Does anyone have experience with dissolving their school loans through bankruptcy?

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    Hi All!

    It's been a while. Has anyone had experience with dissolving their school loans through bankruptcy under the disability clause? One requirement is that you have to have a letter from SSDI stating that your next review won't be for another 5 to 7 years. Another option is to have your doctor write a note stating that you are permanently disabled. Not sure what that means. The lawyer I spoke to said I have to be completely out of school and work in order to win in court. So taking one course would not work since they can argue that I can work 10 hrs a week to pay off school loans. Does anyone have any advice on this?
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    I would honestly get council on this. If I remember anything about my student loans, it is that these companies operate with virtual impunity.
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    I did a bankruptcy when I first got sick and student loans don't count on it. In the student loan rules, it states the only way to dissolve them is to either die or be disabled. When I won my disability, I sent in the ruling but they said it didn't count. So I had to print out a form off their website and go back to the doctor. It kept getting denied. I'd send in another form every year or two when I'd saved up enough money for another doctor visit and finally after 7 years it got accepted. Then I had to go on 3 years probation which means they check your taxes to see if you made any money. I have one more year to go but now disability is doing a re-evaluation. If I loose then the student loans come back.
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    No, not yet.