Does anyone have high blood pressure?

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  1. diricha

    diricha New Member

    Mine was 160/100 in the Dr's office last week. Since then I've taken it twice and it was 140/90. High cholesterol too, 214. These are both new to me. Just curious to see if anyone else has these symptoms.
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  2. diricha

    diricha New Member

    Mine was 160/100 in the Dr's office last week. Since then I've taken it twice and it was 140/90. High cholesterol too, 214. These are both new to me. Just curious to see if anyone else has these symptoms.
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  3. garyandkim

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    on Lipitor but, not me and mine is higher then his. Theis just started for me after pregnemcy induced hypertenion. I am going to ask for Lipitor. I may not have the most pain free life but, I want to live for a few more decades if possible. Our PCP is a man and they seem to take better care of men. I am going to revolt!

    Take care,Kim and Gary
  4. kadywill

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    to high blood pressure...very high. The cholesterol and triglycerides are both 465. Trying to treat all three now!
    In health!
  5. klutzo

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    Cholesterol 275, BP 140/80 with medication. I am a "hot reactor" also and if I get angry, my BP can soar as high as 200/110. The BP is probably genetic, since all adults on both sides of my family (even the skinny side) have high BP. The cholesterol may or may not be due to the low growth hormone levels some of us with FMS have...I am having the test soon to find out. There is nothing in the way I eat to cause it.
  6. karen2002

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    Yes---Have High Blood Pressure, but pre FMS, condition. Take clonidine to control, but am being very careful, checking Blood Pressure 2 x/s daily, as the combo of clonidine and elavil are contra-indicated. (Am on low dose of elavil for improved sleep). Add to that pain meds and a careful watch should be kept on Blood pressure.
    Have high cholesterol (the bad kind) and very low readings on the good cholesterol---all inherited. Trying to keep cholesterol in check with good diet.


    MY TRI'S AND HDL was low was changed to nyaspan 2.5 grams so far so good .. some flushing

    we will never forget

  8. pepper

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    High blood pressure which I never had before coming down with CFS. My blood pressure was always 120/80. Now it's usually 140/100 even on BP medication probably because I am so out of shape!
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  9. tonijo

    tonijo New Member

    Oh yes, Mine runs 160/120. Not good my doctor has changed it 3 times in the past few months. But my cholsterol is great. It run around 170.
  10. domesticgoddess

    domesticgoddess New Member

    Yep Runs about 168/101 & Heart Rate Resting is about 110.

    Been dx with Angina & Tachyardia. Many trips to the ER with what I thought was a Heart Attack.

    With my dx's and Strokes, Heart Disease and Breast Cancer in my birth family - I have no problem going to the ER when I have chest pains.

    Been run through the Gamit with Cardio Tests. Only one I haven't had is an Ateriorgram (sp?) and just not ready for that one yet.

  11. Dara

    Dara New Member

    I take two different medications to keep it under control. What is strange is that even though I have had FM for years, about three years ago when the Fibro went into full swing that is the same time my blood pressure started escalating.

  12. herblady

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    i have a bad case of high blood pressure, it's hereditary. i am taking a med called avalide. it combines a blood pressure medicine with hztz, a strong diuretic. it works real well for me. i do have high cholesterol too. but i'm not on medication for that. cindi
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Syndrome X here. As I gained weight, my cholesterol elevated, and my B/P went up, I kept asking my doctor about what could be done as I was afraid I was headed in a downward spiral toward serious illness. In my job as an insurance agent for Medicare age people, I had seen the results of these conditions which have gone unchecked. I feel as though I stand at the top of a cliff and could tumble over into serious health problems. My doc just could not "connect the dots;" most docs are unaware of how dangerous this is. They rely on drugs to lower B/P and cholesterol. These drugs have serious side effects, including making a person more likely to suffer from the very conditions the drugs were meant to ward off.

    Klutzo posted on Syndrome X here and I bought the book. I am soooooo glad because the book does connect the dots and tells how to use diet to control blood pressure, insulin resistance, elevated cholesterol, and weight gain. It's basically what Suzanne Somers and Dr. Atkins have been telling us. What I didn't realize is the extent to which we have to eliminate all refined carbs from the diet until our health problems improve. Then, very slowly, we can add a little bread or pasta back into the diet.

    Scientists claimed the high protein/low carb diet to be dangerous, but they are now finding just the opposite. Our nation has gotten fat and sick eating the high amount (50 %) of complex carbs recommended by the health branch of our government.

    Klutzo and I, thanks to her, are trying to get healthy by using the prescribed diet in the book and are supporting each other. It is easier for me because I live alone. When my Mom lived with me, she was always trying to get me to eat sugary foods. She died of a heart attack, as has almost everyone on her side of the family. I have a cousin on that side who just had a heart attack. He cannot withstand surgery and will die at any time of a massive heart attack. My Mother's death was relatively quick and was peaceful at the end, but she suffered horribly for hours before they were able to break up the blood clot in her artery.

    Weight gain, especially around the middle; even slightly elevated blood pressure on an ongoing basis; and climbing cholesterol are reasons to be concerned. SX is avoidable and reversable, according to the book. This has been confirmed in studies I have read about. I believe that some are genetically prone to this just as I believe all of us with these illnesses are genetically prone to them. I also believe that just having CFS/FMS can make us more prone to SX. We often crave carbs due to our messed-up hormones and we are not as active as we used to be.

    This is some of the most important information that has ever been posted here. Thank you, Klutzo, for bringing it to our attention. The last thing we need is to have to contend with another syndrome, leading to yet another illness. Even thin people get this. Avoiding it or reversing it entails changing one's diet, no dangerous drug, no medical procedures, just changing one's diet and adding some supplements.

    Love, Mikie