Does anyone have excruciating hip pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twilkinson, May 30, 2006.

  1. twilkinson

    twilkinson New Member

    I have been fighting pain in my hips going over four months now, initially I was diagnosed with greater trochanteric bursititis, bilaterally.

    The docotors where sure I had some sort of trauma to cause this, the only problem was I didn't have a history of trauma.

    I am going to physical therapy religiously and have ended up getting injections with some steroids into the bursea, this helped for awhile. Now I am having trouble with my lower back and pelvic pain, the MRI doesn't show any abnormalities so I am being sent to a hip specialist.

    Two years ago I was diagnosed with severe restless less syndrome and have been on medication which has finally controlled this to some degree. Now I get the sleep but still feel exhausted, I feel like a truck not only has ran over my hips and back but my whole body. Just walking around the house exhaust me.

    What do you guys think, should I ask my doctor about the possibility of fibromyalgia? A friend of mine sent me this link, that is how I found you. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    But in my non-medical opinion I think it would be a likely diagnosis.

    And welcome! I always have such mixed emotions welcoming anyone to this board.....

  3. twilkinson

    twilkinson New Member

    Thanks for the welcome, at least there is someplace to go to get some support. I will be talking to my doctor tomorrow.

  4. janieb

    janieb New Member

    Again, I have no medical background, except my own. I have fibromyalgia, but also severe problems with my hips unless I'm careful.

    Lots of walking, shoping, etc will bring it on. My specialist is also a reumy. She had the hips x-rayed and found the problem was with the lower back, but affecting my hips.

    Just some more information for you.

    Good luck.

  5. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member



    I have CFS/FM and I do not know if it is a coincidence or not but I have hip pain and it my rheumatologist always checks it.

    Take care.


  6. mme_curie68

    mme_curie68 New Member

    My current major complaint, aside from the fatigue is hip pain, bilaterally at the sacro-iliac joints (top of the hips at the sacrum).

    I fell down the stairs at my house with my baby in my arms - my main concern at the time was protecting the baby - my sacrum and coccyx took a beating. Still bothering me over a year later.

    My doctor ordered an x-ray which was normal. I was kind of surprised at that because the pain was literally around a 7/8 out of 10.

    The only thing that has helped me was going on naproxen 500 mg 24/7, which means I also have to take Prilosec twice a day along with the naproxen to protect my stomach. Now the pain is down to a manageable 2/3.

    Lots of FM'ers have the hip pain. That's where my Aunt's FM started as well.


    Madame Curie
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  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'd say you could very well be "one of us' unfortunately.
    Your post could have been written by me.

    I have alot of low back pain,one hip (left)hurts bad, legs ache like I've done 80 squats but have'nt done one.
    Pelvic bones ache,etc.....

    just waking up exhausts me!! I'm 'good' for about 2-3 hrs then NEED to lay down again. I call it my power nap :)
    although no amount of sleep takes the tiredness away.
    That truck you speak of?? I've seen it on my road way too much~
    Best of luck
  8. IlivetocantoronXena

    IlivetocantoronXena New Member

    Hi there,
    Glad you found us!!
    I have had terriable hip pain in my right hip.
    I have gotten cortisone injections in it.
    It helps a lot.
    Best of luck,
  9. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I have HORRIBLE hip pain, in the bursa and in the whole Limb-Girdle area of pelvis. I have a lot of trouble standing or walking. I have CFIDS and Fibro.
  10. ephemera

    ephemera New Member

    Yes, nasty hip pain here on both sides.

    For me, first there was FM & severe pain. Then came CFS & fatigue. Now I'm having severe pain & subluxing in my shoulders & hips. It never seems to go away & really impacts my mobility (especially getting up & out of chairs).

    best wishes to all
  11. twilkinson

    twilkinson New Member

    What do you do that helps? About all I can do after PT is rest and ice. My orthopedist gave me Lortab for bad days.

    He is the one that has not even mentioned Fibro at all, I guess I will brining that up on the next visits.

    Were any of you the ones that suggested to you doctor that you have fibro?

  12. sjogrens

    sjogrens New Member

    Have you been checked for hypermobility syndrome? I also have that and it caused very bad hip pain. All I do is take my pain meds. Hope you feel better!
  13. I have it bad in my hip area, and low back. The rheum. dr. said if its the hip though it would also hurt in the pelvic area. So I guess it is just another part of this dd of fibro.
  14. IlivetocantoronXena

    IlivetocantoronXena New Member

    Yes right in the bursa you said this well
  15. colinjn

    colinjn New Member

    I used to have the same thing. All the drugs didn't do a thing. Then I stumbled on minerals. Magnesium, Calcium and Vit D. ( especially Vit D!) and potassium. The pain is totally gone for much of the time. When I get lazy, or play with the dosages, I get it back. So when the twinges come or the legs are doing their own thing at night, I crank up the dosages. I'm sure ther is some "expert" out there who will give me a test for a few hundred dollars, but this is a cheap and easy answer.


  16. JewelRA

    JewelRA New Member

    I have horrible hip pain, and it is hard to sort out what all it is caused from. My rheumy says I do have tronchater (sp?) bursitis in my hips, but I cannot have cortisone injections because I have bilateral sacral insufficiency fractures. It hurts all over my low back, hips, pelvis and groin. I can hardly walk. Sitting and laying are no relief. I am having FM symptoms too, so that makes it even more difficult to sort out.

    I have had x-rays, CT scans, MRIs and a bone scan. The only test that my fractures showed up on were the bone scan. For months, doctors told me nothing was wrong, just mechanical back pain. Finally found the fractures. That was almost a year ago, and I still have horrible pain. I take pain pills almost every day.

    Sorry I can't be more positive. But you are certainly not alone.
  17. Scarlett65

    Scarlett65 New Member

    I have hip pain all the time. It feels like my hip bone has been raked across concrete it is so sore. I have been diagnosed with bursitis and neuropathic pain with the constant pain complaint also. I need a cane but I stay home all the time anyway and am always holding onto something to stand and walk. My rheumy also diagnosed me on this. I described the pain the numbness in my thighs and then the really hot spot that was always hot and sore feeling and he immediately said I had bursitis.

    My knees are bad too of course and my lower back is always sore on the right side especially. My rheumy says I have spurs on my lower vertebrae which would explain that.
  18. twilkinson

    twilkinson New Member

    For all the responses, I am hoping that it lets up soon. A little pain is no problem, it is the kind that knocks you to the knees that I can't stand.

    I will hang in there just as all of you have.

    Tena TMW
  19. jenni4736

    jenni4736 New Member


    My Rheumy doesn't do the injections but she did give me Liadocaine patches to wear. That has given me a lot of relief. It just numbs the area. Y

    You wear the patches for 12 hours on then 12 off. I have just been using them a few weeks but it does help. I can wear up to 3 large patches at a time and you can cut them to "fit your curves".

    What I really like about them is they don't interact with other medications!!!!!I have had NO side effects but you would have to have someone ther to help get them on.

    Hope this helps!

  20. caroleye

    caroleye New Member

    I've dealt with chronic lower back pain, but not hip pain UNTIL.........I decided to do some weeding in our huge garden!! Never liked gardening, but wanted some exercise.
    Bad decision. Using the right side of my body that's not used to it.

    Here's what's helping me. First, to a neurological chiropractor, who adjusted me as I was way "out" (non-invasive method). Then told me the muscles that were being affected so I could help myself at home.

    Next day, was really sore, so went to our regular chiropractor, and she "blocked" me & did some ultrasound. Advised me that "weeding" is not a good exercise for people w/Fibro. Sure learned that!!

    I've kept a magnetic belt on during the day; massage at night; putting Arnica Gel on; ice off & on; being careful when getting into a car; no twisting; avoiding stairs; taking some homeopathics for pain. Alot are listed under a website that describes which one matches your symptoms. Also alternating w/GAIA's herbal InflaProfen (health food store).

    It's been a week and am doing much better, but will probably have to do a couple more of the above chiropractic sessions.

    Good luck in finding something that helps. Beware of cortisone shots.


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