. hippin

    hippin New Member

    My dr said shots are okay as they break down and stay where they were injected and do not travel through out the body, are you talking about scare tissue inside the bursae. I am seeing an Orthopedic specialist... is there a different type of dr I should consider? How long did you have it, or do you still, I am really gonna work on these stretching exercises and then strengthening.
    Thank you for your reply!
  11. denton

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    I have had this on and off for the past year. I have taken vioxx and bextra. Both have helped. Taking a hot bath with Epsom salt and/or using a heating pad has also helped with the discomfort.

    I hope you find some relief soon. Good luck!
  12. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    Out of curiosity, can you guys tell me where and how its hurts?

    Does it hurt at the top of the leg where the bone goes into that socket or is there a place that is more in the hip area which is higher. I have pain alot in the area at the top of the leg where the bone meets the socket and it keeps me awake.


    Lynda B.
  13. PuppysMum

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    I have had this for many years in both hips, which make walking impossible and swimming is out to unless I know someone with a private pool.. The second I walked into our local pool the smell of the chorine gave me an instant migrain.
    I've gotten the corizone shots a couple of times but they are not long lasting, two weeks tops and my Rhuemy won't give more than twice a year.
    I have never heard of the scarring fro the shot though..
    I can not sleep for long on any portion of my body, neck spurs and lower back apin keep me off my back side, stomach cramps real bad when I try there and of course the hips will hurt afterr only a few minutes on either side..
    So needless to say I can not sleep comforatble at all, pillows (a full body size one) helps take some of the pressure off but it's hard to turn over in the bed and drag the pillow along and keep it in a comfotable spot..
    Good luck in finding some treatment that will be workable for you.
    Gentle hugs,
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  14. hippin

    hippin New Member

    Lynda, mine started about a year ago, the pain seems to move a bit so it is hard to be exact, generally it felt like the hip socket right where your leg bends on the outside, I also had pain on the very tip top of the hip bone front side and if I pushed between that spot and the hip socket it felt sore, It can also go down your leg/thigh also but luckily I have not felt that, also sometimes a strange pain in the butt cheek, I figured I had some loose cartiledge or someting. - I have started some stretching exercises and actually had a pretty good day yesterday, I will find the web site and post here later today..... good luck, keep up informed of what you find. - hippin
  15. lorraine50

    lorraine50 New Member

    I have had bad hip for a year now and dr. wanted me to have the shot as well. but i said no.and hasn't been back since. BUT the hip is really bad. I can't sleep on that side and i think the other is acting up. If thats the case then i will have to go somewhere and get help..It really pains in daytime too. i also had shot in that leg for just the leg yrs ago and that only worked for a year.

    I know this doen't help you at all. but hopefully you will get some help soon.

    good luck
  16. hippin

    hippin New Member

    Denton - Darkearth - racwhite-lorraine-puppsmum and all others that I have missed to put on here..... there are so many variations of this, yes get an x-ray, if you have not tried the shot you have nothing to lose, my first shot did not do much but the last one he went higher and I had it 7 days ago seems to be giving some relief along with stretching 3 times per day and oh yea ' a lot of ice' my ice maker is doing over time most days, I have a great ice pack now. That is a good description of the shot 'zing' - ( nice word for pain) but at least you know dr is getting the correct spot. Am still looking for web site and will send soon. do not give up!!!
  17. fairyborn

    fairyborn New Member

    Good Day, Faiyborn here again. This morning I thought of something else that has given me relieve Juniper Berry Oil, can get at health food store. Just rub on painful areas. Does not smell to good but does seem to help me.